Cassio Audi Created A World Class Following As A Heavy Metal Drummer

A quality band is composed of many members who provide depth to each song, and these performers will include a lead vocalist, bass guitar player, guitar and drummer. Cassio Audi cultivated his drumming skills into his teenage years. He gained prominence by being the drummer for a world renowned Brazilian heavy metal group called Viper. The music was heavily by other major players in this genre, such as Metallica. The official start of the band began in 1985.

A drummer is very important when forming a heavy metal band, and Cassio Audi proved that he could deliver the best performances to a world audience. All of the members were basically teenagers when they started out together, and lead vocals were done by Andre Matos. The bass player was Pit Passerell and Yves Passerell on guitar. The first album from the group came out in 1987. It was titled Soldiers of Sunrise. Critics overlooked the flawed English on this album to see that this group was on the rise.

The journey from their first demo tap in 1985 to a full album release took 2 years, and Cassio Audi provided drumming for the group’s recordings and performances. In 1989, the second album release happened with Theatre of Fate. The sound changed from their initial simplistic production on the first album to a combination of metal and classical sounds. The release was especially liked in Japan where it sold more copies than other notable contemporary metal bands.

Cassio Audi remained with Viper until 1989. His drumming skills are legendary. The foundation that he provided to this group is evident in the fact that they still perform throughout the world. The drummer has always remained a key part of Brazilian heavy metal music, and the founders of this group are considered legends in this genre.