Lime Crime’s Unicorn Line of Products are the Smart Choice

When checking out Instagram and Pinterest or when scrolling through your favorite beauty blogs, you might have noticed that the “unicorn” look is incredibly popular right now. Fashionistas from all over are trying out varying shades of rainbow colors in their hair, on their lips and on their nails.


This can be an exciting trend to get involved in, but if you’re like many, you might be a bit nervous about giving a try. After all, it can take a bold person to wear colorful trends like this one, and you might be concerned about making a permanent change, such as by applying permanent dye to your hair to achieve the unicorn look.


Luckily, there is one line that you can try out without a concern: Lime Crime.


First of all, you might want to experiment with Lime Crime’s popular unicorn lipstick to achieve a quick, easy and worry-free look that can be wiped off if you don’t like it. We don’t think you’re going to want to do that, though; instead, once you give it a try, there’s a very good chance that you’ll want to try out Lime Crime’s newest unicorn-themed lip products, which are a part of the Diamond Crushers top coat collection. Available in three different shades, these unicorn-themed top coats are designed to be worn either by themselves or over your favorite lipstick. You can experiment by trying them on top of various lipstick shades to try various looks and colors.


Once you’ve tried out the lip look, you can try another, bolder option: Lime Crime’s upcoming line of unicorn hair dye. There are a few things to love about this line, such as the fact that the dyes are all semi-permanent, so you can try them out for a little while without worrying about permanently changing your hair color. Plus, you’re sure to love the fact that these products are 100 percent cruelty free and vegan-friendly, so anyone who wants to give unicorn hair a try can do so without feeling the least bit worried about it.

The Perfect Anime for an Easy Laugh


Everyone loves to have a good laugh and anime is a surefire way to get a few chuckles. For viewers looking for the best comedy anime, Azumanga Daioh is a perfect show to start with. Following the everyday life of a friendship group comprised of six different high school girls, in addition to two of their teachers. More character-driven than plot-driven, the story is simple and switches off between regular school life and the occasional vacation, throwing in sporadic moments of absurdity sure to get laughs.


Ouran High School Host Club is another school-based comedy anime with the added twist of being a reverse harem. The main character, Haruhi Fujioka, is a scholarship student at the elite Ouran Academy. After owing a debt to the school’s host club, a group of six male students who enamor females, Haruhi joins under the guise of a male to pay off her expenses. With Haruhi’s secret and the varied personalities of the other members, Ouran High School Host Club provides some chuckles with a dash of romance.


For a less cute, more action-based comedy anime on Netflix, One-Punch Man is a viral show starring Saitama, the most powerful hero alive who is in charge of defending his city against monsters and other villains. However, because of his strength, he has grown bored and is in search of an opponent who can challenge him. Saitama’s indifferent, quirky personality as the protagonist is what brings a lot of humor to the show.

Vijay Eswaran’s Charity Through RYTHM Foundation Gets The Attention Of Forbes Asia

Vijay Eswaran has worked hard to build QI Group and its subsidiaries into one of the world’s largest multilevel marketing companies and though he’s been listed as one of Forbes Asia’s richest businessmen, it hasn’t always been easy for Eswaran.

He’s had to work against tough economic factors affecting Malaysia and the Asian community as a whole, and he too has struggled financially prior to arriving where he has.

But he’s held many events to raise funds for impoverished areas of Asia through RYTHM Foundation, a philanthropy that QI Group sponsors that reaches out to children with disabilities and helps communities affected by natural disasters and environmental hazards. The millions of dollars he’s poured into this foundation named him to the Heroes of Philanthropy list in Forbes Asia 2011.

Vijay Eswaran has seen a lot during his life and has spent time traveling across the world. He’s the son of a former Malaysian government worker in the Ministry of Labor, and he has deeply admired his father’s work that he even named the Vijayratnam Foundation in his honor.

Eswaran had the opportunity to attend the London School of Economics where he completed a bachelor’s degree in socioeconomics and later completed an MBA at Southern Illinois after spending some time working manual labor jobs across Europe.

He first started as a consultant to several major IT companies, but he had a particular interest in multilevel marketing that he began to look at in the coming years.

Upon returning to Malaysia Vijay Eswaran looked to build his own multilevel marketing company that he hoped could help Malaysian businesses. It took some hard work and struggles with funding to keep this new company going, but soon QI Group Ltd. was established and became a major direct selling and asset management company.

Its subsidiary companies include QNET, QStyle, Quex Courier and QI Asset Management. Eswaran has spoken at many universities and conferences, including the World Economic Forum hosted in Davos, Switzerland and has shared the challenges of Asia’s communities with world leaders. He also embraces spiritual rituals in the workplace and has penned the book In The Sphere Of Silence.

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Construcap Breaks Down Real Estate in Brazil

Many people in Brazil today are ecstatic about where the real estate industry is going. As the population continues to grow, a lot of people are excited about the increase in property values that are going on. Construcap is a company that stands to benefit from this growth. Not only has the company committed to helping the local community, but they are also excited about what is coming in the near future. If you want to invest with a great company, Construcap is the way to go.

One of the biggest issues for Brazil right now is rising interest rates. Unlike developed economies throughout the world, Brazil is still growing rapidly reported on This means that interest rates are a little higher than normal. The average person has trouble getting approved to take out a loan with these high rates on If you want to invest in Brazil in real estate, you have to have the capital on hand to do so. This is preventing some of the growth that could happen in the economy. However, the leaders of the country have to be ready in case of economic collapse. A lot of people are taking on debt, and if the real estate bubble pops it could be a major issue.

Overall, the real estate industry in Brazil is booming. There are a lot of people who are excited about the changes that are being made. Not only that, but real estate is a great industry to invest in. If Brazil is going to sustain its growth, it is vital that there is a way to continue to grow. Companies like Construcap are investing in new locations and infrastructure so that they can sustain the growth rate that they are currently at. However, many areas of the economy are experiencing some issues written on This is why some people in the industry are getting nervous about whether the growth rate can be sustained. As leveraged as some people are with real estate, it could be a major issue if the growth rate stops at

OSI Group – The Food King

As a premier, well-known International food provider, the OSI Group partners provide a completely different concept of food service which makes customers happy and 100% satisfied.

With more than 60 facilities and 21,000 employees nearly in 20 countries; making a high quality custom food product is one of their ultimate priorities. In this context, OSI Group recently won a Globe Honor Award for 2016 in London from the British Safety Council as an encouragement for their perfect exemplary management in reducing environmental risks.

Furthermore, OSI Group is considered as one of the 19 organizations awarded with Global of Honor as it had first achieved the maximum of 5 stars for their excellence respect to environment. The qualified employees at OSI Group are strongly responsible for the huge success the company has witnessed. For a very long time, OSI makes sure to provide its clients with high quality food products. Therefore, OSI strictly hires people who have passion, those who grow their full potential and seek to achieve an innovative solution.

What’s more, OSI Group have announced the acquisition of Flagship Europe, this achievement will automatically give the company an extensive presence in Europe. In fact, the recent purchase of Flagship Europe will positively give a great portfolio to the company. Thus, it will have a direct access to new clients and International markets. The OSI Group will definitely strengthen its position in the marketplace and improve its proposition along with opening a shining horizon and new opportunities to serve the customers even in a better way.

Lori Senecal: A Marketing Executive To Watch

Lori Senecal is the Global CEO for Crispin Porter & Bogusky, a marketing and advertising agency based in Greater New York City. Senecal oversees the company’s global growth and expansion. She also helps to coordinate nine of the firms international offices. Senecal has helped to make the company agile, collaborative and inventive. Her leadership and focus on talent has helped the company’s growth and development in a variety of geographies and disciplines. That has led Advertising Age to name the company among their ‘Creativity Innovators of the Year’ and Senecal one of the ‘Agency Executives to Watch’.

Prior to working with Crispin Porter & Bogusky, Lori Senecal was president, chairman, CEO and global executive chairman of kirshenbaum bond senecal and partners during her 6 years with the company. She was also president and CEO of New York City based MDC Partners. During her time there she helped drive their strategic, vision, deepen their unique model as well as work with partner agencies helping with growth and cross- collaboration with other members of their network.

During her time leading the Fast Company, it grew from a domestic agency with 250 staff members to an agency with a worldwide presence and a staff of 900 voted among the ‘Best Places to Work in NYC’ by Crain’s. The company was listed as one of the ‘Standout Agencies’ by Advertising Age three years running.

Before joining kirshenbaum bond senecal and partners, Lori Senecal worked with McCann Erickson as their flagship New York office’s president from 2007 until 2009. She was also the McCann Worldgroup’s global chief innovation officer between February 2006 and July 2007. Between 2003 and 2007 Senecal co-founded and ran McCann Erickson’s TAG Ideation division.

A member of the board of directors of the Ad Council, Lori Senecal received a Quantum Leap award at the 2013 AWNY Game Changer Awards for leadership and innovation. Advertising Age named Senecal one of their ‘Women to Watch’ in 2014. During her business career Lori Senecal says mentorship has played an important role in her success. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle by eating nutritious food and getting regular exercise even with her hectic travel schedule has also helped her to protect her health.

A graduate of McGill University, Lori Senecal has a wide range of skills. They include advertising, entrepreneurship, digital, mobile and social media and integrated marketing, online advertising, marketing strategy, creative direction and new business development.


A Quick Overview Of Brazilian Real Estate Development Firm, Construcap

Construcap was founded in 1944. It serves both the public or government sector and the private development market. The company has headquarters in both the Brazilian capital of Sao Paulo and Brazil’s largest city of Rio de Janiero. Construcap primarily serves customers and developers within Brazil. It does do and has done projects outside of Brazil before however, most notably in neighboring Latin American countries.

In addition to operating as a real estate development firm, Construcap has partnered with the Fluor Corporation, also based in Sao Paulo to create CFPS Engenharia e Projetos SA. This is an engineering, supply and construction management company that works on real estate development projects in Brazil. Construcap has previously also been named the most profitable construction and real estate development company in all of Brazil in 2012, beating out numerous competitors.

Construcap employs thousands of people all over Brazil and in various job roles on They include the roles of engineers, construction workers, tradesman, laborers, managers, executives, secretaries, doctors, inspectors, architects, accountants and more. It is one of Brazil’s largest and oldest construction and real estate development firms with a long history of building major infrastructure projects in Brazil.

Here are some of Construcap’s latest projects that it has successfully completed at In the beginning of 2016, Construcap constructed a manufacturing plant for the Italian car brand Fiat in the city of Goiana. The plant construction by Construcap received the ENR Global Awards 2015 for excellence in engineering, design and construction.

Another award winning construction project completed by Construcap was the Minas Arena in Belo Horizonte. This massive sports complex contains the Mineirão Stadium which is a state of the art soccer stadium on The stadium seats over 60,000 spectators. It has also gotten a Platinum LEED certification from the Green Building Council of the United States. This is the highest level of certification available and it represents the commitment and ingenuity of Construcap when it comes to taking the environment into account during its projects. The firm has also constructed the major highway of BR-040 that links Juiz de Fora with Rio de Janiero.

The Best Way To Reach Customers As Done By Fabletics

When it comes to business, one of the most important aspects of business success is the customer. Some of the most successful companies achieve their success through the way they treat their customers. Fabletics is a prime example of a company that cares about the customer. As a matter of fact, the company takes part in what is known as the “reverse showroom” technique. When the customer visits the site, she is then given a style quiz that she feels out. This is to help Fabletics serve her better. The site takes in her information and the type of clothes she likes.


Of course there is the membership fee as well. However, the customer is given a set of clothes according to her answers. She will be pleased to find that they are very close to the types of clothes that she would’ve picked out when she signed up. However, she also has the choice to go outside of her typical zone. After all, the staff behind Fabletics understand that a person’s style changes over time. The whole point is to let one decide how her own style change. This will not only satisfy the customer, but also keep her coming back for more items.


Fabletics prides itself on more than just offering unique products and new styles. The company takes in data from customers in order to make sure that it is giving them the types of clothes they want. For one thing, they take in the data to figure out which items are selling the best. Then they offer more of these items. This is supply and demand in action. As a result, their overhead is a lot smaller than other fashion companies. Even companies like Amazon that have control over 20% of the fashion industry can take notes from Fabletics.


Fabletics is the needed change in the fashion industry. The activewear part of the fashion industry has been in need of a change. While customers are content to make the most of their choices, there are the more imaginative designers of the fashion industry that are willing to make it easier for customers. Don Ressler, Kate Hudson, and the creative crew have worked together to come up with new designs that can bring the athletic ares of the fashion industry to life. Their creativity goes far beyond yoga pants. They now have clothes for all sizes and body types in Fabletics.

The Passion to Success with Marc Sparks

In this generation a degree or diploma will not really determine your success in business, it takes faith, hard work and high self-esteem. Marc Sparks is a well-known accomplished businessman with a high school diploma. He is a sequential entrepreneur and project capitalist. He started Timber Creek Capital LP where he also serves as the CEO.

He has always been determined to aim higher because he began from nothing. He majors in telecommunication although he is also interested in various far Sparks has invented and developed numerous businesses. Some of these firms are Blue Jay Wireless, Splash Media and Cardinal Telecom. He resides in Dallas, Texas.

According to PR News Wire, Marc Sparks is also a philanthropist when he gets his free time from his business. He has helped the community develop by assisting in different ways. His charity work has been recognized in a number of projects, he has developed price friendly homes with Habitat, his philanthropic work has been seen in American Can whereby he gave a thousand laptops and last but not least he has contributed to the Samaritan Inn from the 1980s.

Marc Sparks started Timber Creek Capital whose aim is to support motivated entrepreneurs in developing beginning businesses to successful companies. The company assists starting businesses that have a good strategy by offering them the capital to start off. Thus his role as a venture capitalist is seen in such projects because his aim is to give this money to potential startup businesses.

Timber Creek Capital provide the important services needed for the startup businesses, these services include; banking, networking, capital, office space, tools and professionalism in customer service.

Failure is not a word among the vocabularies of Marc Sparks, therefore he believes great skills, experience and the knowledge that at times a business can be a challenge encourages him to aim higher. Therefore part of his job is to assist such businesses with difficulties to develop. Steadiness, passion and belief have in a great way contributed to the success of Marc Sparks and his businesses.

When having a business you must have strategies that will guide you to succeed. Marc Sparks has a list of these principles that he advises upcoming entrepreneurs to follow. These guidelines are; having things straight to the point, having a business strategy and laying out something unique to the society.

They Can’t Eat You’, this is a book that Sparks is apparently working on, it tells on the roadmap to success. He explains some of his challenges and accomplishment to entrepreneurship. Being accomplished in life and business is not only about completing school. He is motivated to change people’s lives through this book.

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Everyday Lies With Wengie

If you think that no one tells a lie here and there, then watch a few of the videos that Wengie has posted. There are several simple lies that people tell on a daily basis. It doesn’t mean that you’re a bad person, just that you are caught in the art of fibbing about things you do each day.


One of the common lies that people tell is that they are going to just look inside a store. A few hours later, they leave the store with several bags and purchases that they didn’t plan to make. Another common lie is that you don’t have anything to wear. People often say this while looking in a closet and searching through several shirts, dresses, jeans and other pieces of clothing but simply don’t want to wear what they have.


Some people tell teachers and others around them that they aren’t playing games on a phone. They could even be reading a book, but they will have the phone hidden inside the book with the volume turned down on the phone to play the game. It’s a common lie that is told to parents and teachers when they ask if you’re doing your homework. You can also play games while in the bathroom as long as you tell others that you’re not done. Another thing that people do is pretend to laugh at a joke or something funny that is taking place in a movie or television show. This works well if you’re in a large group and you want to blend in with everyone else.