Paul Wesley

Acting is a difficult job. With thousands of people flooding the Los Angeles market with acting gigs, it’s tough to make a name for yourself. Even if you do manage to get noticed, breaking through and maintaining your success is even more difficult. Many actors end up “making it”, others end up eeking out careers in their respective fields. Either way, it’s a brutal market. Paul Wesley has managed to carve out a career for himself in the Los Angeles scene with a penchant for playing characters who take on profound interpersonal struggles. He’s been involved with cinema since he was a teenager, writing scripts and making key connections with Hollywood insiders.

Paul Wesley

Paul is rarely the star of a film but he does tend to make strong contributions to every role he plays. In Before I Disappear, a dark coming of age story featuring a man taking care of his sister. Paul nails the role of Gideon, a wild and somber character who tempers the main characters apathy. He shot his part in the film in four days, leaving him room to work on other projects. The short film went on to win an Oscar.

Paul Wesley

Paul Wesley is the lead role in the play Cal in Camo, where he plays a character who must reconcile with the sudden death of his wife. The shift in production is welcoming as Paul is well versed in every aspect of the filmmaking process. He recently directed an episode of “the Vampire Diaries,” leading a foray into the directors chair. Paul’s passion and love of filmmaking and acting will likely grow with time, but for now, he’s happy to have collaborated with high profile actors and directors.

Paul Wesley

Neurocore The Silent Hero

Neurocore was founded in 2004 by Dr. Tim Royer. He was a former neuropsychologist at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital. His discovery helped many patients overcome ADHD. People who receive neurocore therapy experience improved behavior without the use of medicine. The neurocore therapy is a safe and non-invasive way to treat mental conditions. It uses a mixture of biofeedback as well as neurofeedback. There are no side effects reported from the neurocore therapy patients. However, the ten20 conductive paste may irritate the skin. The center does offer an alternative paste to choose from for patients with sensitive skin. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

The neurocore therapy sessions are held in a quiet room with a private petition. The client sits at a desk and watches a movie. The patient is connected to electrodes attached to their ears and head. Incidentally, the heart rate and breathing are monitored. When a patients brain is wondering biofeedback tells them to breathe. The patient screen pauses and decreases as a correction for bad behavior.

The deep breathing increases oxygenated blood to the brain. Neurons increase in the brain and endorphins are released to decrease stress. As a result, the brain is relaxed and focused. Over time the brain will correct itself. The sessions are approximately 45 minutes. They cost $2200.00 per 30 sessions. Neurocore also accepts different types of insurance. Read more about Neurocore at

Denise Kooiker told Fox17 that Neurocore really works. He son was cured of biting his nails. Nearly after two years of treatment, he hasn’t turned to his old behavior. Ms. Tiffany Pojeski son Jackson lost his ability to focus. She had to give him a sleeping pill every night so he could sleep. However, after taking 40 neurocore sessions he improved. Jackson sleeps at night without medication and he focuses during the day. Ms. pojeski said her son did a 180-degree turn in his behavior.


NewsWatch TV Cements Its History With Breaking News And Reviews!

NewsWatch TV is an award-winning 30-minute television show that features consumer app and tech product reviews, entertainment highlights, celebrity interviews, and breaking medical and government news that is aired and broadcasted on Monday mornings at 7 am on the AMC network and ION Television affiliates.
NewsWatch TV’s origins began in March of 1990 where it’s primary focus was on financial issues, where it then expanded its news coverage to broader topics focused on consumer entertainment features. The show is hosted by Andrew Tropeano, Susan Bridges, and Michelle Ison, who hosts different segments that are in 1 to 2 minutes in length. In addition to it being a nationally syndicated show on AMC and Ion TV, it also has a big presence on social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, and many other online media platforms. The show has had celebrity interviews with such appearances from Woody Harrelson, Cee Lo Green, Julianne Moore, Joe Montana and Chris Pratt that has built up its Hollywood interview status.

Most notably from the show is its consumer tech reviews where they feature segments like Waves glasses. Waves is a stylish scratch-resistant and water-resistant hands-free device that you can wear indoors or outdoors to protect your eyes from blue light devices on digital devices like cell phones and tablets. In addition, they offer protection from the UV rays from outside sunlight. Not only do these high tech glasses protect your eyes they also do the same for your ears. They do so by protecting your eardrums by shuttling soundwaves to your skull rather then eardrum.
NewsWatch Tv has built up a presence that has made its website and tv segments a go-to too find out what’s hot and trending in media today. Its decades of news coverage has evolved to cement its self in the breaking news and review world.

George Soros Terrifies the GOP

Every single person longs to use their God-given gifts to change this world to fit their ideal of what it should be. Those capable of doing this are called influencers. However, among these great influencers are people who can truly restructure society. These are what we call the movers and shakers. George Soros a fervent Democrat, is a mover and shaker in this world and he has become the bogeyman of the right.

George Soros has actively used his own nonprofit, the Open Society Foundations, to spread the ideals of the Democrat party throughout the United States of America and the entire world. It is the official mission of the Open Society Foundations to embolden and empower fledgling democracies so that they can rise to prominence in their area of the world.

Here at home in the USA, George Soros uses the Open Society Foundations to oppose his enemies in the Republican Party. In the 2004 election season, George Soros saw that George W. Bush was weak in his presidency and his approval ratings were low. It seemed like a proper time to topple his presidency. George Soros decided to fund the Democratic candidate John Kerry. Up until this time, the normal donation to a political office was a few million dollars. However, George Soros broke this record when he gave John Kerry’s campaign $27 million so that he could beat George W. Bush. To say that Soros was brokenhearted when John Kerry was unable to attain the White House would be an understatement.

In the year 2008, George Soros would give it another go. At first, he struggled between choosing his friend Hillary Clinton or the new emerging candidate Senator Barack Obama. In the end, George Soros chose Obama over Clinton. Ultimately, Soros believes that Obama had a better chance of establishing a liberal agenda here in the United States of America.

In 2016, Soros returned to the world of politics and gave substantial aid to Hillary Clinton in her campaign to defeat Donald Trump. This amount totaled over $25 million. In addition to that donation, he gave $2 million to several Democratic senators who are running in swing states. Unfortunately for George Soros, the Democratic Party suffered a historic defeat during that election cycle.

Though George Soros watch the Democratic Party lose the election, he vowed to himself that he would not let Trump when the war. George Soros is the man who put himself through the London school of economics by working as a waiter in a rail porter. George Soros was the man who built a multibillion-dollar management fund. He would use all of this power to take Trump down.

George Soros took the fight to Trump by funding several organizations that opposed Donald Trump’s conzervative policies. He gave to super PACs who supported immigration rights, a woman’s right to abortion, and fact-checking of all Republicans. His most notable donation was to the woman’s protest march occurring after Donald Trump’s inauguration.

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Cancer Educational Material from CTCA Available on WebMD

Cancer is a leading killer that strikes almost every family at some point. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is committed to lessening the impact of the often hard treatments. They are also involved in numerous research and drug trials to halt the spread of this killer disease. Eventually, they hope to wipe cancer from the face of the earth itself. Since so many get their information and news online today, Cancer Treatment Centers of America is now in a close partnership with WebMD to provide accurate cancer facts, treatment updates, research information and other details relating to cancer education.

WebMD is one of the few Internet websites that can be trusted for healthcare information. Cancer Treatment Centers of America has been helping cancer patients and supporting their concerned families for decades. These two healthcare groups have decided to share efforts and provide the Internet users with factual information on cancer that is needed today. Too many websites print health information that is in some part inaccurate or outright dangerous. CTCA and WebMD are wanting to be sources that Internet users can feel safe reading. These two longstanding healthcare education providers feel that more accurate and up-to-date cancer information is needed to stem the spread of this disease that can kill if not caught early enough.

In hopes of greatly lowering this mortality rate of cancers, WebMD and Cancer Treatment Centers of America have formulated some cancer details on various forms of cancer. Newer treatment options and other exciting cancer breakthroughs are included. These articles are on WebMD in a format that is user friendly with language easy to understand. The shorter articles can give individuals an idea of what is going on in the field of oncology today. As always, individuals should seek medical treatment promptly for any suspicious symptoms.

Malcolm CasSelle, The Journey Of WAX From Game Skins to Tokenizing Virtual Assets and Crypto Currency

The world of virtual games comes packed with various assets such as cryptocurrency and others, that are designed to work as means to exchange and secure the transfer of tokens along with the production of extra units while verifying the exchange of such virtual property online with ease. WAX is one of the few companies that is responsible for creating an efficient system that follows the multi-layered ruled approach to develop regulatory oversight directly by the token holders.

Worldwide Asset eXchange was founded as a localized platform to empower marketplace participants in sectors such as virtual game assets and demonstrating the un-tapped power of tokenizing in the virtual reality. Malcolm CasSelle, the CEO of WAX, believes that the obstacles faced by tokenizing virtual assets include monitoring to make sure that the tokens on blockchains do not get de-associated with their assets.

Exchanging virtual tokens can be done through transfer agents and subsequently guilds; however, in the situation where transfer agents do not diligently complete their duties it eventually results in token holders being unable to reflect transfer agents to govern the game. Situations like these are where companies like WAX step in to make sure that WAX tokens are not disconnected to their virtual assets.

According to Malcolm CasSelle, through the means of technology, we have stepped into a time where it is possible to own a percentage of original merchandise that were used in movies, worn by athletes and other celebrities. With limitless avenues to fractionalizing physical assets to benefit those fans who are avid merchandise collectors, the time is right to improve the exchange platforms and allow a smooth exchange of physical tokens.

WAX along with the consistent efforts of Malcolm CasSelle are responsible for creating a stable platform to facilitate the exchange of virtual assets and Malcolm CasSelle is now working on creating and improving the technology of ensuring that WAX tokens that exist on the blockchain remain firmly associated with their corresponding physical items at all times.

Malcolm CasSelle also has prior experience in the Big Data and Machine Learning Sector; he believes that the future of WAX is in keeping abreast with technology and working towards tokenizing physical assets in the virtual world.

The Great Leader James Larkin

In 1876, James Larkin, also known as “Big Jim,” was born in Liverpool England. Larkin is one of the most prominent social activists that England has produced, although he was of Irish descent.

James Larkin and Mary Ann McNulty left for England in order to have a better life. However, the larkin family always lived in the slums of England.

What motivated Larkin to become a social activist? What moved him to become a trade union leader? Fortunately or unfortunately, Jim Larkin experienced a life of deprivation. He started working at the age of seven and held several jobs.

He, for instance, worked as a butcher’s assistant, paperhanger and as a French polisher. Because he received little formal education, he had little opportunities. However, some jobs, although they involved hard labor, payed well.

Larkin ended up in the docks of Liverpool. Yes, Larkin received little schooling, but he was highly intelligent and brave.

He also had a strong sense of social justice, ideal which he developed from a young age. In 1905, he was one of the few foremen to participate in the famous strike that took place on the Liverpool docks. Larkin was fired due to his participation.

However, his actions impressed the National Union of Dock Labourers. Over time, he was recruited by the union and sent to Scotland so that he could unionize workers.

After successfully creating unions in Glasgow and Preston, he went to Belfast in order to unionize the city’s dock workers. Jim Larkin was charismatic, courageous and really influential, for he was even able to unite both Protestants and Catholics.

He was too joined by coal men and carters. After also organizing thousands of workers in places like Dublin and Waterford, he created his union. Larkin thought that Ireland needed a union that was not British-based, so he founded the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union in 1908.

At the time, less than 10 percent of Irish workers were backed by a union. This figure significantly changed after Larkin got involved in social causes.

Larkin also founded several other unions and organizations. He, for instance, founded The Irish Worker and the Irish Labour Party.

The Controversy of George Soros’s Philanthropic Contributions

According to the Atlantic, George Soros has revealed that he has contributed $18 billion of his $25 billion net worth in October 2017. The money was given to his pro-democracy Open Society Foundations. This contribution has made his foundation second, behind Bill Gates’s foundation.

In the past, the Open Society Foundation’s has given away $14 billion towards causes that promote human rights, social-justice and democracy. The foundation is multinational and has places in over 100 countries. The first of his contributions funded black South African scholarships. Mr. Soros’s contributions towards liberalism, education, human rights and the protection of those who can’t protect themselves is a very important part of his contributions.

George Soros’s philanthropy has always been a subject of controversy and scrutiny. Him being figure of great importance is a result of attacks against him from individuals and groups, foreign and abroad. He has been blamed for funding many schemes that have happened since he began his philanthropy. Dictators disliked by their people, have used Soros as an excuse, claiming that he is responsible for the problems with their rule. This ploy has been used George’s birth country of Hungary. The ruling party of the Prime Minister has put out ads suggesting that Soros is the mastermind behind the efforts to liberalize immigration policies in the country. Many have used his name to further their agendas. These efforts are aimed to stop progressive policies and undermine pro-democracy organizations. The accusations are farfetched. George Soros’s foundation has each branch acting independently. This is different from most philanthropic organizations. Soros’s philosophy is to let the locals decide what is best for them. It’s not likely for George to be any “Puppet Master” of events. The control does exist though. If need be and George really disagrees with what they’re doing, he will step in and change things.

While Soros is not a great mastermind of schemes, his philanthropist power is still present. His wealth makes him powerful and his word carries a lot. George’s political approach to philanthropy has been emulated by many other philanthropists. The reality is that those of George’s wealth have the ability to use their wealth for their own agendas is a topic of discussion. The dangers of those with enormous wealth should make you wary.

George Soros was born on August 12, 1930 in Budapest, Hungary. With his Jewish heritage, he’s lucky to survive WWII. He moved to London in 1947 and studied at the London School of Economics. After he finished his education, he wrote to every merchant bank in London and was able to receive an entry level position at one of them. George moved to New York City and became an arbitrage trader and analyst. Later, George worked his way up to become a vice president and became a manager of investment fund. In 1973, George founded Soros Fund Management. Since then he has made many contributions to health, education, democracy, economic development, and humanitarian efforts worldwide.

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Sentient AI and the Benefits of an Ecommerce Recommendation Machine

Sentient AI is one of the fastest growing forms of technology available to all on the market today. Implementing sentient AI into websites, marketing campaigns, and eCommerce stores offers a myriad of benefits that are useful for business expansion and growth, data collecting, and planning the future of your brand’s marketing strategies.

What is Sentient AI Used for Today?

Sentient AI is used in everything from managing computer servers and helping with gadgets around the home to tracking data and information for online platforms and businesses. Because sentient AI is so versatile with today’s technology, integrating it into your eCommerce website is possible whether you are a brand new start-up or simply seeking new innovative ways to reach potential shoppers.

Advantages of Sentient AI With eCommerce Websites

ECommerce websites are a great way to maximize your reach when selling products or services to consumers worldwide. With an eCommerce website, free yourself from feeling restrained to local markets while also learning more about your consumers and what they truly desire from your brand. With sentient AI, quickly gather and analyze the data you receive from shoppers to better understand your target audience whenever you are sharing new promotions or rolling out brand new products entirely. Sentient AI is useful with eCommerce setups whether you are interested in tracking user behavior or sharing recommendations instantly with those who have browsed or shopped on your website in the past.

How eCommerce Recommendation Machines Work

Whenever you visit an eCommerce shop, you may see a recommendation section or a “because you browsed” area that is relevant to your own searches and interests. Using sentient AI as an eCommerce recommendation machine is possible for loyal shoppers and readers along with those who have simply entered searches into popular engines or your own storefront. Sentient AI creates a seamless integration for your eCommerce setup, allowing you to quickly share similar products or useful add-ons to shoppers that help to increase ROI and generated revenue altogether.

Whether you are launching an eCommerce site for the first time or if you are seeking ways to expand and grow your current online shop presence, sentient AI is a viable solution for any business or brand. Putting sentient AI to use with your eCommerce recommendation machine is a way to truly resonate and appeal to individuals who have a genuine interest invested in your brand and all that you have to offer.

Equities First Holdings is a Very Safe Place to Borrow Money

Equities First is the safest place for someone to borrow money, and they provide their customers with more information than anyone else could give them. The company wants to make this process as personable as possible, and they want to show that they can give their customers something that will make them feel at ease. The comfort and the relaxation that customers get from this brand comes from the fact that they can get their loans for much less money than they would get at any other time.

They can come to one of their offices in four different countries, and they can see the results that are possible. Each person who gets a loan from this brand will choose repayment terms that make sense to them, and they can ask for the loan that works on their level. The company wants all their customers to be relaxed and happy with their loan.