Doe Deere Talks About Dreams Coming True.

Rainbows, unicorns and hair color, they all go hand in hand with makeup and dreams. knowing how to make your dreams come true is half the battle in business and in life. Doe Deere’s brand, Lime Crime is a makeup company that really takes the unicorn by the horn. Doe founded her makeup company on a hundred dollars and a huge dream. She knows more than anyone that you can make your dreams come true if you dare to do the work and be who you are. It does not matter about your past or where you came from, or anything else. Doe Deere encourages people to live out their dreams and use personal expression to do it.

Doe herself was born in Russia and moved to the United States when she was seventeen. She spend time in New York City and Las Angeles. As you might be aware, both of these cities have always been hubs for fashion and beauty. Doe started as a musician and learned to market her self and her band. She had dreams of being a musician but, often you have more dreams and those dreams get bigger. This is what happened to Doe and she ended up in makeup. The band was not a failure by any means, that is actually how Doe met her husband.

Doe feels that people should just learn to follow their heart more. This is what she does with Lime Crime. Every person has a unique talent and Doe encourages people to use that special skill set to reach their true potential. Doe loves to use color as a form of personal freedom and expression, as a result, Lime Crime was perfect for her. Doe and the many talented people at Lime Crime agree that brightness and color are important. They know that as people, we are all connected to one another. When people started reaching out and asking for more color in makeup, Doe realized that she could help people to get the colors that she too desired and Lime Crime was born.

By using the colors and tones of Lime Crime’s makeup, people have the freedom to express themselves with no fear and no judgement. There is no need to fit it, it is more than okay to stand out and be the unique person that you are born to be. That’s what Lime Crime is all about.

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A Guideline to Successfully Manage Your Reputation Online

In the 21st century, there is increased reliance on the internet to get more information about a company, a brand, or an individual. Online reputation plays a key role in influencing the decisions of clients or employers and therefore, every company should see to it that it has managed its reputation online. There are companies that offer online reputation management services though it is also possible to do it on your own. Easy ways of managing your online reputation

  1. Know your online reputation status

Google your brand’s or company’s name and the results represent your online presence. Therefore, anyone who searches your name on the internet gets the same results as you found. After the search, create a keyword that will easily identify with your brand name. Creating a keyword notifies the brand owner whenever the keyword receives a mention somewhere and helps to track the web pages progress every time. Update all online accounts constantly to help create more traffic to the sites

  1. Acquire a domain

Getting a domain helps people find you easily whenever they search the company’s or an individual’s name on the search engines. The domain should consist of your name, keyword, or the name of the company. The best domains in the market include the .net, .org, .info. Additionally, remember to optimize the social media accounts and include a keyword that identifies with the brand.

  1. Publish more content

More content that is positive helps the companies or brands that have negative information making rounds on the internet. They push the negative information to the bottom page of the search engines, and the newest information remains at the pages’ top. The content may be in the form of press release, blog posts, videos, news, and events.

  1. Plan accordingly and formulate a posting strategy

Planning involves setting up goals that would contribute to a successful management of online reputation. The goals should focus towards creating more content that will, in turn, generate more traffic to the sites. Additionally, plan on the number of times that to add more content to your sites and stick to it. Following the above guidelines keenly, leads to success online reputation management. Visit here.


IAP assimilates two DRS companies in bid to improve service delivery

IAP Worldwide, which was previously known Pam Am world services, has announced that they will be assimilating two companies from DRS services. The company, which was established in 1953 and has been offering business solutions to the US armed forces on among other clients, stated that the two acquisitions were to help the company manage their service delivery better. Currently, in addition to the services they were offering, the company is branching out to offer the management of ports, engineering contracting and management of construction projects.

IAP Worldwide, which has overseen the making of notable projects such as the Florida Space complex, a massive success that has seen the launch of more than 2000 space shuttles, is looking for mergers and business associations that will improve their services. The two new companies, DRS and TCNS will be merged and will be known as the aviation and engineering technologies branch of the overall company. The aim is to improve the delivery of services and maintain the quality and standard of the services they offer.

The leadership at IAP Worldwide revealed that there were a lot of consultations before the acquisitions were done. A team was mandated to think of a strategy that would help the company increase satisfaction of their clients and improve operational effectiveness in the company.

The fact that the company has been in business for over six decades means that they fully understand what it takes to stay relevant. In the past, they have been the reliable partner for the military whenever they wished to deliver emergency services to mitigate disasters. One of such projects of IAP that they were part of is the operation desert storm in Saudi Arabia. They offer rescue services to stranded servicemen as well.

Their cumulative gains from the projects given by the government have reached $370million. They always try their best to synchronize their goals with that of their clients in order to achieve solutions on that make the client happy and are feasible for them. The company also has a philosophy if believing that speed and creativity are some of the best tools to utilize when resolving the problems of their clients. The company has never deliberately left a project that they started unfinished. They believe it is their role to carry out all their commitments to completion. Because they have been following these core values for years, the company has been moving from one success to the other in the world of service delivery. Sources:

An Insight on how Malini Saba has Impacted the Lives of Women and Children Worldwide

World leaders and philanthropists are putting more emphasis on helping women and children. Women are termed to be the backbone of a country’s economy. Through empowering women, you are empowering a country’s economy. Malini Saba has taken it upon herself to helping women and children with the education, needed healthcare services, and a place that is safe for them.


About Malini Saba


Malini Saba is a world top investor and a South Asian philanthropist. Saba is currently the chair of Saban, and her passion is to see all women being successful in what they do. In 2001, she founded a non-profit organization by the name “Stree: Global Investments in Women.” The organization’s aim is to change how low-income and at-risk women and children worldwide view themselves.


Stree helps women to access legal empowerment, healthcare and provides a forum for a grassroots movement to connect with public policy in India, Africa, Eastern Europe, and Central America. Through hard work, Saba has been able to have the means of making a positive impact through her course.


Through proving women and children with the needed resources of bettering their lives, their future is guaranteed to be bright. Malini defines success as doing what your heart desires, accomplishing it, and smiling each day. Remaining true to yourself and doing what you love, you achieve true success.


Malini believes that whatever happens in the past in your personal or business life is unchangeable. The past is there for us to reflect and learn from it. She believes that we are all seeking happiness and that it does not necessarily come from fame or money. Happiness may take a little longer to achieve, but in the long run, we become better people in the society.


Challenges faced by Malini Saba

Malini Saba‘s biggest challenge in the quest to make a change has been dealing with governments in some of the developing countries. Standing her ground on issues affecting women and children she has been able to push for positive policy and change. It is essential to remember that the change you are impacting is not for one person, but the community at large.



Women and children are the backbones of each economy. World leaders should emulate the steps taken by Malini Saba in helping women and children better their lives. It is through doing so that developing countries will start to rise economically.



Help with Investments from Martin Lustgarten

It is no surprise to most people that investing can be one of the most difficult things that you do on your own. If you have ever invested in the past and have lost money in the process, you might be hesitant to invest again and this can deter you from making a lot of money that could potentially help financially. This is why individuals along with so many other people have begun to use a professional known as Martin Lustgarten. Martin Lustgarten is one of the top investment experts and individuals in the country and lots of people are making use of his services because of how successful he has been.

The moment you make the decision to work with Martin Lustgarten to see what he can do for you, you are doing something that is going to benefit your finances greatly over the course of time. Because of the fact that people have been using Martin Lustgarten as well as his professional investment team for so long, they have been able to grow their funds with ease and it is allowing them to stay on budget and finally put some money away into their savings account that they have not been able to do for most of their life.

A lot of people have the misconception that you need to be rich or have a large income in order to invest money. This is simply not true and even those who have a very small income can benefit greatly from investing their money. What investing means is putting your money aside into some type of account or stock in order to grow it over the course of time. This enables you to gain money from what you already have and it can be a lot more beneficial than you might have thought in the past. This is why it is so important for you to consider contacting Martin Lustgarten so that you can work with a professional who has the experience and education in this field that simply no one else has so that you know you are getting the best service possible.

The Man Behind the Successful Burch Creative Capital

Christopher Burch is Man that needs no introduction at all because chances that you have had his name in the media, in the papers or on tabloids is very high. According to Forbes, Burch is a billionaire in every sense of the word and a gentleman indeed; he has over a period accumulated over $1.2billion as his Net worth. Burch ( is the Founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital, affirm that is situated in New York City and is responsible for the managing of venture investments and brand developments of different organizations and companies as well.
On many occasions he has been referred to as a serial entrepreneur having invested in many other businesses, he is well known for his philanthropy donations that have helped a lot the community and the whole country as well. Apart from being he is the founder of Burch Creative Capital, he is also the co-founder of Tory Burch LLC. In 2004, he helped his then wife to launch The Tory Burch fashion label where he served as the co-chairman of the company; he held the position for sometime before he sold half of his shares in December of 2012. AS if that doesn’t cap it all up, in 2011 he launched C.Wonder, which was cloth line, home décor, accessories and retailer shop. The business was so successful that it was purchased by Xcel Brands in July 2015. This not only goes to show you why Burch has been referred to as a serial entrepreneur, but it also gives you a clue on how good Burch has been in his business dealings.
Chris Burch’s investments have stretched across the world, from telecommunications, bottled water company Voss Water to online office retailer Poppin. Burch is also one of the earliest investors in the Internet IPO for Internet Capital Group which is just one among many of his investments. Surprisingly and not known to many people, way back in 1993, Burch was a producer for a romantic comedy called Watch it, it was directed by Tom Flynn and received a complimentary appraise from the New York Times.
In his 30- year old career as in Investor and serial entrepreneur, Burch has seen the rise of more than 45 companies. Through his years of experience and expertise in the field of business, he has been able to build a long track of connection innovation to impact and hence the immense respect. One of his projects is the Burch Creative Capital Company, a company that is currently supporting the development of several consumer products that are used the world over. The companies brand portfolio includes Faena Hotel, Jawbone, Next Jump and Tory Burch among many more.
As we wrap up, it’s crucial to not that the role that Burch has played as an entrepreneur is very huge, his company Burch Creative Capital has been on the forefront in branding some of the top names in the game and for that reason, there is need to appreciate such a great business man. If you wondering where to get information about Burch, all you have to do is look it up online.

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