Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Grabbing Amazon by the Tail

It is not too often that you hear about a fashion company that thinks they can take on Amazon and succeed, but that is exactly what Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is doing. While Amazon has been comfortable sitting on 20% of the market share in this space, Fabletics has been exploding their bottom line with the help of over $250 million in sales in the last three years. That is some accomplishment to say the least.


When Hudson was asked to talk about the success of her company, she simply says it is a unique combination of a membership platform combined with reverse-showrooming. This is something many women who shop in this space are not used to seeing, in fact, not only are they responding favorably, they are helping Kate Hudson’s Fabletics become a global name. Hudson says women are free to window-shop at her retail outlets with no pressure from her sales associates. What happens is these shoppers register for a free membership in the store and then follow-up by taking the Lifestyle Quiz.


The quiz is the key to unlocking even more benefits at Fabletics. Once you are a registered member, all those pieces of workout apparel you tried on in the store and now in your cart online. Go home that night and pick up where you left off by checking out or switching items for different styles knowing how they fit now. The convenience of shopping at home is unlike the Amazon experience because you tried on the items you are now considering ordering. Women can purchase Hudson’s high-quality workout gear or purchase her athleisure brand when they shop online with zero pressure.


Part of the appeal to Hudson’s Fabletics is as a member you get a personal shopper who will go over your purchases and preferences, and choose something they thing you will love and add it to your cart once a month for you consideration. Buy the item, delete it, or shop for something else, nothing will ever ship that your personal shopper has chosen for you unless you want it. This is a unique selling platform women are excited about, and sales numbers do not lie in this case.


If things continue to move along as they are, Hudson will be taking an even bigger bite out of the Amazon share of the fashion market and possibly dominating that space for many years to come.

Lime Crime’s Unicorn Line of Products are the Smart Choice

When checking out Instagram and Pinterest or when scrolling through your favorite beauty blogs, you might have noticed that the “unicorn” look is incredibly popular right now. Fashionistas from all over are trying out varying shades of rainbow colors in their hair, on their lips and on their nails.


This can be an exciting trend to get involved in, but if you’re like many, you might be a bit nervous about giving a try. After all, it can take a bold person to wear colorful trends like this one, and you might be concerned about making a permanent change, such as by applying permanent dye to your hair to achieve the unicorn look.


Luckily, there is one line that you can try out without a concern: Lime Crime.


First of all, you might want to experiment with Lime Crime’s popular unicorn lipstick to achieve a quick, easy and worry-free look that can be wiped off if you don’t like it. We don’t think you’re going to want to do that, though; instead, once you give it a try, there’s a very good chance that you’ll want to try out Lime Crime’s newest unicorn-themed lip products, which are a part of the Diamond Crushers top coat collection. Available in three different shades, these unicorn-themed top coats are designed to be worn either by themselves or over your favorite lipstick. You can experiment by trying them on top of various lipstick shades to try various looks and colors.


Once you’ve tried out the lip look, you can try another, bolder option: Lime Crime’s upcoming line of unicorn hair dye. There are a few things to love about this line, such as the fact that the dyes are all semi-permanent, so you can try them out for a little while without worrying about permanently changing your hair color. Plus, you’re sure to love the fact that these products are 100 percent cruelty free and vegan-friendly, so anyone who wants to give unicorn hair a try can do so without feeling the least bit worried about it.

The Best Way To Reach Customers As Done By Fabletics

When it comes to business, one of the most important aspects of business success is the customer. Some of the most successful companies achieve their success through the way they treat their customers. Fabletics is a prime example of a company that cares about the customer. As a matter of fact, the company takes part in what is known as the “reverse showroom” technique. When the customer visits the site, she is then given a style quiz that she feels out. This is to help Fabletics serve her better. The site takes in her information and the type of clothes she likes.


Of course there is the membership fee as well. However, the customer is given a set of clothes according to her answers. She will be pleased to find that they are very close to the types of clothes that she would’ve picked out when she signed up. However, she also has the choice to go outside of her typical zone. After all, the staff behind Fabletics understand that a person’s style changes over time. The whole point is to let one decide how her own style change. This will not only satisfy the customer, but also keep her coming back for more items.


Fabletics prides itself on more than just offering unique products and new styles. The company takes in data from customers in order to make sure that it is giving them the types of clothes they want. For one thing, they take in the data to figure out which items are selling the best. Then they offer more of these items. This is supply and demand in action. As a result, their overhead is a lot smaller than other fashion companies. Even companies like Amazon that have control over 20% of the fashion industry can take notes from Fabletics.


Fabletics is the needed change in the fashion industry. The activewear part of the fashion industry has been in need of a change. While customers are content to make the most of their choices, there are the more imaginative designers of the fashion industry that are willing to make it easier for customers. Don Ressler, Kate Hudson, and the creative crew have worked together to come up with new designs that can bring the athletic ares of the fashion industry to life. Their creativity goes far beyond yoga pants. They now have clothes for all sizes and body types in Fabletics.

Kate Hudson tells Marie Claire About the Benefits of Fabletics’ Sexy Athleisure Style

We love when major stars dish about their fashion and beauty routines, and Kate Hudson is one of the nice gals. She’s open and honest and full of life, and maybe that’s why we all adore the actress and mom of two boys. Kate is super busy and athletic, always on the go and staying fit. That’s why her awesome Fabletics line has won women’s hearts around the world. Casual chicness is Kate’s signature, and now we can all wear this comfy fashion.

The pretty star spoke with Marie Claire magazine about the online subscription retailer she co-founded and her excitement about Fabletics’ new line of athleisure dresses and new swimsuit collection. Full interview at http://www.marieclaire.com/fashion/news/a19566/kate-hudson-fabletics-interview/

Fabletics makes shopping easy by offering members great quality work-out clothes that are super stylish in the Kate Hudson manner. Whether its leggings, tanks, tees, joggers, yoga pants and any other fitness clothing concept, Fabletics has it in the trendiest new patterns, colors and extra comfortable fabrics.

Kate Hudson’s new Fabletics athleisure dresses can take you anywhere, ladies–from the boardroom to an evening gathering, on a date and more. She tells the magazine that the idea is to take the active woman out on the town and keep it casual. Some of the dresses feature built-in bras, others are maxi style and some feature a bandage ooh-la-la style. All are designed with fabrics that hug your shape but never in a constricting, vulgar way.

Sporty garments have become a major trend, and even top fashion designers like Versace have introduced athleisure haute couture to their runway line-up. When leggings are beating denim in sales, then we know that Kate Hudson is on the right fashion track.

The Fabletics brand is brilliant in the way it works. Not only are the work-out styles affordable and functional and gorgeous, but becoming a new VIP member really has its benefits. For example, your first Fabletics outfit will only cost you $15 with free shipping. Wow. All you have to do is take the brand’s quick lifestyle quiz to get personalized outfit picks for you and your workouts. Then, begin shopping. It’s that easy and fun. Kate Hudson also shows members her favorite athlesiure outfits each month.

Since summer is fast approaching, it’s also time to choose the ideal swimsuit, and Kate Hudson has got you covered in a very appealing way. Fabletics’ new swimsuit collection offers not only great looks in vivid colors, patterns and style but especially in garment construction.

Kate Hudson tells Marie Claire that the suits are sexy, but let you perform athletic activities and not worry about anything popping out. Her Fabletics swimsuits are sturdy and designed for performance.
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Doe Deere’s Reality Check


Doe Deere is the self appointed unicorn queen and the founder of Lime Crime cosmetics. Deere is one successful woman that gave herself a quick reality check early on in life. She knew that people that believed in their dreams succeeded. She decided to forge ahead and follow her dream and never give up. The pastel haired beauties dream was to go to America and become a success with her own musical career. Later on, her thoughts turned to a makeup business. She started Lime Crime with a small amount of money and big dreams. Today, she is the founder and CEO of a very successful makeup company.

About Doe Deere
Doe Deere is certainly very unique. She does not follow the crowd. She achieved amazing success on her own terms. Her own terms included an unusual way of regarding makeup. Deere believed that makeup should demonstrate your uniqueness to the world. Makeup is an art-form or expression of your talent. One should never hide behind their makeup. Deere started Lime Crime cosmetics with this philosophy in mind. Her bold and imaginative line of makeup colors hit home for thousands of other girls too.

Lime Crime was launched back in 2008. Doe Deere founded one of the first makeup companies that was primarily based online. Her eCommerce model gained great success quickly. She started out small with a big dream and achieved major success on her own terms. Today, Deere is a great supporter of women in business. She advises them to never give up their dream. She relates, you must have confidence in your dream and you will surely succeed. Sometimes, it is better to achieve your dreams on your own terms. For example, her makeup line was unique. Instead, of following other companies that produced boring beige colored makeup, Deere added wild colors that were imaginative and creative.

Doe Deere is also very excited about the trend for new entrepreneurs to take their business to the Internet. Deere relates that the online world is a great starting place for the new entrepreneur. New entrepreneurs are able to play on a level playing field with large business owners. Today, eCommerce is really revolutionizing the way business operates. The online world also makes it extremely easy for the customer to interact with the company on a more personal level. Thus, providing the company with better insight on their customers, while providing the customer with a more satisfying experience.

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