The New Big Name in Lip Balm

Within the past decade, a surge of new lip products has popped up on the shelves in our local supermarkets and drugstores. These products have helped us to learn that lip balm does not have to be boring. In fact, it should be quite the opposite. The product is called EOS lip balm, and it has brought fun flavors and bright colors into lives of many lip balm users.

The founders of the company EOS (Evolution of Smooth), dedicate themselves to providing organic and natural products. Today, a feature which proves to be to the main focus of many consumer’s searches for products. EOS wanted to make something new and unique, a task with which they certainly succeeded.

With the invention of their new product, they now had to get it into stores, which was an uphill battle. Many people did not understand the need for a new type of lip balm, but the founders, who strongly believed in their product, did not give up. Their battle showed to be very fruitful for them, and they ran upon someone with Walgreens, who was very excited about their new product. After the EOS lip balm found its way onto Walgreens shelves, it was a big success. It soon could be found at all of the big stores, such as Walmart and Target, as well as online stores like

EOS is now a household name and has a big presence on social media. They have many big name celebrities who religiously use and advertise their products. EOS has now become the second bestselling lip balm in the world, and shows likelihood to become the number one. Visit for more info.

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The Business Guru with a Heart for the World

For a wealthy businessman like David Osio, it’s easy to assume that he spends his past time cruising on yachts or flying private jets. Instead, a lot of what he makes gets channeled to charitable courses he has a deep heart for. And now he wants to spread his philanthropic deeds to the whole world.

Mr. Osio is known to be an avid contributor in the fields of art, medical research, music and of course the community. His philanthropic journey started when he was part of the board that governed the activities of the Miami Symphony Orchestra. David contributed in every way possible and has continued to offer his support financially to ensure the Miami Symphony Orchestra remains functional.

When he is not heading his company, Davos Financial Group, he is well sending some donations to international organizations. He has partnered with several nonprofit organizations globally, one of them being the Children Orthopedic Foundation. Mr. Davos has contributed to this organization every year as he believes in the betterment of health and quality of life for every child. In his own words, David recognizes how crucial medical research for children is and he has a dream of seeing more people joining the philanthropic course to ensure children all over the world get the medical attention they deserve regardless of background.

About David

David J. Osio is a financial counsel expert who started and heads the Davos Financial Group. He started the business in 1993 and opened his first shop in Venezuela where he provided financial counsel to specific business clients. In his time as the CEO, Mr. Osio has crafted a strong leadership circle that has seen the company grow in terms of profits and even the improvement of his employees.

Mr. Osio owes his strong leadership expertise to the years he served as an employee of the Swiss Bank Corporation. Later on, he joined the American Banking Association where he further honed his skills in tailored financial services to both companies and individuals. With his brilliance and experience, he went on to start a company that has proven to be one of the most successful firms in the field of finance. Davos Financial Group has invested in many fields including real estate and technology.

As David continues to grow his company globally, he doesn’t forget the social responsibility of helping those who are least fortunate in the areas he creates new business.

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Effects of Brexit to the Stock and Money Market

In June this year, the United Kingdom shocked the world when it chose to leave the EU. When the country made the vote, many people did not know that their financial lives would be affected. However, immediately after British isolated itself from the European Union, the stock and money market in the country went on the carousel ride. Experts say that this is one of the most historic events in the European Union history and it is the subject of a brand new program of three commemorative coins.

Reports say that the program is currently being issued by the Coin Invest Trust, one of the leading privately held Lichtenstein companies. At the moment, the program has a .999 of fine silver dollar; fine gold and twenty dollars coins which will be expected to show the outline of Britain and also the Union Jack flag in the Europe Continent. The one dollar and twenty dollar coins currently feature Britain’s outline, colored with a union jack. The three coins also contain the Ian
Rank-Broadley effigy of the famous Queen Elizabeth, the second.

A recent report indicates that the silver dollar is three grams in weight, and it measures twenty-six millimeters in diameter. The coin has a mintage limit of approximately two thousand and sixteen pieces. The pieces are said to have been sold by the fifth day of August.

The gold five dollar coin weights just half a gram, and it measures eleven millimeters in its diameter. The report says that it has a mintage limit of around ten thousand pieces. The other twenty dollar gold coin weights around three grams, and it measures twenty-six millimeters in the diameter. The mintage limit of the twenty dollars is two thousand and sixteen pieces.

There were no any distributors from the United States that was named during the program. This means that the coin collectors in the country will be forced to look for a secondary market for the valuable coins.

Most of the individuals living in the United Kingdom are anxious about the potential effects of Brexit. According to reports from the country, Britons are trying their best to stockpile bullion coins and gold bars at their home safes.

According to a recent report from Google, home safe searches have significantly increased, and they were reported to be higher than sixty-one percent. The searches were greater compared to the previous peak when the financial crisis was at its peak. Social media platforms have not been left behind. News obtained by the Telegraph show that most of the Britons are putting their gold bars in their safes to get rid of Brexit fears. Companies dealing with gold have reported an increased number of customers have the Brexit too.

Get Healthy Hair That Gives You Confidence

It is important to find and use a shampoo and conditioner that promises and delivers real hair care strengthening benefits. Wen by Chaz Dean has been in the industry for over 20 years giving their customers hair care therapy that they can depend on. They offer their customers all natural ingredients that will not damage or dry your hair out. There is no need to rely on another product when you can get the satisfaction of Wen by Chaz for hair care results that are industry trusted and proven. You can visit their website and get more details on how to accomplish your dream hair care results today.
Wen hair is a great product that shows your hair how to get the leading results in an industry that is offering numerous of products. They offer an all natural hair care solution that is unmatched by other products in the industry. It can be shipped conveniently to your door with free shipping for first time customers and members. Wen by Chaz is a optimal hair care solution that provides a genie in a bottle, says a QVC commercial. One young lady decided to use it for the first time, purchase it with her own money, and post the results on Bustle for their readers.

She discovered that using Wen by Chaz was easy because they had each dosage clearly listed on their products. You won’t use too much or too little. They believe in helping their customers save money even when they are using their products. The young lady was using their strengthening conditioner on her fine hair and wasn’t sure if it was a good idea. She used it and promises that she will never go back to her former hair care shampoo and conditioner. She now recommends their superior hair care products by Wen by Chaz to the Bustle readers.

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Extremely Helpful Party Hacks

With so many things to take under consideration, parties can become overwhelming. Party hacks were made for a time like this. We will review some of the best mentioned in this article by But, an even better way to relieve the burden of the celebration’s host is to hire professionals. Twenty Three Layers is an event planning company in NYC offering a one-of-a-kind experience that is sure to meet all of your expectations.

Why not invite a friend or family member to co-host your next get together? Chores and responsibilities can be split down the middle. Also, if you rent a space for your event, the bill can be split as well. Digital checklists such as Wunderlist are helpful to keep track of what has been and needs to be accomplished.

Go digital with your party invitations, too! Hobnob is a free digital invitation app. It keeps track of RSVPs and operates via text message. Hobnob invitations display your image with beautiful text options. When guests receive the invite a link is displayed to take them to the full invite. RSVPs are easy with a simple yes or no response included in the text.

It’s the day of the party. How do you keep kids occupied? Assign age appropriate chores and check a few more things off your list. During the party be sure to have plenty of crafts available for the kids. One unique recommendation is to print off a giant coloring page. This is something all of the kids can participate in together. Check out Pirasta’s printable coloring pages.

Ready to take it all on? Read more party hacks here. Or you could bring in the professionals for a truly memorable experience. Twenty Three Layers event planners in NYC come highly recommended by companies such as Jaguar, Spotify and Soho House.

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Clever Option to Inmate Visits

Securus Technologies is a Dallas, Texas commercial prison Technology Company. The company supplies exceptional unlawful justice and confinement equipment solutions to update the community security and revise incarceration incidents.


The company’s public protection solutions have the plan to give support to law implementation bureaus and cities for the storage, collection, distribution, consolidation, and visualization of real prison information incidents. This information is used to protract prison-disaster-reaction dispatch, convenience collective security, and law enforcement.


Securus Video Visitation is a single prime representation of the firm’s technology. Securus Video Visitation allows acquaintances, local legislators, legal representatives, and relatives to attain and plan visits to their incarcerated jailbirds. Securus Video Visitation is an internet supported forum that allocates foreign prisoner relations with the aid of a tablet, PC, or smartphone. Securus Video Visitation gives family members an extra convenience when contacting confined dear ones. These family links have been acknowledged to minimize prisoner recidivism extensively. Through Securus Video Visitation, friends and relations have the great chance to unite with their convicted members through the allocation of everyday events like birthdays and concert attendance.


Concerning prison facility convenience, relatives can formulate preparations, whether to visit a prisoner on site or from the expediency of their houses using an internet-enabled mobile device or computer. House visits are facilitated through the remote Securus Video Visitation program, which uses the web camera on a computer. Onsite visits are not any unique from the customary glass visits, except for the fact that visitors plan prison trips in advance, creating convenience by cutting down waiting periods.


This simple and regularly accessible-powerful technology solution has drawn the attention of many law enforcement, public safety, and correction groups. The software is a leading spectacle in the inmate rectification service market. Ahead of any prison visit, a client submits electronic photo identification and information to prison staff that recommends and restrict admissions regarding conduct fears.


The unique benefit of Securus Video Visitation prison application is the competence to examine and document live visits. This ability not only creates ground-breaking undercover predictions but also diminishes impacts of jail brutality. With the primary Securus Video interface, prison personnel speedily check wary visitors, lock down inmates, and review the recordings to promote investigations, even after termination of the standard retention window. Accordingly, the video program entirely assimilates Jail Management Systems, ensuring that prisoner visits are deliberated for the prisons existing time periods.

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IAP Worldwide Is Known The World Over

IAP Worldwide is a company that can do so many things to assist the world when it desperately needs it. They have the ability in terms of technology to go to remote areas. Some of these places are military installations. The government holds them in high esteem, giving them contracts on a regular basis. At last count, the contracts that IAP holds with the government number in the 300 million dollar range. These contracts are given to IAP because they operate with great integrity and ingenuity. They are always able to produce the desired results no matter what happens. Since they are able to do this on a regular basis, other companies and communities ask for their assistance when they need them. IAP Worldwide is always there to complete difficult missions all around the world on a regular basis.

What Makes IAP Special?

The company found its beginnings 60 years ago. Since then, they have worked for Pan Am World Services, Inc., Irmo SC and Johnson Controls, Inc. In each of these cases, they have proven to complete difficult tasks in a timely manner giving them the respect that they deserve. Over the years, others have heard of them all over the world, and they are in high demand for the excellent work that they complete for them.

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The Leadership At IAP Worldwide

Making a company like IAP Worldwide takes hard work from the leadership and the staff. Under the leadership of Douglas Kitani, whom is the CEO and Director of the company, they are able to complete many great tasks as a team. There are over 2,000 employees for IAP, and they are in areas around the world. These people are all equipped with educations and experience that make them experts at what they do. They enjoy their work, and are dedicated to completing the most difficult tasks on a regular basis.

In the future, they surely will be sought after by many more people across the globe for their excellent work in their industry. They can make the impossible happen, and solve problems that others cannot. Since they are sought after by many, they will continue to reap the respect that they deserve for their outstanding humanitarian efforts for those that are in need. Communities all across the globe hold them in high esteem, and they know that if they need IAP, they will be there for them to assist in any way they can.

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