Kheradpir Takes over the Reins at Coriant

Coriant, a successful optical vendor, recently named Shaygan Kheradpir as its new Chief Executive Officer. On Coriant’s part, this demonstrates a bold move made as the previous CEO of Juniper takes over the reins at Coriant in place of the ex-CEO Pat DiPietro. Mr. Kheradpir and DiPietro exchanged places as the former chief executive officer of Coriant took over Mr. Kheradpir’s role as operating partner at Marlin Equity Partners. As mentioned in an article from Light Reading, this will be a walk in the park for Mr. Kheradpir since, according to the vendor, he has been working closely with the management team of the vendor in his former role as operating partner at Marlin Equity Partners.

Following his appointment by the successful optical vendor, the company mentions that Mr. Kheradpir will be a valuable add given his remarkable achievements. The new CEO of Coriant also brings in 28 years worth of experience to the company in the telecom, technology, and financial service fields. In his previous appointments, Mr. Kheradpir reveals outstanding leadership qualities in both business and technology.

Mr. Kheradpir has a rich educational background as he holds a bachelors, masters, and Ph.D. in engineering from the prestigious Cornell University. Shortly after completing his studies he got his first appointment at the General Telephone & Electric Corporation. Because his excellent work ethics, he was subsequently appointed at Verizon as the company’s Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer. During his tenure at Verizon, he spearheaded one of the largest infrastructure programs in the United States known as FiOS.

Kheradpir found greater success when he joined Barclays as the bank’s Chief Operations and Technology Officer. Also being a member of the international bank’s executive committee, he exercised his leadership role in the creation of the bank’s TRANSFORM program, which marked the bank’s first historical transformation. Shortly after, Mr. Kheradpir joined Juniper Networks as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. While at Juniper Networks, he was responsible for developing an integrated operating plan and focused his efforts on the strategic growth of markets for High IQ and Cloud Builder networking.

In a recent press release, Pat DiPietro mentioned that Coriant was fortunate to have Mr. Kheradpir as its new CEO and expresses his optimism in Kheradpir’s role to lead the company. Following his recent interactions with the company, DiPietro explains that Kheradpir’s guidance and strategic insights to the company have proved fruitful, and he is more than equipped to take the company to its next step of growth.

Follow Kheradpir on Twitter: @shaygank

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Parents and Teachers Collaborate with ClassDojo

Many individuals are highly familiar with ClassDojo, one of the most innovative and comprehensive systems to come along in quite some time. In fact, ClassDojo is quickly making meetings between parents and teachers completely obsolete. Thanks to this system, teachers are able to share things with parents in a way that has never before been possible. Parents are capable of seeing what children are learning in the classroom as it is actually occurring. They can see their child learning and getting excited about different things. More importantly, parents are now able to see what type of interaction teachers and students have and how it affects them in a positive manner.

Without a doubt, ClassDojo has completely changed the face of learning. Even in the best classrooms, parents used to not have any real first-hand knowledge about what was going on in that classroom. Now, they are able to send and receive messages directly to and from the teacher, watch videos about special topics that were learned about in school and contribute to their child’s learning in a direct manner as opposed to merely hearing about it from the teacher after the fact. Parents don’t have to visit with teachers in order to find out how their children are doing because they are able to see it for themselves. It gives them a direct experience in the classroom, something that many parents have longed for year after year.

The whole idea behind ClassDojo is to empower students to be the best they can possibly be. Helping students understand that when given the proper tools and support, they have the power to become anything they want is one of the key factors that makes this system so successful. The fact that parents and teachers are capable of collaborating is one of the reasons that so many people have gotten behind it. It is currently so popular that two-thirds of the classrooms across the country are using it. It is easy to understand why, especially when one considers all of the benefits of having a system like this to help students learn and blossom while they are in school. Without ClassDojo, parents might still largely be in the dark about their child’s education. Now, they are capable of helping their child achieve all of their goals and dreams as everyone comes together to ensure their continued success. This benefits everyone involved, but no one has the chance to benefit more than the students themselves.


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InnovaCare Has A Great Jumpstart On The Medicare Advantage Plan

There are far to many people that don’t get the medical services that they need. The elderly and low income suffer the most says Rick Shinto, M.D., MBA & President. Th Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare along with Penelope Kokkindies, Chief Administrator Officer. The Medicare Advantage Plan under InnovaCare works with your traditional Medicare coverage. You’ll have access to some of the best practitioners and specialist in the industry. InnovaCare proudly serves over 500,000 clients under their program. Patients have access to quality health services when they need it for a fraction of the cost of other private insurers.

Some of the services that aren’t provided through Medicare are provided through their Medicare Advantage Plan including routine visual and dental screenings. You have the benefit of getting your teeth cleaned (a service not provided through Medicare). Each service is unique and you can easily check for what services are covered through Medicare Advantage through our friendly team of professionals. There is an appeal process for services that were not approved. Simply file your claim with InnovaCare and a claims representative is there 24 hours to assist you with your questions or concerns.

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InnovaCare Health believes in building their team to provide excellent physician services. They have incorporated highly technological advances in medical services. They have a level of commitment that guarantees quality assurance in the healthcare industry. Each client is accessed for s private plan that works best for their individual needs. You never have to worry about not having adequate services through their healthcare plan. They have created cost effective plans that work with traditional Medicare. Reducing the amount of your copay or out-of-pocket costs. You’re paying less on your monthly premimums with InnovaCare Health. The government picks up the other portion of your medical costs and prescription drugs.

You have access to a Medicare Part A and B premium and under their services you minimize the cost of prescription drugs under the Part D plan. Check with your representative to find out what services and drug brands are covered under your private Medicare Advantage Plan. Now more than ever InnovaCare customers have access to quality healthcare and a considerably small copay for drugs. They partner with over 75,000 healthcare professionals each year to find new ways to positively impact healthcare. InnovaCare is has set high standards for other health care management models committed to improving physican services.

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Is WEN by Chaz Dean Effective on Very Fine Hair?

Wen by Chaz Dean is a product that everyone has undoubtedly seen on television lately. WEN products have been around for quite awhile now, but never have they been more visible than they have been recently thanks to the infomercials. For anyone who hasnt’ heard of these popular products, they are basically all-in-one hair care regimens that combine three products, namely a styling treatment with shampoo and conditioner. WEN products are advertised on YouTube as something that works well no matter what the user’s hair type may be.

Many consumers, however, have said that they’ve been wondering if this alleged miracle all-in-one product could possibly work on their very fine hair. One consumer decided to try the fig version, which promised great shine, bounce, and moisture. Her WEN experience is chronicled in a full-length article on Bustle

In a nutshell, upon using the Amazon sold product for the first time, the writer found that not only did she notice less hair falling out during the showering and shampooing process than usual, but she actually felt like her hair was even a little bit thicker. After blow-drying her hair, she also noticed how bouncy and shiny it was. One night later in the week, the writer had drinks with friends who told her how shiny her hair was looking, giving her a much-needed confidence booster after a long day at work. All in all, the writer found WEN[] by Chaz Dean to be her go-to product for daily hair care for imparting superior bounce and shine.

Recruiting the Assistance of Skilled Wikipedia Writers

Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia that was established by both Larry Sanger and Jimmy Wales in the winter of 2001. People all over the planet rely on Wikipedia (often referred to simply as “Wiki”) to satisfy their need for knowledge about a wide range of topics. Wikipedia pages cover everything from multinational corporations to television programs that have been off the air for decades. Wikipedia is different from many other online information sources, too. That’s because it gives members of the general public the ability to update a Wikipedia page as they desire. The website often requires citations and other forms of proof for Wikipedia edits.

If you run a business and want to give it increased credibility, it’s in your best interests to start a Wikipedia page for it. Wikipedia pages can be excellent for all kinds of businesses. They can also be excellent for prominent public figures. If you’re the president of a well-known manufacturer of canned goods, when you make a Wikipedia page it may allow you to assume some control over your online reputation. Good online reputations can be so important for businesses and for all of their associated representatives. Wikipedia is an undeniable marketing force in today’s highly digital world. If you’re interested in identity branding, Wikipedia can definitely be your ally.

A good Wikipedia page should be informative, accurate and easy to read. If you need a Wikipedia for yourself or for your business, you should make sure it reads as professionally as possible. Spelling and grammar mistakes, for example, are the last things people want to see on Wikipedia pages. You don’t have to take on the pressure of flawless Wikipedia page creation on your own, however. All you have to do is turn to a reputable company such as GetYourWiki can connect you to the finest and most experienced professional Wiki writers. If you want skilled and talented writers who have ample Wikipedia writing experience to take care of your page, GetYourWiki is the way to go.

Writing isn’t the sole service that’s offered by GetYourWiki. The company also specializes in Wikipedia monitoring. This can come in handy for businesses that are concerned about inaccurate or mean-spirited updates affecting their Wikipedia pages negatively. The Wiki experts for hire at GetYourWiki can carefully monitor your Wiki page to make sure that it remains untouched by potentially problematic edits and changes. Contact GetYourWiki today to receive a free quote for its in-depth Wiki services.

Hire White Shark Media, But Not Without A Free Evaluation First

If you are looking to improve Google AdWords performance for your business, almost nobody does it better than White Shark Media. Clients from all business sectors and industries have been helped by White Shark Media, and they have ranged from clients who have used AdWords for years, to new AdWords users who are trying to learn the ropes.

White Shark Media’s mission is to build better AdWords campaigns than the ones their clients currently have, and they’ve grown from being only a small boutique marketing outsource company, to one of only 29 companies recognized on Google’s SMB Partner network. If you’re a business owner who uses Google AdWords but you’re not convinced White Shark Media Review is the right fit for you, you can sign up for their completely free AdWords evaluation.

Signing up for the free evaluation is not part of any trial package, and does not require giving White Shark Media any billing information or obligation of any kind to hire them. Learn more about White Shark Media Review:

What they’ll do is schedule a time at GoToMeeting for you to meet one of their AdWords specialists, and you’ll share screens with them so that they can go over your existing campaigns, and then inform you of what they’d do to change them, but they will not make any actual changes to the campaigns.

After the evaluation session is complete, you can decide whether you want to hire White Shark Media, or just simply move on while taking any knowledge you gained from the evaluation for your own use.

If you do decide to hire White Shark Media to manage your AdWords but still have concerns about them, White Shark Media is happy to answer your questions. They’ve dealt with a number of client concerns over the 5 years they’ve existed and actively found new solutions.

One common complaint from clients was that they were losing track of their AdWords campaigns and needed better oversight on them. White Shark Media has implemented both proprietary software and procedures so that clients can see exactly what’s going on with AdWords campaigns, and White Shark Media hosts monthly review meetings to discuss progress and client input.

They also have senior consultants who track clients through signup to specialist teams so that all active campaign managers are in tune with client needs and can answer any questions a client might have.

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Adding WEN Unique Cleansing Conditioners to Hair Care Routine is a Smart Idea

We’ve all had bad hair days, at least once in a while, but there is one hair care system that is different from the rest. Wen hair‘s amazing cleansing conditioners clean the hair better than those drugstore lather shampoos and deliver fab shine and strength back to every strand.
No matter what your hair type and hair condition happen to be, WEN comes to the rescue. Popular west coast stylist Chaz Dean is the genius behind the WEN hair system, and his holistic approach to healthy hair has captured hearts around the world. Fans have made the switch, tossing out their sulfate laden shampoos and conditioners for the WEN 1-bottle method. writer Emily McClure decided to take a walk on the WEN side, because she was frustrated with her normally limp, fine, do-nothing hair.

Emily chose the Sephora FIG cleansing conditioner and decided to test out the product for seven days with a hair log and hair selfies to chart her progress. She decided on a daily WEN wash in the shower and was delighted to see how full and soft the cleansing conditioner made her tresses. Then she blow-dried and styled her hair.

Wow. Emily’s selfies are all the proof you need. She looked gorgeous, and even her close friends immediately picked up on the shiny, bouncy difference.

Emily felt that WEN hair’s directions to use a lot of product in the shower were too excessive, so she cut back by large amount. Still, her locks looked lovely when she followed the AM routine. When she skipped a WEN wash or used the product at night instead, her hair fell flat and seemed to get greasy early on.

Emily concluded that WEN works wonders when you adapt your hair to a steady AM routine. She admits she got a bit lazy.

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Creating Online Content to Boost Your Reputation

There is no question that content is one of the key aspects to building a great customer base for a web presence. In a traditional store or brick and mortar service, people have the ability to exchange ideas face to face, to see marketing with their own eyes, and to have tactile and sensory experiences. With a web presence, many of those aspects are stripped away from the experience. It is important for anyone in the ecommerce business to create this face to face experience through other means to complete the process.

There are some key elements that really should go without saying when creating content for a web presence. In a blog or on a website, the content should include proper grammar, should be formatted correctly and should include proper SEO for purposes of visibility. These are the often repeated key aspects to creating great content, but many times web content stops there. In order to be successful, it must continue to the deeper aspect of developing a customer connection.

People are more likely to buy a product or service from a “lifestyle” brand, or will buy a product from a business that represents why this product or service is essential to their lifestyle. Take BrandYourself and their appearance on Shark Tank for example; they showed why their product is so important to the lives of individuals and almost walked away with a $2.5 million deal. Writing content that connects to the potential consumer is key to this idea. Create content that connects to the potential customer by writing articles about ideas that can be connected back to the product. This is the key to content success.

How Talk Fusion Is Making Their Service Even Better

It’s always important to stay ahead of the curve in business. Everything needs to pop and customers need to feel satisfied with whatever product they are buying. It’s not always easy to do that, especially now in these fast-paced times. The one important tool in any companies arsenal is marketing. Marketing can mean the difference between success and failure. One more thing about marketing is that a lot of the times it’s really expensive.

That whole marketing situation has been made easier by Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion provides their clients with video marketing services that are not only easy to use, but rather inexpensive. How inexpensive, you ask? When first signing up there’s a 30-day free trial period for starters. After that, the price range is only $25-$75 a month.

So it’s cheap, but what do you get with that? Well, how about over 1000 templates to choose from, for both emails and newsletters. Make your video, load it up, and send it out. It’s plug-and-play at its finest. They have amazing customer service and tutorials available to make the clients experience easy. Another thing is that not only can the service be used on a desktop or laptop, but on mobile devices as well. That is how versatile Talk Fusion is.

A recent article stated that Talk Fusion has added one more feature, taking what they have to offer to the next level. Using the Chrome or Firefox browser, Talk Fusion’s clients can record and send out high-quality videos within their emails or newsletters instantly. Both new and existing clients will have access to this technology immediately. Getting all of this, with a 30-day free trial on top, signing up with Talk Fusion is a simple choice to make.

Plans of multiplying visitations at of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings from Andy Wirth, its CEO

Squaw Valley terrain is well known and recognized as a competitive mountain destination. It is opening resort amenities and organizing year-round activities to survive as visitors reduce in volume during spring. Plans to make it competitive and at the same time in line with the mountain resort culture, region’s core values and environmental preservation have been developed to make it competitive and create more jobs. The community has also been involved greatly in this process. Read more: Another View: Community input shaping Squaw Valley’s future

A rigorous process of substantial community meetings to collect input and to reach into a consensus reduced the project substantially (read more: Interview with Squaw Valley CEO Andy Wirth | Tahoetopia). The resulting plan will have to be vetted by the Placer County Board of Supervisors for consideration.

The community needs to conserve the environment, at the same time create jobs and make Squaw Valley highly competitive as a mountain resort marketplace. The CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, Andy Wirth has worked hard to make the area a top tourist destination in the world.

Wirth anticipates that the project will create 1400 new jobs, and generate over $25 million in annual tax revenue to improve the social amenities like roads, snow removal, environmental initiatives, transit services, public safety, hospitals, and schools.

Andy Wirth was born in July 1963. He has been working in the mountain resort and in the hotel industry for 25 years. In 1986, he began his career at Steamboat Springs Resort serving several leadership and marketing positions. In 2007, after Intrawest acquired Steamboat, he was made the chief marketing officer and executive president of Intrawest. He left Intrawest in 2010 and became CEO of Squaw Valley succeeding the former Nancy Cushing.

Andy Wirth has had significant achievements and awards like Chairman’s Outstanding Service Award given to him by the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board of Trustees. He was also honored with Steamboat Springs Business Leader of the year Award. He was again honored with Community Five Award as Citizen of the Year by the Disabled Sports USA in 2014.

Andy Wirth was involved in a skydiving accident where his right arm was disjoined but put back in place surgically in 2013. He has founded an Ironman team to raise funds called “Wounded Warrior Support” to honor the men of the Navy SEALs.

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