Anthony Petrello: From Humble Beginnings To Becoming A Business Great

Anthony Petrello is now one of the country’s highest-earning CEOs of a major company. His earnings in 2016 alone reached $15,372,429 from a combination of stock options and salary. But what really separates Anthony from the rest of the other high earning CEOs? Well, unlike the other most successful entrepreneurs in the world, Anthony Petrello wasn’t born with a silver spoon. Anthony or Tony as people around fondly calls him was actually born from an ordinary working-class family in New Jersey.

Through hard work and studying hard, he was able to get a public school scholarship to get into Yale University. While at college, Tony showed exceptional talent in mathematics and was able to graduate with MS and BS degrees before going to Harvard Law School in pursuit of a career in law. And this is where his journey to the top of the business world really began.

Tony Petrello joined the Baker & McKenzie law firm after graduating from Harvard Law School in 1979. Exhibiting his competitiveness and skills, it didn’t take long for him to become a managing partner of the firm. And one of the firm’s primary client is Nabors Industries. Nabors Industries recognized Tony’s talent and leadership skills, and they offered him a job at the company in 1991. Shortly after that, he became the chief operating officer and president of the company and in 2003 became the Deputy Chairman. Only eight years after he became deputy chairman, he was chosen to become the CEO of the company.

Nabors Industries is the leading company worldwide in providing drilling rigs for both off-shore and land-based operations. The company is also recognized as the company that has the most significant drilling fleet for land-based operations. Anthony Petrello’s Nabors Industries continuous to lead the industry in innovations when it comes to providing drilling operations with the best and up to date technologies they can get. The company has also contributed a lot in the growth of the gas and oil sector.

Aside from being one of the country’s highest-paid CEOs. Tony is also one of its most generous philanthropists. Close to Tony’s heart and mind is helping people with Cerebral Palsy get better and cope with day to day life. It has been his, and his wife’s mission for it also affects their eight-year-old child Carena.

Carena recently just learned to chew solid food to the delight of her loving parents. Her next mission is to learn how to walk, and talk and her parents believe that with ample determination which Carena doesn’t lack, she will be able to do it. Carena’s neurological condition makes it harder for her to learn things that a child without this condition would typically learn easily. This is why Tony and his wife are generously funding medical research institutes to finding better cure and treatments for children that has Cerebral Palsy.

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How IDLife Sets Itself Apart From Other Companies in the Supplement Industry

Basic Information

IDLife was founded by Logan Stout. The company stands for Individually Designed Life. It is a health and wellness firm that was established to formulate customized nutritional supplements for each client that suits their unique health needs. IDLife goes by the fact that each person is different regarding medication use, diet, existing health conditions, genetics, fitness program and other health issues. The company offers a free, thorough and confidential health assessment that helps the firm’s assessment software come up with some recommended supplements that suit the client’s specific needs.

IDLife Is Different From the Rest in the Following Ways

It is run by a great team of experts and investors who are passionate to help people achieve their goals. The success of the companies depends directly on its managerial hence qualified executives and investors will help push the firm to great heights.

The IDLife products have gone through a series of research and data collected from clinical trials and medical journals before creating the final product. The supplements are also tested by FDA for solubility, potency, absorbability, and purity before being released to the market. This shows that the products are scientifically proven and are of high quality.

IDLife has improved the measures used to manufacture nutritional supplements. The company uses high-quality ingredients to create supplements that are of high quality and which will work efficiently for the client. The ingredients are free of gluten, casein, GMO, and soy.

Since most people are seeking to become healthier and manage their weight, the supplement sector is filled with companies making nutritional supplements. The many similar products in the market make it difficult for people to choose the best supplements for their health needs. IDLife Company is unique since it creates personalized products for each client hence making it easier for the customer to get supplements that suit their specific health needs. By creating target nutrition options for customers, IDLife can ensure a successful outcome.

The IDLife Products

IDLife has introduced a variety of products that have a Thirty Day Money Back Guarantee. The following are some of the products.

• IDLife Nutrition formula that is customized to suit an individual’s health needs based on their nutrition profile and goals.

• IDLife Appetite Control, a supplement that helps curb hunger cravings to manage weight.

• IDLife Kids is a product that is created to help maintain the overall health of growing children.

• IDLife Skin Care is made to improve skin health by protecting the skin from anti-aging agents.

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Norman Pattiz: 360 Podcasts

The world of podcasts just got better. The biggest podcast network in the world just announced a new feature that allows listeners to experience their favorite podcasts in new ways. The main feature is 360-degree video recordings. Additionally, the network’s adding numerous interactive social features, to make every listener part of their community.

The old days of just listening to podcasts are gone. Since podcasts became so popular, PodcastOne started developing new programs ( The new app offers new programs, has a library of popular articles, and behind-the-scenes and exclusive photos of everyone’s favorite podcasts characters. The app also allows listeners to communicate with each other.

PodcastOne was most excited to bring virtual reality to their service. Virtual reality is the way of the future and PodcastOne wanted to be the first podcast network to offer it. Partnering with Mandt VR, PodcastOne has filmed over 1,000 VR recordings, which are available now.

The purpose behind virtual reality is to immersive the viewer in another world. The virtual reality and 360-degree formats that PodcastOne offers, combined with their many other new features, immerses listeners in a way like never before. PodcastOne hosts can even film VR footage using Mandt’s mobile equipment.

Neil Mandt, founder Mandt VR, praised Norman Pattiz, founder of PodcastOne, for his innovative efforts to revolutionize the podcast industry. Pattiz is a pioneer of media that’s always on the verge of something new. Mandt was honored to work with such a leading professional. He also praised Pattiz for adopting virtual reality in the podcast medium. Learn more:

PodcastOne began as a huge success. Within its first year, it became the biggest podcast provider in the country. PodcastOne also pioneered podcast-based advertising. There are over 20,000 minutes of audio added to PodcastOne’s library every week. PodcastOne also records over 200 different programs.

Norman Pattiz’s worked in radio and media for over 40 years. Much of that time, he worked in radio syndication, but he’s been expanding since technology has advanced. He’s most famous as the founder of PodcastOne. Before PodcastOne, he founded Westwood One and Courtside Entertainment Group.

All of his companies are hugely successful. PodcastOne is the largest provider of podcast programming in the world. He’s worked with some of the most influential and celebrated celebrities and experts in the country. He’s even worked with presidents before.