Roberto Santiago: Creating a Shopper’s Wonderland

Roberto Santiago is just one of many entrepreneurs that are attempting to take advantage of the growing popularity of shopping malls in Brazil. What sets him apart from the rest is that he has made it his personal mission to provide quality and a cutting-edge experience to his customers, a service that is unmatched by his contemporaries. In a time of great economic crisis, more people are turning to these quality experiences. With less money to spend because of the economic crisis, the people of Brazil are showing that they want to invest their money into something that shows a certain degree of care and thoughtfulness.


Santiago saw the economic climate many years ago when he first began mulling over the idea of opening his own shopping center. The financial situation in Brazil certainly proved to be a major concern for most businessmen as they moved forward. Santiago looked at this challenge and sought to overcome it. He obtained a degree in Business Administration from the University Center of Joao Pessoa and began spectating land. In 1987 he purchased the land that would eventually become the famed shopping center Manaira and in 1989 he opened its doors to the public for the very first time.


A spectacle to behold is the beautiful concert hall situated on the top of Manaira. This facility, named Domus Hall, is the crown jewel of one of Brazil’s best shopping facilities. When it was originally conceived, Domus Hall was intended to be a venue that could accommodate most events. While it does maintain that trait, Domus Hall is also the epitome of luxury and class. Individuals situated within the facility will be impressed by its up to date fixtures and modern technology. Designed to comfortably accommodate over 4,000 individuals, it can safely fit in over 10,000 if they are standing. The venue is truly a sight to behold.


Manaira’s cinemas, in conjunction with their gaming area. are also a source of fun and entertainment for patrons. Not only does the gaming area contain over 300 different systems, they are geared towards different age ranges and interests. This means that patrons of all ages will find fun there. The cinemas are advanced in their own right. In addition to updated facilities, patrons can participate in 3D entertainment with seats that adjust to the entertainment.


When Santiago created this facility, he envisioned a place where the customer would go and never want to leave. Manaira meets that goal perfectly. As He continues to build his empire, it is apparent that Santiago is not just a developer, he is building actual wonderlands for his customers. There is no doubt that as he progresses through his projects, they will only get better


The NFL Alumni Association Joins Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Fight Against Cancer

The NFL Alumni Association, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America and LabCorp have joined together to fight prostate cancer. One in seven men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer each year, and if you are African American the statistic is one out of five men will get prostate cancer each year.

The drive is to get men to have a PSA screening, which can be an indication that prostate cancer is present. LabCorp is offering the screening for only $25 which can be taken at one of the LabCorp medical labs located nearly everywhere in the country. If detected early enough, steps can be taken to deal with the prostate cancer effectively.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a well=known cancer-fighting facility which aggressively treats cancer and nothing else. Cancer is their specialty and the not only use the traditional treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation but other less ordinary methods as well.

CTSA uses treatments such as acupuncture for pain, herbal medication, diet and nutrition, and other, sometimes experimental methods to treat cancer. They call it integrated treatment where the traditional methods of treatment are used along with other innovative approaches.

Personalities Herm Edwards, Bill Cowher, and Dick Vermeil spokesmen for the project, called Prostate Pep Talk. Edwards talks about friends who have been lost to prostate cancer and his father who had surgery for it. All men have to do is get screened on regular basis. Many men just put it off with disastrous results.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has fully equipped hospitals in Philadelphia, Chicago, Phoenix, Tulsa, and Atlanta. People who have cancer can come for treatment and stay during their regimen along with their families. CTCA believes that cancer is an individualistic disease and that treatment has to be individualized. For this reason each patient receives an individual evaluation and treatment.

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Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Philanthropic work Alongside Other Organizations

Philanthropic groups continue to form every day. This is in line with the rising need to curb the problem of human, civil and immigrants’ rights. The minority in the society continue to suffer the problem of public and private humiliation.

Their democratic right has also been taken away from them. In the worst scenarios, the most basic human rights are also taken away from them. Thanks to the philanthropies, the world is in a better place. Here are some of the organizations that have shown dedication and commitment in philanthropist work;

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund was formed by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. This dual has spent much of their time in the career, fighting for their right.

This is why it was not surprising when they exposed the sheriff. They went ahead and published the malicious acts of the sheriff. The Sheriff never took this action kindly. He arrested them from their homes at midnight. He then drove them to an unknown location.

When the residents heard the news of their arrest, they demonstrated demanding for their release. Their protests bore fruits, and the two were released in 24 hours.

Lacey and Larkin went further and reported the issue to court. On trial, the judge declared the two innocent. The arrest was also considered unlawful. They, therefore, received an apprehension compensation of $3.75 million.

They used this money to help the Arizona immigrants. Up to date, the group continues to support philanthropists groups in Arizona. Read more: Michael Lacey | Facebook and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

The DACA Foundation

The DACA foundation was formed to bail out the immigrants who have been in the USA for a long time. The foundation offers two years from the deportation date.

During this time, the member can choose to complete their mission, e.g., complete education. Alternatively, some members chose to gain full documents and be citizens of the USA legally.

More than 800000 individuals are successful persons of the scheme. Some of these individuals are technically the members of the states. They have invested in seeing the state transform to be a better state.

It is, therefore, unfair to repay them by deportation.

Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights (CHIRLA)

The CHIRLA group has been on the front of fighting for the immigrants’ individuals and their families. The group is based in California.

It is the 1986 Act that triggered the formation of the group. The act prohibited the investors from employing undocumented individuals. This would only translate to two things; abuse and exploitation of labor. This would mark an era of suffering.

CHIIRLA Group aims at ensuring that the poor policies of human, civil and immigrants’ rights are abolished. They believe in the public opinion. This is why they work on changing the thinking of the crowd.

With the crowd reasoning along with them, they can then change the policies of human, civil and immigrants’ rights.

Through the efforts of the group, many immigrants are now living a better life. They can almost live a normal life.

Groups That Advocate For Civil, Human and Migrant Rights

There are many groups that are joining hands in the fight for equality and justice with respect to human life. The vast assortment of groups pushes their agenda strongly through well coordinated strategies and plans.

Since their foundation, the groups have helped a great deal of multitudes that have been predisposed to certain vulnerabilities, cases of discrimination and injustice. The groups have mainstreamed societies to aid the children, women and immigrants. Some of these groups include:

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

This group was founded in 1920 with the purpose of protecting civil and human rights of immigrants through advocacy, outreach and litigation. It is headquartered in New York and champions moves that are geared towards broadening the impact of civil liberties and civil rights of immigrants. It mainly focuses on challenging laws that oppress the immigrants by denying them justice. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

ACLU fights public and private discrimination of immigrants and is unwavering about achieving the realization of its mission which is freedom for all nationals. It has memberships of over 1.2 million people and other organizations.

The Coalition for Humane Immigrants Rights (CHIRLA)

This group was formed in 1986 after the Immigration Reform and Control Act which illegalized the employment of immigrant workers who do not have the right papers. Its offices are centered in Los Angeles, California. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Jim Larkin | LinkedIn

CHIRLA is a leader in advocating for immigrant families and individual rights. It creates an inclusive society in which immigrants have the right to participate in democracy and have freedom of movement. This group is an agent for societal change as it sways public opinion and empowers immigrants to gain policies that stand for full civil and human rights.

Advocates for human rights

This is an independent, non-profit support group started in 1983 to combat human right injustices worldwide. It acts as agents for change at local, regional and national level among nationals of its over 53 affiliate members.

It has received spectacular support from volunteers, partners and staff who implement international standards of human rights while upholding the rule of law.

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

This foundation was setup using $3.75 million settlement money arising from the arrest of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, the co-founders of Phoenix New Times. The two had published a story about a sheriff that later led to their arrest.

Michael and Jim, after their release, decided to pursue a court case against their arrest and won. They have since attributed the settlement amount to support groups advocating for civil, human and migrants’ rights as well as freedom of speech and civil participation. A number of organizations have benefited from the funding including American Immigration Council, and Justice that Works among several others.

How IDLife Sets Itself Apart From Other Companies in the Supplement Industry

Basic Information

IDLife was founded by Logan Stout. The company stands for Individually Designed Life. It is a health and wellness firm that was established to formulate customized nutritional supplements for each client that suits their unique health needs. IDLife goes by the fact that each person is different regarding medication use, diet, existing health conditions, genetics, fitness program and other health issues. The company offers a free, thorough and confidential health assessment that helps the firm’s assessment software come up with some recommended supplements that suit the client’s specific needs.

IDLife Is Different From the Rest in the Following Ways

It is run by a great team of experts and investors who are passionate to help people achieve their goals. The success of the companies depends directly on its managerial hence qualified executives and investors will help push the firm to great heights.

The IDLife products have gone through a series of research and data collected from clinical trials and medical journals before creating the final product. The supplements are also tested by FDA for solubility, potency, absorbability, and purity before being released to the market. This shows that the products are scientifically proven and are of high quality.

IDLife has improved the measures used to manufacture nutritional supplements. The company uses high-quality ingredients to create supplements that are of high quality and which will work efficiently for the client. The ingredients are free of gluten, casein, GMO, and soy.

Since most people are seeking to become healthier and manage their weight, the supplement sector is filled with companies making nutritional supplements. The many similar products in the market make it difficult for people to choose the best supplements for their health needs. IDLife Company is unique since it creates personalized products for each client hence making it easier for the customer to get supplements that suit their specific health needs. By creating target nutrition options for customers, IDLife can ensure a successful outcome.

The IDLife Products

IDLife has introduced a variety of products that have a Thirty Day Money Back Guarantee. The following are some of the products.

• IDLife Nutrition formula that is customized to suit an individual’s health needs based on their nutrition profile and goals.

• IDLife Appetite Control, a supplement that helps curb hunger cravings to manage weight.

• IDLife Kids is a product that is created to help maintain the overall health of growing children.

• IDLife Skin Care is made to improve skin health by protecting the skin from anti-aging agents.

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Betsy DeVos’ Positive Foundation

Betsy DeVos was born in America the year 8th January 1958. She is a businesswoman, politician and the 11th Current United States Secretary of Education. She is also a member of the Republican party known for her support for school choice and voucher programs.



Betsy DeVos is a great philanthropist, who with the help of her husband can holistically work together to help children study through the American Education. Their motive is the same, to help the children fulfill their God-given potential. Thus she has to select a suitable environment where the children can learn from with less disturbance.



Betsy DeVos Foremost Emphasis



Pursuing various reforms without making the profit is her ambition. She has many charitable organizations including her being the chairperson of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation. She belongs to many national boards. Examples are; Mars Hill Bible Church, Kids Hope USA and the foundation for excellence in education.



Betsy DeVos Achievements



Betsy DeVos is careful concerning the public policy advocacy and how they engage in it. She is keen enough with her team members on how to allocate personnel, resources and time for the staff. Accountability for everything they do is vital so that when it comes to demonstrating their compliance with laws will be even.



They give students opportunities to participate in the school curriculum. Children are given a chance to fly out and pursue in technician training. When they are in grade nine, they do glider flights, as they have not grabbed an opportunity to be on an airplane. It becomes more advantageous to the kids who want to be pilots later in their lives.



Advocating for Digital Learning



Betsy DeVos supports the idea of digital learning in the sense that children easily pick with the new technologies. She encourages parents to embrace that because it helps the kids to achieve the full potential of what they want to be. Technology has some programs which make the learning process fun to use, unlike the ancient times where it was only the lectures who stand before students for thirty or forty minutes lecturing.



Reform strategies for education



Betsy De Vos most preferred choice is the education for children. She advocates for freedom in school, despite the various backgrounds the children come from. She says the best weapon to that is technology. Technology will wipe out the tendency of rating education with buildings in schools. With the time that mindset will eventually fade away, giving way freedom that will ultimately help for the knowledge of young ones.



In conclusion, Betsy DeVos advocates education to the young ones and reaching many people have made her famous. She was elected to serve as the chairperson of the American Federation for Children(AFC), and the Alliance for school choice (ASC).


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NewsWatch TV Reviews Show How the Company Helps With Branding and Marketing Efficiently

NewsWatch TV is one of the most watched TV show in the United States and features a wide range of news that includes tech news, gadget news, promotional offers, sponsored product reviews, financial news, consumer reviews, and more. NewsWatch TV was first aired in the year 1990 and to date has aired close to 1300 episodes and counting. The fact that the show has been running for so long apparently indicates its popularity and commercial success. NewsWatch TV can be seen on ION and AMC Network, which makes it one of the most far-reaching television shows in the country. Many of the companies who have marketed with NewsWatch TV have received great response from their target audience.


NewsWatch TV has also featured some of the most prominent celebrities in the country, including Diane Lane, Dr. Oz, Brooklyn Decker, Dale Earnhardt, and more. It has dramatically increased the popularity of the show, and any brand that advertises with NewsWatch TV is going to enjoy a broader coverage in the country. As per the testimonial of one of the many companies that marketed with NewsWatch TV, SteelSeries said that the company helped them understand the benefits of marketing on television and how it can entirely change the dynamics of the company’s existing marketing strategy.


SteelSeries a headphone company with a worldwide presence and is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. The testimonial was given by the company speak about how NewsWatch TV helped in making a brilliant video advertisement and was involved in the entire procedure of ad making. It talked about the involvement of NewsWatch TV’s specialized public relations and marketing team in every aspect of ad-making, starting from scripting to editing and from video production to post-production, and everything in between. SteelSeries said in its testimonial that NewsWatch TV helped considerably in increasing the popularity and revenue of the company substantially.



The Immense Potential Of Sawyer Howitt

Sawyer Howitt has not even reached the age of 18 yet. He cannot vote or go to war. Even though he has not received his high school diploma yet, he already has a strong business sense which will continue to make him a humongous rising star. Even at 17, Sawyer is able to understand the operational and financial needs of a business and understand the endearing legacy of a brand as well.

He has already established himself as an entrepreneur that could very easily become one of the Portland’s elite. He already has a position as a project manager for the Meriwether Group. He is dedicated to helping companies adapt to continuously evolving technologies and helping them understand how to make their brands more meaningful to them throughout the years.

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Sawyer has a whole host of responsibilities as the project manager for the Meriwhether Group. He has to draw on his prior experience working with a group of executives to use the newest technologies to redesign the storefront retail experience for customers. He also has a wealth of experience working in customer service, including a brief position working for Kure Juice Bar.

At the Meriwhether Group, Sawyer Howitt has already established himself as a huge asset for the company. Along the way, he is also quietly breaking new ground for the way millennials are viewed in the business world.

Howitt continues to lead the way in providing leadership for how other millennials should react and what they should do to gain respect in the workforce. He notes how employers can often fall into a trap of simply noticing the age of an employee instead of the accomplishments they have made. It is because of this that he urges many of his fellow millennials to toot their own horn when it comes to their business successes.

The sky is truly the limit for Sawyer Howitt. He will continue to improve on his business acumen and he will most certainly be a rising executive star in the coming years.

Norman Pattiz: 360 Podcasts

The world of podcasts just got better. The biggest podcast network in the world just announced a new feature that allows listeners to experience their favorite podcasts in new ways. The main feature is 360-degree video recordings. Additionally, the network’s adding numerous interactive social features, to make every listener part of their community.

The old days of just listening to podcasts are gone. Since podcasts became so popular, PodcastOne started developing new programs ( The new app offers new programs, has a library of popular articles, and behind-the-scenes and exclusive photos of everyone’s favorite podcasts characters. The app also allows listeners to communicate with each other.

PodcastOne was most excited to bring virtual reality to their service. Virtual reality is the way of the future and PodcastOne wanted to be the first podcast network to offer it. Partnering with Mandt VR, PodcastOne has filmed over 1,000 VR recordings, which are available now.

The purpose behind virtual reality is to immersive the viewer in another world. The virtual reality and 360-degree formats that PodcastOne offers, combined with their many other new features, immerses listeners in a way like never before. PodcastOne hosts can even film VR footage using Mandt’s mobile equipment.

Neil Mandt, founder Mandt VR, praised Norman Pattiz, founder of PodcastOne, for his innovative efforts to revolutionize the podcast industry. Pattiz is a pioneer of media that’s always on the verge of something new. Mandt was honored to work with such a leading professional. He also praised Pattiz for adopting virtual reality in the podcast medium. Learn more:

PodcastOne began as a huge success. Within its first year, it became the biggest podcast provider in the country. PodcastOne also pioneered podcast-based advertising. There are over 20,000 minutes of audio added to PodcastOne’s library every week. PodcastOne also records over 200 different programs.

Norman Pattiz’s worked in radio and media for over 40 years. Much of that time, he worked in radio syndication, but he’s been expanding since technology has advanced. He’s most famous as the founder of PodcastOne. Before PodcastOne, he founded Westwood One and Courtside Entertainment Group.

All of his companies are hugely successful. PodcastOne is the largest provider of podcast programming in the world. He’s worked with some of the most influential and celebrated celebrities and experts in the country. He’s even worked with presidents before.

Entrepreneur Scott Rocklage Finds Business Success in Life Science

Dr. Scott Rocklage has grown to become one of the best-known businessmen in the field of healthcare and life science, which is especially apparent in his work with 5AM Ventures. With over 30 years of experience, Rocklage joined 5AM Ventures in 2003 as a Venture Partner.

Only a year later, he became Managing Partner. The accomplishments of 5AM Ventures include entering candidates into groundbreaking clinical trials and having three new prescription medications approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Learn more about Dr. Scott Rocklage:

The experience possessed by Dr. Scott Rocklage comes from his involvement with other firms in the same industry. He has served time as Board Chairman of Relypsa and held the same position at Novira, which was purchase by Johnson and Johnson. Both companies are publicly traded and show the ability of Rocklage to guide large corporations through excellent leadership skills.

Due to his unique position in the market, Dr. Scott Rocklage has a typical day that is not common among entrepreneurs. While his responsibilities include making large decisions in aiding startups and other portfolio companies, Rocklage also finds himself researching new innovations throughout the day.

With 5AM Ventures, Dr. Rocklage has been able to combine his skills in science and business leadership effortlessly. He is involved with large businesses on a global scale that contribute to the entire economy. Read more: Scott Racklage | Bloomberg and Scott Racklage | Crunchbase

Apart from his successful business ventures, Dr. Scott Rocklage has numerous accomplishments in the field of science. He has been a part of over 30 patents in the United States, of which he was an inventor or co-inventor.

His contributions in writing to his field have led to the publication of over 100 peer-reviewed studies. Rocklage also conducted research in the laboratory of Nobel Price winner Richard R. Schrock.

Before his involvement in 5AM Ventures and other firms, Dr. Rocklage studied at the University of California, Berkeley. He earned his Bachelor’s of Science in Chemistry at UC Berkeley and went on to further his education at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Scott Rocklage earned his Ph.D. in Chemistry from MIT and almost immediately began his career of investing in the life science industry.