Adding WEN Unique Cleansing Conditioners to Hair Care Routine is a Smart Idea

We’ve all had bad hair days, at least once in a while, but there is one hair care system that is different from the rest. Wen hair‘s amazing cleansing conditioners clean the hair better than those drugstore lather shampoos and deliver fab shine and strength back to every strand.
No matter what your hair type and hair condition happen to be, WEN comes to the rescue. Popular west coast stylist Chaz Dean is the genius behind the WEN hair system, and his holistic approach to healthy hair has captured hearts around the world. Fans have made the switch, tossing out their sulfate laden shampoos and conditioners for the WEN 1-bottle method. writer Emily McClure decided to take a walk on the WEN side, because she was frustrated with her normally limp, fine, do-nothing hair.

Emily chose the Sephora FIG cleansing conditioner and decided to test out the product for seven days with a hair log and hair selfies to chart her progress. She decided on a daily WEN wash in the shower and was delighted to see how full and soft the cleansing conditioner made her tresses. Then she blow-dried and styled her hair.

Wow. Emily’s selfies are all the proof you need. She looked gorgeous, and even her close friends immediately picked up on the shiny, bouncy difference.

Emily felt that WEN hair’s directions to use a lot of product in the shower were too excessive, so she cut back by large amount. Still, her locks looked lovely when she followed the AM routine. When she skipped a WEN wash or used the product at night instead, her hair fell flat and seemed to get greasy early on.

Emily concluded that WEN works wonders when you adapt your hair to a steady AM routine. She admits she got a bit lazy.

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  1. Women value their hair making it one of their valuable asset and taking care of it should always be top priority for them but what product should be used is always a problem. Getting the right review from I think top quality hair demands top quality product that will help sustain the texture and quality of the hair. The Wen hair conditioner has been working magic on the hair of the ladies and it makes the difference when compared to other conditioners.

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