Healthy Dogs Need Healthy Foods: Beneful

Beneful Brand Dog Food by Nestle Purinastore blends all natural ingredients together to create snacks and wet/dry foods that are delicious. Each variety is packed full of nutrition to help keep a dog’s body and teeth healthy.
Beneful Wet Dog Food Incredibites

This flavorful wet dog food is specially formulated for the nutrition of adult small dogs. It is delightful blended with your choice of chicken, salmon, or beef, and it includes tomatoes, carrots, and wild rice. This delectable dinner delivers the right nutrition to keep your small dog health and satisfied.

Beneful Wet Dog Food Tuscan Style Medley

This scrumptious Beneful wet dog food is blended to have 100% complete nutrition for all adult dogs. A mixture of beef, spinach, rice, or carrots makes this flavor truly delicious, and perfect by itself or mixed with dry dog food.

Beneful Healthy Smiles Dental Twists

These delightful treats help to reward a dog with a yummy snack that helps clean the teeth. The ridges and the hint of parsley assist in the reduction of plague and tartar build up, leaving their breath fresh and clean. Link here:

Beneful Dry Dog Food Healthy Puppy

Help keep your puppy healthy with this delectable dry food. It is specially formulated with the calcium and DHA a puppy needs to help them grow strong bones and healthy brains. Healthy Puppy gives the young pups a delicious meal blended with chicken, peas, and carrots to leave a puppy satisfied and happy. Beneful products are available on pet stores and supermarkets like Wal-mart.