Recruiting the Assistance of Skilled Wikipedia Writers

Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia that was established by both Larry Sanger and Jimmy Wales in the winter of 2001. People all over the planet rely on Wikipedia (often referred to simply as “Wiki”) to satisfy their need for knowledge about a wide range of topics. Wikipedia pages cover everything from multinational corporations to television programs that have been off the air for decades. Wikipedia is different from many other online information sources, too. That’s because it gives members of the general public the ability to update a Wikipedia page as they desire. The website often requires citations and other forms of proof for Wikipedia edits.

If you run a business and want to give it increased credibility, it’s in your best interests to start a Wikipedia page for it. Wikipedia pages can be excellent for all kinds of businesses. They can also be excellent for prominent public figures. If you’re the president of a well-known manufacturer of canned goods, when you make a Wikipedia page it may allow you to assume some control over your online reputation. Good online reputations can be so important for businesses and for all of their associated representatives. Wikipedia is an undeniable marketing force in today’s highly digital world. If you’re interested in identity branding, Wikipedia can definitely be your ally.

Spelling and grammar mistakes, for example, are the last things people want to see on Wikipedia pages. You don’t have to take on the pressure of flawless Wikipedia page creation on your own, however. All you have to do is turn to a reputable company such as GetYourWiki can connect you to the finest and most experienced professional Wiki writers. If you want skilled and talented writers who have ample Wikipedia writing experience to take care of your page, GetYourWiki is the way to go.

Writing isn’t the sole service that’s offered by GetYourWiki. The company also specializes in Wikipedia monitoring. This can come in handy for businesses that are concerned about inaccurate or mean-spirited updates affecting their Wikipedia pages negatively. The Wiki experts for hire at GetYourWiki can carefully monitor your Wiki page to make sure that it remains untouched by potentially problematic edits and changes. Contact GetYourWiki today to receive a free quote for its in-depth Wiki services.

How Talk Fusion Is Making Their Service Even Better

It’s always important to stay ahead of the curve in business. Everything needs to pop and customers need to feel satisfied with whatever product they are buying. It’s not always easy to do that, especially now in these fast-paced times. The one important tool in any companies arsenal is marketing. Marketing can mean the difference between success and failure. One more thing about marketing is that a lot of the times it’s really expensive.

That whole marketing situation has been made easier by Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion provides their clients with video marketing services that are not only easy to use, but rather inexpensive. How inexpensive, you ask? When first signing up there’s a 30-day free trial period for starters. After that, the price range is only $25-$75 a month.

So it’s cheap, but what do you get with that? Well, how about over 1000 templates to choose from, for both emails and newsletters. Make your video, load it up, and send it out. It’s plug-and-play at its finest. They have amazing customer service and tutorials available to make the clients experience easy. Another thing is that not only can the service be used on a desktop or laptop, but on mobile devices as well. That is how versatile Talk Fusion is.

A recent article stated that Talk Fusion has added one more feature, taking what they have to offer to the next level. Using the Chrome or Firefox browser, Talk Fusion’s clients can record and send out high-quality videos within their emails or newsletters instantly. Both new and existing clients will have access to this technology immediately. Getting all of this, with a 30-day free trial on top, signing up with Talk Fusion is a simple choice to make.

Doxxing Prevention

What does it mean to get doxxed? All it really is, is someone taking your personal information and posting it online. Now the whole world can see your private information. There are some easy steps to take to keep your private information private.
First, remove your personal information from online data brokers. Data brokers sell your information to anyone willing to pay for it. These brokers include Whitepages, Spokeo, and PeopleSmart, as well as dozens of others. Each site has a way for you to opt out of their database. However, this will need to be done every few months as these databases regenerate.
Second, make sure your privacy settings on all social media are set to private. Still post with the thought that everyone can see it.
Third, change passwords at lease four times per year. Never put your passwords on your computer. Instead, put them on paper and keep in a drawer at home.
Last, Google yourself. Find out what other people see and do some housecleaning.
There are also companies that work to keep your online reputation intact. One of those companies is Status Labs. Status Labs is an online reputation management firm, but they also do so much more. They cover six different areas. These include public relations, search engine optimization, crisis response, social media marketing, financial communications, and online reputation management.
Status Labs’ headquarters are in Austin, but they also have offices in New York and Sao Paulo. They have clientele in over 35 countries. Some of their more than 1500 clients are public figures and Fortune 100 brands.
Status Labs works to help their clients look their best in online search results. Through effective public relations strategy and digital marketing they help companies create sales growth. They are effective because they cater creative solutions to each client’s unique needs.

Find Status Labs on their social media sites:

Instagram: @statuslabs

Public Relations Management and Darius Fisher

With major corporations dealing with bad online reputations and the current rise of politicians being obsessed with their personal images, Kent Campbell has come to the aid of many public figures and institutions. Kent Campbell who is the chief strategist of Reputation X, is working towards coming up with ways to save these institutions and individuals. Businesses have taken steps to quash bad reviews and any negative information that are damaging to their reputation. The UC Davis outsourced the services of consultants to manage its bad reviews and ensure they are suppressed before going viral. Their decision was criticized by a couple of public relations firms and personalities.

According to Kass Perry, a strategic communications firm, Google is quite influential when people are making decisions. Online reputation is of paramount importance since internet users heavily rely on search engines to gather the information that they want. When UC Davis was in the process of repairing its online reputation, it received quite a lot of negative comments and perception. Barack Obama presidential campaign in 2008 was able to receive a lot of public views since its public relations department promoted his search engines. Darius Fisher maintains that every story has its positive and negative side. According to Ira S. Kalb, a marketing expert, trying to hide or suppress negative publicity may be counterproductive in the very end.

Darius Fisher is the President and co-founder of Status Labs with offices in Austin, New York and Sao Paulo. Darius Fisher has worked in the political world as a political consultant for various political parties and politicians. Prior to cofounding Status Labs, Darius worked as a copywriter. While at Status Labs, Darius has managed to establish long lasting and fulfilling partnerships.

Status Labs is an online reputation management, digital marketing and public relations firm spread in over 35 countries. Its clients are politicians, professional athletes, top company executives, Fortune 500 brands and other public figures. It is made up of experienced individuals who cater for over 1500 clients.