The Importance of Visual Search Engines

Over the years, search engines have improved their technology by encompassing visual searches. This is done by visual search engines that continue to increase. A person may take a photo of the product or a general image and search it on the visual search engine. Once you put the picture through the search engine, one ought to get information about the image that was searching on. An example is having an image of a mountain that is unknown to you and you would like to find out more about it. The visual search engine results ought to give you more information about the name of the mountain and where in the world it is located.
Once the people find the matching images they are able to get more information about the product like the price of the product and where the buyer can find the product to purchase it. Visual search engines also come in handy especially when one is trying to teach children about history and science. The tutor can give the children the images that he would like them to research on. Once the children get home from school, then they put the images on a particular search engine which upon such brings historical information about a certain animal or person they ought to study about.

The use of visual search engines is also beneficial to businesses as it brings more accurate results because the image used will give accurate results. The words may give you many search results and may take you sometime before you get the exact information you are looking for. Therefore it is imperative to use a visual search engine that is able to give you accurate search results.

One of the best available companies that give accurate visual searches is Slyce. This company is headquartered in Toronto, Canada. It does this through the universal scanner that has impeccable image recognition technology. A person can scan a barcode; QR codes coupons or real images. Their professionalism has enabled them give the services to the satisfaction of their customers. The use of Slyce is beneficial to consumers looking for particular information about products they wish to purchase but have inadequate information. This visual search engine gives accurate information and makes it easy for the consumers to know important details about a product they are interested.

Public Relations Management and Darius Fisher

With major corporations dealing with bad online reputations and the current rise of politicians being obsessed with their personal images, Kent Campbell has come to the aid of many public figures and institutions. Kent Campbell who is the chief strategist of Reputation X, is working towards coming up with ways to save these institutions and individuals. Businesses have taken steps to quash bad reviews and any negative information that are damaging to their reputation. The UC Davis outsourced the services of consultants to manage its bad reviews and ensure they are suppressed before going viral. Their decision was criticized by a couple of public relations firms and personalities.

According to Kass Perry, a strategic communications firm, Google is quite influential when people are making decisions. Online reputation is of paramount importance since internet users heavily rely on search engines to gather the information that they want. When UC Davis was in the process of repairing its online reputation, it received quite a lot of negative comments and perception. Barack Obama presidential campaign in 2008 was able to receive a lot of public views since its public relations department promoted his search engines. Darius Fisher maintains that every story has its positive and negative side. According to Ira S. Kalb, a marketing expert, trying to hide or suppress negative publicity may be counterproductive in the very end.

Darius Fisher is the President and co-founder of Status Labs with offices in Austin, New York and Sao Paulo. Darius Fisher has worked in the political world as a political consultant for various political parties and politicians. Prior to cofounding Status Labs, Darius worked as a copywriter. While at Status Labs, Darius has managed to establish long lasting and fulfilling partnerships.

Status Labs is an online reputation management, digital marketing and public relations firm spread in over 35 countries. Its clients are politicians, professional athletes, top company executives, Fortune 500 brands and other public figures. It is made up of experienced individuals who cater for over 1500 clients.

The Fabletics Sweet Brand

Kate Hudson is the co-founder of a well received line of clothing. A recent interview appeared in Elite Daily, featuring the actress and fashion entrepreneur. She related that her company, Fabletics, was releasing a brand new line of swim-wear and summer dresses.

The clothing line is very affordable, comfortable, stylish, and on trend. Certainly, the new additions will fit in with the other wonderful styles that are already a part of the Fabletics clothing line. Hudson also related that her design team worked long hours to design the new swim-wear line. Of course, they were working hard to create a stylish, trendy, and comfortable line of swim-wear for Fabletics fans to wear on the beach this summer.

The Fabletics Brand

Fabletics has only been around since 2013. However, the clothing line filled an important niche for women. It allowed them to shop online for trendy clothing that was affordable. The quality of their leisure clothing compares with other companies that probably charge more. The big difference is that the online shop allows the customers to subscribe to their service. Their membership provides them with several advantages. For example, the first outfit is available for only $25. Afterwards, clothes are billed to the member on a monthly basis for less than $50.

About Fabletics

Kate Hudson founded Fabletics back in 2013 with two partners. Her idea was to design a high quality line of leisure wear clothing that was made with exceptionally high quality, while also very comfortable to wear. The entire clothing line is designed and approved by Kate Hudson –

The clothes are thoughtfully designed to keep people active. This might mean running around town to events with the kids or participating in a marathon. The clothing in the Fabletics line is designed to keep the wearer comfortable all through the day. Fabletics is always on the move and staying on trend. Each month they reveal a new line of fashions to consider. The good news is that all of the new outfits are available for only $25 to new members. Fabletics is destined to stay on top and change the way that people buy their leisure clothing.


“Beneful Dog Food Products Cater to Your Pet’s Palette”

The folks at Purinastore Beneful know that your dog has certain taste preferences just like that of its owner. Like a human infant, your dog does not care if the food is healthy, only that it tastes appealing. Beneful created their Originals line for this reason, to provide your dog with all the nutrition it needs while also having a variety of flavors to choose from. If your dog loves beef, get the Beneful Dry Dog Food Originals made with real beef. If beef does not satisfy, go with the Originals made with real chicken. For the seafood loving dog, there is also Originals made with real salmon. Aside from the Originals line, Beneful makes a protein rich dog food called Playful Life, made with real beef and egg to keep bones healthy in older dogs and allows them to keep having fun with their owners.

With each of these products available online (, Beneful adds ingredients to the advertised flavor to make sure your dog is getting proper nourishment.  Sweet potato, green beans, and carrots come with the salmon flavored Originals. Finally, blueberries and spinach are included in the Playful Life protein food. Dogs function best on an omnivorous diet, so veggies are an integral part of their nutrition. has gone to great lengths to make sure that the veggies added to their food compliments the main course, so that your dog can enjoy a delicious meal that is also healthy.


SKOUT Gives Back to the Community

SKOUT is the name of a cell phone platform, which has the ability to locate people either in your social circle or those who should be there. Think of FaceBook and the friend’s request function as a way of adding to your “friends”. SKOUT claims to be the largest global platform of its kind for meeting new people. The SKOUT community is everywhere. They are in 180 countries around the world and the platform is available in 16 different languages. The SKOUT mission statement is to provide a platform for the world to use to bring everyone closer together. The company was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in San Francisco. To learn more about SKOUT:

In a press release dated March 11, 2016, the executives at SKOUT announced an alliance to support 20,000 needy people in the San Francisco area. They are working with SF-Marin Food Bank for this charity effort. The idea is for subscribers to SKOUT to give friends, family, and colleagues virtual gifts of potato chips (a previous virtual gift was cheese sandwiches). For each virtual gift SKOUT will donate money to the SF-Marin Food Bank in order to fulfill the goal of feeding 20,000 needy people in the San Francisco area.

He went on to explain that gifting through the SKOUT app is becoming more popular and easier, and is a way for the SKOUT subscribers, themselves, to give back to the communities where they live and work.

The SF-Marin Food Bank is a nonprofit provider of food for residents in San Francisco and Marin counties. In this geographical area 25 percent of the residents are at risk of hunger. SF-Marin Food Bank has formed alliances with more than 450 other charitable organizations and businesses to provide 48 million pounds of food for those in need every year. This quantity of food is sufficient to provide for 100,000 meals a day. For more information about this worthwhile charity:

This charitable effort by SKOUT and the SF-Marin Food Bank is to be applauded, and SKOUT subscribers can easily make contributions to this very worthy cause, simply, by using the Skout application.

Raising Money for Freezing Animals

There are all sorts of people on the street at all times of the year, in just about every single major city across the United States. However, things get a lot more complicated when you are talking about homelessness in cities that get down to frigid temperatures, such as cities in the North East. New York City not only has a huge problem with homelessness, but there are a massive amount of animals that are out on the streets as well.

This can be deadly when temperatures have gotten as low as they have gotten this year on a consistent basis, which is why it is so great that there are projects and fundraisers that have been opened up, which are designed to combat these problems. Ross Abelow is an attorney in the city of New York that has been aware of the dire conditions, as well as the huge amount of animals that are out on the street during these cold conditions, and has taken active measures to help animals get out of the cold. This is being done through Go Fund Me projects, which are basically fundraisers that allow all sorts of random people to make donations. These types of fundraisers can raise a huge amount of money, so this is something that is a great thing for the people and the animals in New York City. While there are quite a few shelters in New York, there are not enough blankets, food and vaccines to go around for animals, so these types of fundraisers are absolutely imperative.

Ross Abelow has been at the front of the movement to raise money for these shelters, who in turn provide the assistance that is needed for these animals in such harsh conditions. Without this type of help, there is no question that a ton of cats, dogs, and other animals would not survive the freezing nights that have inflicted the entire North West. A huge way that the word is spread through these types of campaigns is through social media accounts, so if you do want to get the word out about a fundraiser that you are embarking on, try to get the word out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media outlets.

Venezuala Declares Fridays a Holiday

In a bold move by the Venezuelan government, president and leader Nicolas Maduro has declared that for the next two months, all Fridays will be holidays. The hope is that a four day work week will help to lessen the energy crisis that is currently plaguing the country.

The energy crisis has been brought on by a drought, as well as a poorly maintained energy infrastructure. The country gets more than 60% of its energy from hydroelectric power, and the drought has made this source more scarce.

Critics say that the move is ineffective and will simply reduce the country’s ablity to be productive, which is a serious problem in a nation that is already facing shortages on essential goods and services. Parents and teachers were also concerned about how this would effect schoolchildren.

Our good friend Norka Luque told us the announcement was made on Latino Show Magazine shortly after a weeklong Easter holiday celebration, and it is not clear yet exactly how the new holiday schedule would effect the public and private sector. The details of the plan have yet to be released to the public, says Luque.

There was concern from all areas of the country, as the Easter break shortened working hours for many people and forced some shopping malls to generate their own electricity.