Effects of Brexit to the Stock and Money Market

In June this year, the United Kingdom shocked the world when it chose to leave the EU. When the country made the vote, many people did not know that their financial lives would be affected. However, immediately after British isolated itself from the European Union, the stock and money market in the country went on the carousel ride. Experts say that this is one of the most historic events in the European Union history and it is the subject of a brand new program of three commemorative coins.

Reports say that the program is currently being issued by the Coin Invest Trust, one of the leading privately held Lichtenstein companies. At the moment, the program has a .999 of fine silver dollar; fine gold and twenty dollars coins which will be expected to show the outline of Britain and also the Union Jack flag in the Europe Continent. The one dollar and twenty dollar coins currently feature Britain’s outline, colored with a union jack. The three coins also contain the Ian
Rank-Broadley effigy of the famous Queen Elizabeth, the second.

A recent report indicates that the silver dollar is three grams in weight, and it measures twenty-six millimeters in diameter. The coin has a mintage limit of approximately two thousand and sixteen pieces. The pieces are said to have been sold by the fifth day of August.

The gold five dollar coin weights just half a gram, and it measures eleven millimeters in its diameter. The report says that it has a mintage limit of around ten thousand pieces. The other twenty dollar gold coin weights around three grams, and it measures twenty-six millimeters in the diameter. The mintage limit of the twenty dollars is two thousand and sixteen pieces.

There were no any distributors from the United States that was named during the program. This means that the coin collectors in the country will be forced to look for a secondary market for the valuable coins.

Most of the individuals living in the United Kingdom are anxious about the potential effects of Brexit. According to reports from the country, Britons are trying their best to stockpile bullion coins and gold bars at their home safes.

According to a recent report from Google, home safe searches have significantly increased, and they were reported to be higher than sixty-one percent. The searches were greater compared to the previous peak when the financial crisis was at its peak. Social media platforms have not been left behind. News obtained by the Telegraph show that most of the Britons are putting their gold bars in their safes to get rid of Brexit fears. Companies dealing with gold have reported an increased number of customers have the Brexit too.