Clay Siegall’s role in Cancer Treatment

National Cancer Institute states that about 40 percent of women and men in the U.S will at one point of their life be diagnosed with some form of cancer. Over 600,000 people lost their cancer battles in U.S alone. Given these shocking statistics, it is obvious to feel like there is little that is being done about this terrible disease, but that is not the case. Biotech firms like the Seattle genetics are pushing the cancer treatment and research boundaries with men like Clay Siegall at their top. Their commitment enables them to make significant progress in the field.

Dr.Clay Siegall is the CEO and founder of Seattle Genetics, a biotech firm based in Seattle that specializes in targeted therapy drugs development for the types of diseases that have not seen any substantial mortality improvements in decades. He holds a B.S in Zoology from the University of Maryland and a genetics Ph. D. from Gorge Washington University.

Since he established the Seattle Genetic back in 1998, Dr. Siegall has led his firm to great heights in the targeted therapy industry through the development of the first FDA-approved conjugate antibody drug, which currently has multiple approved indications. Clay has also developed a robust pipeline of more than 20 drugs and some strategic partnerships with manufacturers of drugs including Genentech, Bayer, Pfizer, and others.

Seattle Genetics under the leadership of Dr. Siegall has grown from a small startup with just a few researchers to a great power player in the research space of cancer. Mr. Siegall has big plans for the future of the company. With the expanding list of the drugs in its development pipeline and an ever increasing number of prospective indications for the existing drug portfolio of the company, the firm is in an excellent position to move with authority into the 21st-century industry in drug development.

Dr. Siegall also worked with the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute and the National Cancer Institute. Clay is one of the Boards of Trustees of Ultrageny Pharmaceutical, Washington Round table, and Alder Bio Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Siegall has been a recipient of several awards which includes University of Maryland Alumnus of the year for Math, Natural Sciences and Computer in 2013, and the Pacific North Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the year in 2012. He has written seventy publications and holds 15 patents.


Mike Baur’s Banking and Entrepreneurial Success

Mike Baur is a businessman and an entrepreneur born from Freiburg, Switzerland. Baur went to Bern University and the University of Rochester where he earned his business degree. Baur started his banking career at the age of sixteen. He later became a Union Bank of Switzerland probationer. By the age of thirty, Baur received a promotion to a major consultative position. In this post, Baur provided advice to wealthy Swiss investors, including Swiss most rich characters. Baur later stopped working for Union Bank Switzerland in 2008 despite his gained success. Then, Clariden Leu bank employed Baur. Baur worked in banks for over twenty years. In 2014, Baur changed his focus to his new entrepreneurship passion for helping tech entrepreneurs.

Mike Baur and Max Meister co-founded the Swiss Startup Factory. Swiss Start up Factory is a self-financed and privately owned. Baur later became Swiss startup factory managing director and CEO. The company helps Swiss entrepreneurs to identify and support young digital technopreneurs. Swiss Startup Company runs a 3-month long accelerator program for Startups in which coaching and mentoring in finance, entrepreneurial network, and investor network and office space areas.

Swiss Start up factory accelerator program gives chances to young companies specializing in digital technologies to go through organized accelerator programs for creating innovative power that can compete in the global market place. The accelerator program runs for three months to take the selected start-up through step by step to ensure that they can develop a marketing idea and pitch it to potential investors.

The accelerator program is for the determined aspiring young entrepreneurs who want to light up the business culture with their thoughts and innovations. In a period of three-month, lean canvas methodology is adopted to push and help the individual to bring their ideas to the market. Swiss startup makes it possible for beginners to collaborative with well experienced and known innovators and experts

Swiss factory program funds up-and-coming startups. The start-up funded access free offices in Switzerland’s largest city, Zurich heading the list. The startups also receive three months of guidance and assistance. The involved start-up owners learn to market products or services globally. The young entrepreneurs also have chances to network with fellow technology entrepreneurs. The accelerator program assists them to find out how to get sponsorships from investors. The startup services significantly increase the likelihood of long-term success.


Philip N. Diehl Of US Money Reserve Holding Emergency Gold Conference In Austin

Philip N. Diehl, the President of US Money Reserve announced recently that there will be a special conference hosted in Austin at an unknown location about the current financial situation in the US and the need to buy gold quickly.

US Money Reserve is one of the top precious metal selling companies in the world and they have experts who routinely study economics and how gold prices are affected when the US dollar is suffering. Diehl wants the conference to dive into the issues and further explain why Americans should consider adding gold to their portfolio as the time is growing short.

PR Newswire believes that US Money Reserve was founded in 2001 and over the 16 years of their existence their mission has been to explain how gold and silver can help people. First, paper currency and other forms of tender have always been affected by war and political struggles, but gold and silver have been around for ages and have been valuable at such times.

US Money Reserve sells precious metals in all kinds of bullion and denominations and has one of the thickest inventory catalogs in the market. They recently upgraded their website to make shopping much easier for beginners and mobile device users. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

US Money Reserve’s credibility has been established by hiring some of the top leaders in the industry including Philip N. Diehl their current president. Diehl previously served in the Texas comptroller’s office and then became the 35th Director of the US Mint.

Diehl brought his business and accounting experience to the Mint to build it into one of the most productive places in Washington D.C. with one of the best customer service reputations in sales. Diehl was a part of several minting projects including the Sacagawea dollar and the 50 states quarters, and even the 1997 release of the American Eagle platinum coin.

US Money Reserve wants buying gold and silver to be straightforward for everyone so they’ve included free information for customers. When signing up for the company’s services, new customers are taken to President Diehl’s foreword and then given a downloadable pamphlet of gold and silver information.

This information even includes transferring funds from an IRA into gold and silver. Any other questions or issues with buying precious metals can be directed to representatives on Client-Connect Advantage, an interactive chat app that allows customers to complete purchases, make returns or resolve payment issues with live guided assistance.

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Desire Perez and Roc Nation Land Jay Z an Enchanting Record Deal

Jay Z’s landmark record deal with Live Nation is ending. Being a talented wrapper in the industry, Jay is focused on partnering with other high ranking wrappers in the industry. He is focused on working with Roc Nation. Having signed a ten-year record label with Live Nation worth $150 million in 2008, Jay is ready to focus on establishing other record deals after Live Nation. The 360 deal is said to be able to trigger a business deal between him and Roc Nation. Even though Jay is leaving the company, Live Nation is said to continue with its lucrative business.  More to read on

Music Deal

According to a music insider, Jay Z’s record deal called 360 with Live Nation has not been extended. This is because the record label had purchased the rights of Jay Z when recording the music. They are also not willing to prolong the relationship because the company does not believe in buying already recorded music. The record deal with Roc Nation included Meek Mill, Shakira, Jay Z, Rihanna and finally, Fat Joe. A different source of Live Nation stated that Jay Z has a long-standing relationship with Live Nation. Following the relationship, Jay Z is better placed to continue enjoying the productive relationship even out of business.  For an update of Dez recent timeline activities, click

Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez, Jay Z’s manager at Roc Nation, was in a business meeting with Lucian Grainge. The agenda of the meeting was the purchasing of some shares from Roc Nation. Fondly known as Des Perez, Desiree is a personal record deal manager for Jay Z. The duo has had a close, healthy relationship for twenty years. Desiree is proven to have a successful track record when it comes to landing business deals. She is described as tougher than Cookie Lion of Empire. For more of Dez, check this.  As a fierce negotiator, she sets the pace for discussing music record deals. For her latest tweets, follow her at twitter@desireeperez01.

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Chicken Is The Always The Main Ingredient For Beneful’s Grain Free Recipe

Pet foods have always been something of a difficult area for pet parents to consider as the use of corn and other grains often makes it difficult to make a decision about which food to purchase. The Beneful Puppy Food brand has always been at the forefront of the latest developments in natural and healthy pet foods and recently launched its own grain free option to cater for pet parents concerned about the possible problems caused by dog foods using grains as their main ingredient.Beneful believes only the most natural ingredients should make their way into the foods being produced by the brand, this has always been the mantra of the company since its inception in 2001.

The grain free option continues this tradition of using real ingredients and sees the main part of the recipe used by Beneful become farm raised chicken, which the Purina owned brand believes is a healthier and more responsible approach to dog food production than is offered by many of their rivals in the industry.The removal of corn based products from the food produced by the Beneful brand has a second major benefit for all pet parents who hope to provide the healthiest possible life for their dog, this benefit is the removal of gluten from Beneful’s grain free recipe. As always Beneful has ensured its foods are created with 100 percent nutritional value for adult dogs and have the best taste available for all dogs to enjoy.

Desiree Perez’ Talks with UMG Sparks Speculation of its Possible Stake in Roc Nation

Desiree Perez, the top Roc Nation executive and associate of Jay-Z, met with Universal Music Group Chairman, Sir Lucian Grainge, at his Santa Monica office in the second week of April 2017. Interestingly, Jay also joined, her and speculations are sparking that UMG is going to buy a stake in the Roc Nation. If this happens, Jay will find better resources to develop new talents and expand his streaming services Tidal. Per UMG insiders, the firm already has a distribution partnership with Roc Nation, and if it could make a significant investment in the later, that can help the firm to make a better stake on Roc Nation artists.  Additional article to read on

It is reported that Desiree Perez and Jay decided to take the business to UMG as his $150 million contracts for ten years with Live Nation is going to end in 2018. In 2008, Jay and Live Nation made a “360 deal” that allows both the parties to sell their stake to other or buy the Roc Nation completely. There are reports that while Live Nation is interested in continuing the deal on touring with Jay, it is not planning to support recorded music division. It should be noted that Roc Nation has many highly successful artists including Rihanna, Fat Joe, Meek Mill, and Shakira, apart from Jay.  Additional article to read on

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Perez is the associate to Jay for almost 20 years. She was the producer of “Change: The LifeParticle Effect” and “On the Run Tour: Beyonce and Jay Z,” two music documentaries released in 2013 and 2014 respectively. Head over to for additional article.  Perez is considered to be a fierce negotiator and known for crunching numbers. Her negotiations in Beyoncé Formation stadium and Rihanna Samsung deal were appreciated by the stakeholders. Perez is deeply involved in the day-to-day operations of Roc Nation including labeling operations, management, and publishing. She was also instrumental in making the services of Tidal a grand success.  Check for a related article.

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Alfonso De Angoitia Noriega: Financial Wizard And Media Mogul

Major media companies of Mexico reflect Mexican values, its wealth and the aspirations of its citizens.

El Universal, a witness to the Mexican Revolution, is a major Mexican daily newspaper, with an original investment of 50,000 gold pieces. Its initial printing,60,000 copies, has increased by five times. El Universal printed the Mexican Constitution on February. 5, 1917 and was founded by Félix Palavicini and Emilio Rabasa in October 1916.

The importance of El Universal is evidenced by having more than three million visitors each month. Since October 23, 1969, the current CEO and President of El Universal is Juan Francisco Ealy Ortiz.

Grupo Imagen was founded in 1936 and is headquartered Mexico City. Groupo Imagen is a major Mexican media company whose products are radio, television, print and digital media. Groupo Imagen’s owner is Grupo Empresarial Ángeles, and its brands are Excélsior and Imagen.

Initially, Groupo Imagen consisted of four radio stations. XEDA-FM is Imagen’s flagship station trademark was a talk format, XELA-AM programmed classical music, and the other stations programming often changed their programming concepts.


Imagen became one of Mexicos largest media organizations buying radio stations and then moved into the television market. Imagen purchased the Excélsior newspaper which is Mexico City’s second-oldest newspaper.

Telmex is a Mexican telecommunications company which was founded in 1947 and is headquartered in Mexico City. Carlos Slim is the Chairman of Telmex. Carlos Slim has also served as the CEO América Móvil, Samsung Mexico, and Grupo Carso and is one of the richest persons in the world with a net worth of$51 billion dollars.

Telmex’s products include the telephone, internet, data, hosted services, and television. Telmex services cover Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela.

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega is best described as a financial mastermind. He is the managing director and Executive Vice President of Grupo Televisa, S.A., Mexico’s giant media company. Alfonso de Angoitia is the founding partner in Mexico’s leading law firm, Mijares, Angoitia, Cortés y Fuentes, S.C.

Alfonso de Angoitia arranged a $1.2 billion dollar agreement between Televisa and Univision which thrust Televisa into the US Hispanic market.

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