SKOUT Gives Back to the Community

SKOUT is the name of a cell phone platform, which has the ability to locate people either in your social circle or those who should be there. Think of FaceBook and the friend’s request function as a way of adding to your “friends”. SKOUT claims to be the largest global platform of its kind for meeting new people. The SKOUT community is everywhere. They are in 180 countries around the world and the platform is available in 16 different languages. The SKOUT mission statement is to provide a platform for the world to use to bring everyone closer together. The company was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in San Francisco. To learn more about SKOUT:

In a press release dated March 11, 2016, the executives at SKOUT announced an alliance to support 20,000 needy people in the San Francisco area. They are working with SF-Marin Food Bank for this charity effort. The idea is for subscribers to SKOUT to give friends, family, and colleagues virtual gifts of potato chips (a previous virtual gift was cheese sandwiches). For each virtual gift SKOUT will donate money to the SF-Marin Food Bank in order to fulfill the goal of feeding 20,000 needy people in the San Francisco area.

He went on to explain that gifting through the SKOUT app is becoming more popular and easier, and is a way for the SKOUT subscribers, themselves, to give back to the communities where they live and work.

The SF-Marin Food Bank is a nonprofit provider of food for residents in San Francisco and Marin counties. In this geographical area 25 percent of the residents are at risk of hunger. SF-Marin Food Bank has formed alliances with more than 450 other charitable organizations and businesses to provide 48 million pounds of food for those in need every year. This quantity of food is sufficient to provide for 100,000 meals a day. For more information about this worthwhile charity:

This charitable effort by SKOUT and the SF-Marin Food Bank is to be applauded, and SKOUT subscribers can easily make contributions to this very worthy cause, simply, by using the Skout application.

Raising Money for Freezing Animals

There are all sorts of people on the street at all times of the year, in just about every single major city across the United States. However, things get a lot more complicated when you are talking about homelessness in cities that get down to frigid temperatures, such as cities in the North East. New York City not only has a huge problem with homelessness, but there are a massive amount of animals that are out on the streets as well.

This can be deadly when temperatures have gotten as low as they have gotten this year on a consistent basis, which is why it is so great that there are projects and fundraisers that have been opened up, which are designed to combat these problems. Ross Abelow is an attorney in the city of New York that has been aware of the dire conditions, as well as the huge amount of animals that are out on the street during these cold conditions, and has taken active measures to help animals get out of the cold. This is being done through Go Fund Me projects, which are basically fundraisers that allow all sorts of random people to make donations. These types of fundraisers can raise a huge amount of money, so this is something that is a great thing for the people and the animals in New York City. While there are quite a few shelters in New York, there are not enough blankets, food and vaccines to go around for animals, so these types of fundraisers are absolutely imperative.

Ross Abelow has been at the front of the movement to raise money for these shelters, who in turn provide the assistance that is needed for these animals in such harsh conditions. Without this type of help, there is no question that a ton of cats, dogs, and other animals would not survive the freezing nights that have inflicted the entire North West. A huge way that the word is spread through these types of campaigns is through social media accounts, so if you do want to get the word out about a fundraiser that you are embarking on, try to get the word out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media outlets.