IAP assimilates two DRS companies in bid to improve service delivery

IAP Worldwide, which was previously known Pam Am world services, has announced that they will be assimilating two companies from DRS services. The company, which was established in 1953 and has been offering business solutions to the US armed forces on kayescholer.com among other clients, stated that the two acquisitions were to help the company manage their service delivery better. Currently, in addition to the services they were offering, the company is branching out to offer the management of ports, engineering contracting and management of construction projects.

IAP Worldwide, which has overseen the making of notable projects such as the Florida Space complex, a massive success that has seen the launch of more than 2000 space shuttles, is looking for mergers and business associations that will improve their services. The two new companies, DRS and TCNS will be merged and will be known as the aviation and engineering technologies branch of the overall company. The aim is to improve the delivery of services and maintain the quality and standard of the services they offer.

The leadership at IAP Worldwide revealed that there were a lot of consultations before the acquisitions were done. A team was mandated to think of a strategy that would help the company increase satisfaction of their clients and improve operational effectiveness in the company.

The fact that the company has been in business for over six decades means that they fully understand what it takes to stay relevant. In the past, they have been the reliable partner for the military whenever they wished to deliver emergency services to mitigate disasters. One of such projects of IAP that they were part of is the operation desert storm in Saudi Arabia. They offer rescue services to stranded servicemen as well.

Their cumulative gains from the projects given by the government have reached $370million. They always try their best to synchronize their goals with that of their clients in order to achieve solutions on thestreet.com that make the client happy and are feasible for them. The company also has a philosophy if believing that speed and creativity are some of the best tools to utilize when resolving the problems of their clients. The company has never deliberately left a project that they started unfinished. They believe it is their role to carry out all their commitments to completion. Because they have been following these core values for years, the company has been moving from one success to the other in the world of service delivery. Sources: http://www.hoovers.com/company-information/cs/company-profile.iap_worldwide_services_inc.68d266a50b1a02b6.html

IAP Worldwide Is Known The World Over

IAP Worldwide is a company that can do so many things to assist the world when it desperately needs it. They have the ability in terms of technology to go to remote areas. Some of these places are military installations. The government holds them in high esteem, giving them contracts on a regular basis. At last count, the contracts that IAP holds with the government number in the 300 million dollar range. These contracts are given to IAP because they operate with great integrity and ingenuity. They are always able to produce the desired results no matter what happens. Since they are able to do this on a regular basis, other companies and communities ask for their assistance when they need them. IAP Worldwide is always there to complete difficult missions all around the world on a regular basis.

What Makes IAP Special?

The company found its beginnings 60 years ago. Since then, they have worked for Pan Am World Services, Inc., Irmo SC and Johnson Controls, Inc. In each of these cases, they have proven to complete difficult tasks in a timely manner giving them the respect that they deserve. Over the years, others have heard of them all over the world, and they are in high demand for the excellent work that they complete for them.

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The Leadership At IAP Worldwide

Making a company like IAP Worldwide takes hard work from the leadership and the staff. Under the leadership of Douglas Kitani, whom is the CEO and Director of the company, they are able to complete many great tasks as a team. There are over 2,000 employees for IAP, and they are in areas around the world. These people are all equipped with educations and experience that make them experts at what they do. They enjoy their work, and are dedicated to completing the most difficult tasks on a regular basis.

In the future, they surely will be sought after by many more people across the globe for their excellent work in their industry. They can make the impossible happen, and solve problems that others cannot. Since they are sought after by many, they will continue to reap the respect that they deserve for their outstanding humanitarian efforts for those that are in need. Communities all across the globe hold them in high esteem, and they know that if they need IAP, they will be there for them to assist in any way they can.

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IAP Worldwide Earning its Rightful Place in the Logistics Industry

Not many companies out there can say they have a consistent history of providing the best for over 60 years. IAP Worldwide has been providing services that have impressed small to large companies and important entities like the US Army. This logistics and facility management company has definitely proven its worth. This company now employs more than 2,000 people and supports more than 175,000 people across the US and the world.

IAP has developed effective response teams and plans that have proven effective during natural disasters or right in the crossfire of a military operation. The company has been able to effectively manage military facilities in remote areas to ensure that they can continue their good work without having to worry about power or technology issues.

The company itself has a very clear perspective on the way a business should be ran. For one, they believe that the entire staff needs to adapt to the customer and not the other way around. Many logistics companies seem to bring the same formula to every task, which is not what IAP Worldwide does. IAP is committed in being the kind of logistics team that adapts to their clients so that the world blends seamlessly. Apparently, it is the kind of approach that has led the company to become of the leading logistics providers on a global-scale.

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IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. | Company Profile from Hoover’s

Another thing that makes this company special is their attention to detail when it comes to customer satisfaction. IAP is committed to making sure that they do everything right to avoid customer complaints. If they do receive a complaint, they handle all complaints diligently. They take those issues into account to make sure they do not do them again, but obtaining a complaint is the last thing that IAP wants. To them, they have already failed their clients when an issue arises. They feel it is much better to deliver services exactly as expected and without any delays. These are some of the founding principles of the company that have helped them squash the competition.

The company continues to support the military, a fact that they are very proud of. They have accomplished this through many of their ventures, from military action in the Middle East to empowering the Navy Seals to continue to do their good work for the country. IAP Worldwide, which stands for Ingenuity and Purpose Worldwide, has earned the accolades that it has received.

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