Doe Deere’s Reality Check


Doe Deere is the self appointed unicorn queen and the founder of Lime Crime cosmetics. Deere is one successful woman that gave herself a quick reality check early on in life. She knew that people that believed in their dreams succeeded. She decided to forge ahead and follow her dream and never give up. The pastel haired beauties dream was to go to America and become a success with her own musical career. Later on, her thoughts turned to a makeup business. She started Lime Crime with a small amount of money and big dreams. Today, she is the founder and CEO of a very successful makeup company.

About Doe Deere
Doe Deere is certainly very unique. She does not follow the crowd. She achieved amazing success on her own terms. Her own terms included an unusual way of regarding makeup. Deere believed that makeup should demonstrate your uniqueness to the world. Makeup is an art-form or expression of your talent. One should never hide behind their makeup. Deere started Lime Crime cosmetics with this philosophy in mind. Her bold and imaginative line of makeup colors hit home for thousands of other girls too.

Lime Crime was launched back in 2008. Doe Deere founded one of the first makeup companies that was primarily based online. Her eCommerce model gained great success quickly. She started out small with a big dream and achieved major success on her own terms. Today, Deere is a great supporter of women in business. She advises them to never give up their dream. She relates, you must have confidence in your dream and you will surely succeed. Sometimes, it is better to achieve your dreams on your own terms. For example, her makeup line was unique. Instead, of following other companies that produced boring beige colored makeup, Deere added wild colors that were imaginative and creative.

Doe Deere is also very excited about the trend for new entrepreneurs to take their business to the Internet. Deere relates that the online world is a great starting place for the new entrepreneur. New entrepreneurs are able to play on a level playing field with large business owners. Today, eCommerce is really revolutionizing the way business operates. The online world also makes it extremely easy for the customer to interact with the company on a more personal level. Thus, providing the company with better insight on their customers, while providing the customer with a more satisfying experience.

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Healthy Dogs Need Healthy Foods: Beneful

Beneful Brand Dog Food by Nestle Purinastore blends all natural ingredients together to create snacks and wet/dry foods that are delicious. Each variety is packed full of nutrition to help keep a dog’s body and teeth healthy.
Beneful Wet Dog Food Incredibites

This flavorful wet dog food is specially formulated for the nutrition of adult small dogs. It is delightful blended with your choice of chicken, salmon, or beef, and it includes tomatoes, carrots, and wild rice. This delectable dinner delivers the right nutrition to keep your small dog health and satisfied.

Beneful Wet Dog Food Tuscan Style Medley

This scrumptious Beneful wet dog food is blended to have 100% complete nutrition for all adult dogs. A mixture of beef, spinach, rice, or carrots makes this flavor truly delicious, and perfect by itself or mixed with dry dog food.

Beneful Healthy Smiles Dental Twists

These delightful treats help to reward a dog with a yummy snack that helps clean the teeth. The ridges and the hint of parsley assist in the reduction of plague and tartar build up, leaving their breath fresh and clean. Link here:

Beneful Dry Dog Food Healthy Puppy

Help keep your puppy healthy with this delectable dry food. It is specially formulated with the calcium and DHA a puppy needs to help them grow strong bones and healthy brains. Healthy Puppy gives the young pups a delicious meal blended with chicken, peas, and carrots to leave a puppy satisfied and happy. Beneful products are available on pet stores and supermarkets like Wal-mart.



Doxxing Prevention

What does it mean to get doxxed? All it really is, is someone taking your personal information and posting it online. Now the whole world can see your private information. There are some easy steps to take to keep your private information private.
First, remove your personal information from online data brokers. Data brokers sell your information to anyone willing to pay for it. These brokers include Whitepages, Spokeo, and PeopleSmart, as well as dozens of others. Each site has a way for you to opt out of their database. However, this will need to be done every few months as these databases regenerate.
Second, make sure your privacy settings on all social media are set to private. Still post with the thought that everyone can see it.
Third, change passwords at lease four times per year. Never put your passwords on your computer. Instead, put them on paper and keep in a drawer at home.
Last, Google yourself. Find out what other people see and do some housecleaning.
There are also companies that work to keep your online reputation intact. One of those companies is Status Labs. Status Labs is an online reputation management firm, but they also do so much more. They cover six different areas. These include public relations, search engine optimization, crisis response, social media marketing, financial communications, and online reputation management.
Status Labs’ headquarters are in Austin, but they also have offices in New York and Sao Paulo. They have clientele in over 35 countries. Some of their more than 1500 clients are public figures and Fortune 100 brands.
Status Labs works to help their clients look their best in online search results. Through effective public relations strategy and digital marketing they help companies create sales growth. They are effective because they cater creative solutions to each client’s unique needs.

Find Status Labs on their social media sites:

Instagram: @statuslabs

Bringing your body back into balance to lose weight: NutriMost

A person who has struggled with weight loss has looked to many programs and diets. Nutrimost looks to make their clients lives healthier and bring their bodies back in balance, which usually results in weight loss.
Their computer scanning technology allows them to see what areas are out of balance or need improvement. This information allows them to tailor a program to fit their customer’s needs. Their goal is to bring the body back into balance. An out of balance body causes weight gain, disease, and other health problems. NutriMost is branded by the NY Daily News as “not only a weight loss program but a lifestyle change”.

The goals of the program can be tied back to weight loss. They ideally want the customer to lose 25-40 pounds in 40 days. Their technology assesses multiple factors that regulate metabolism, appetite, fat storage, and fat burning, among others. Once they assess these factors, they create a plan to detoxify the body, promote weight loss, and bring everything in balance.

NutriMost does not promote the use of hormones or drugs and makes sure each client is doctor supervised. This healthy lifestyle change is made through a personalized plan and to ensure that the client is healthy. This program is personalized to help this client bring their body back in balance and lose weight. Read testimonials here:

Steven Murray Passes On but Leaves a Legacy of Hard work Behind

Stephen Murray was an avid philanthropist and a successful private equity investor. He was the former president and CEO of a private equity firm called CCMP Capital. The firm focuses on investments that deal with growth equity and buyout. Murray passed on in 2015 at the age of 52 years. Before his death, he had stepped down from his post as CEO of CCMP Capital.

The firm had explained his departure as warranted by health-related reasons. News of his death came as a shock to many people especially at CCMP Capital. Greg Brenneman, CCMP Chairman, said that the whole firm was saddened by the death of Stephen Murray. He also sent condolences on behalf of the entire firm to their former partner’s wife and Sons. Education and Early Career Murray was born on August 2, 1962. He attended Boston College and graduated in 1984 with an economics degree.

In the same year, he joined Manufacturers Hanover Corporation’s training program for credit analysts. He then enrolled at Colombia Business School for a master’s degree in BA and graduated in 1989. He got a job at MH Equity Corporation and stayed at the company throughout its subsequent mergers. Read more: West Village Townhouse for $17 Million and 5 Questions with Stephen Murray, CEO of CCMP Capital

It finally became the profitable Chase Capital Partners. Then in 2005, Murray left the company to head JP Morgan Partners. The firm bought out of Chase Capital Partners and begun doing business independently. Murray later helped to co-found CCMP Capital together with other partners. CCMP Capital was a spinout firm of JP Morgan Partners.

Two years later he was named its CEO. Under his helm, CCMP was able to raise two multibillion dollar funds. One of the funds was worth an impressive $3.6 billion. Murray served on a number of major companies’ boards including Generac Power Systems, Warner Chilcott, Cabela’s, Pinnacle Foods, The Vitamin Shoppe, Aramark, Legacy Hospital Partners and AMC Entertainment. Some of his recent board seats included Crestcom International, Octagon Credit Investors, Jetro JMDH Holdings, Strongwood Insurance Holdings and Ollie’s Bargain Outlet.

Stephen Murray was a well-respected financial executive among his peers and the industry at large. Philanthropy Before his death, Murray was an active philanthropist who supported many charitable organizations through donation of his wealth and time. He supported Make-A-Wish Foundation of the Metro New York.

He also supported other organizations like Boston College, Columbia Business School, Stamford Museum and Lower Fairfield County’s Food Bank. He was dedicated in seeing the eradication of hunger and accessibility of quality education.

Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP:

Qnet’s Efforts towards Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle

Qnet is a successful direct selling firm that was established by a young group of associates, who had an accordant dream for marketing to facilitate improved health. The company has been active for 16 years and is among the relatively new competitors in the direct selling and marketing sectors that are strongly dominated by considerably bigger rivals. As an online marketing firm, Qnet provides a broad variety of high-quality products and diverse brands that aim at improving the consumers’ lives and campaign for a healthy way of life across the globe. The firm’s selected and verified supplies vary from healthy, nutritional and skincare products to fantastic jewelry and Swiss-manufactured watches.

A thorough examination process in used by Qnet during the selection process of the new products that are to be added to the firm’s brand. The ethical values and agreements are among the exceptional features that the company considers when carrying out evaluations of the new products. Their way of looking at the business from a commercial point of view is unique. Qnet is very committed to observing a thorough and vegetarian viewpoint, whereby, meals that are offered at all company events are strictly vegetarian. The firm also deeply advocates for vegetarianism as a way of having a healthy lifestyle decision and a superb welfare. All sections of Qnet’s business policies and products reflect high standards and non-vegetarian ingredients are not allowed in any products that are consumed by either clients or staff. Testing of goods is also done safely to protect animals, and therefore, animals are not used in the testing process. Qnet has made significant efforts to create awareness against the massive rising rates of heart diseases, obesity, diabetes and lifestyle diseases across the world. This is by minimizing the amounts of sugar, non-natural sweeteners and destructive chemicals that are used in the product are marketed online.

Qnet’s philosophy is to improve yourself to develop those around you, which is an inspirational perspective from a prominent direct selling firm in Asia. Corporate social responsibility is a priority for the company since it gives back to the community by actively taking part in philanthropic activities across the planet. Local and international communities benefit from this prosperous young company that actively works to serve them through elementary society curriculums. The company has been recognized as an active participant in the supporting of Rashid Centers’ programs to help children with special needs.

2 Things That Make QNET A Direct Selling Company That Stands Out In The Crowd

Though Qnet has been around for 16 years, in the direct selling industry they are still looked at as a relatively new company. This is because most large direct selling companies have been around for 30 years or more.

Qnet was started by a group of friends who all had the desire to help people live happy healthy lives. The company promotes wellness and healthy living through a variety of different products that all encourage living a healthy lifestyle.

Here are 2 things that make Qnet stand out in the very crowded direct selling industry:

#1 – They Rigorously Test All Products

Qnet takes the quality of the products they promote very seriously. That’s why all products go through a very rigorous testing process. When testing products they look for aspects that are in line with the core values of the company. They won’t promote anything they don’t believe in 100%.

#2 – They Follow A Strict Vegetarian Philosophy

As a company Qnet is serious about sticking with a philosophy that is in line with vegetarianism as they believe it is a great way to promote healthy living. When they have company events, all meals served are vegetarian. That’s how dedicated they are to this lifestyle.

This high standard shows in all areas of the business. None of their products, be they edible or consumable, contain non-vegetarian ingredients. All products are also tested without doing harm to animals. Animals are never used during the testing process.

To help bring awareness to, and help fight the growing epidemic of obesity all over the world, Qnet has reduced the amount of sugar, artificial sweeteners and harmful chemicals in the products they currently sell online.

Qnet is all about helping you better yourself so you can help better those around you. They take social responsibility seriously and are always looking for ways to give back. Though the company is young in industry terms, they are thriving and continuing to grow every single year.

They are dedicated to being involved in philanthropic work all over the world. Over the years they have set up community programs both locally and internationally.

To learn more about Qnet and the products they offer, visit their website at You can also follow them on social media to keep up with any new products they are releasing and any community activities they will be involved in in the future.


FreedomPop Makes Their Service Even Cheaper

FreedomPop now has a plan to let people use WhatsApp for no charge according to Venture Beat, and it is a plan that is going to help people talk and text more when they are on their phones. FreedomPop is already the cheapest service on the planet, but they are trying to remain the best option. That means that they are going to have to do things differently from everyone else. People who love to use FreedomPop can keep more of their minutes and data, and the people who are using WhatsApp can just bring their WhatsApp data over to FreedomPop.

Someone who is trying to make sure that they are going to spend as little money as possible on their phone should go for FreedomPop because it is so very cheap. There are people who come over the FreedomPop because it is already cheap or free, but these people are not going to get as much data or minutes as they might with other companies. They can mitigate that by making sure that they are using WhatsApp. WhatsApp is going to help people talk as much as they want, and Whatsapp is going to be easy to sign up for. Someone who is new to it can sign up right now, and they are going to use that app for as long as they want without being charged for data usage.

FreedomPop knows that it has to come up with as many of the partnerships that they can find, and they need to let their users take part in all these partnerships. WhatsApp is going to help people talk on FreedomPop without worrying about minutes, and there will be more partnerships that will help everyone get the talk time they need. Talking through FreedomPop was already cheap, and now WhatsApp free usage makes it cheaper.

Read this FreedomPop review

Wen and the Customers that Use It

Wen hair by Chaz Dean ( is the brand that people choose when they want to see illustrious hair that is manageable. This is one of the shampoo and conditioners that has made it much easier to get the best possible hair conditioning products without getting your hair washed and conditioned by the professionals. The reason that these hair products resemble so much of the salon products has much to do with the creator behind this. The Wen products have been created by a professional stylist named Chaz Dean, and he has done a good job of producing better hair care solutions for healthier hair.
No one has the blueprint for healthy hair, but Wen creators may have come close for a lot of women that have discovered the product. It has become evident that the brand is well-liked because there are so many different products that the Wen by Chaz brand has managed to beat. It has become one of the hottest products for people that are trying to get a thorough cleaning without drying out their hair. That is what so many products have done in the past. People have often complained that their hair was being dried out by products that were on the market. Wen by Chaz has come alone and made it easier for women to get smooth and silky hair without spending a fortune on hair care products.

Many people have discovered that Wen is one of the best because it caters to a lot of different types of hair. People that have thin hair may find that their hair is growing with these Wen products. The company has continued to thrive because there are so many users that are experiencing positive results( posted here: from the shampoos and conditioners. It is a favorite among women from many different walks of life. It can be ordered online via ebay.