A Woman’s Experience With Using Wen Cleansing Conditioner

A young woman who had frizzy and unruly hair decided to use WEN Cleansing Conditioner. She applied a large amount of the product to her hair and let it soak for a few minutes. After that, she rinsed the conditioner out of her hair. She immediately noticed a difference.

The woman stated that she lost less hair. After she washed her hair, she blow-dried it. She noticed that it was shinier and more bouncy. The woman stated that her hair still looked shiny and healthy three days after she used the product. The woman’s hair went through some changes, and it took about a week for her to get used to the product. However, she stated that Wen is a great product, and she recommends it to people who have fine hair.

About Wen By Chaz

Wen is a line of hair care products that was created by Chaz Dean (http://chazdean.com/). Mr. Dean is a Los Angeles Stylist who is a sought about by many celebrities. Wen has cleansing conditioners, styling products and intensive hair treatment products. All of the products are designed to make the hair healthier and more manageable. They are also designed to give the hair more shine, volume and bounce.

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Get Healthy Hair That Gives You Confidence

It is important to find and use a shampoo and conditioner that promises and delivers real hair care strengthening benefits. Wen by Chaz Dean has been in the industry for over 20 years giving their customers hair care therapy that they can depend on. They offer their customers all natural ingredients that will not damage or dry your hair out. There is no need to rely on another product when you can get the satisfaction of Wen by Chaz for hair care results that are industry trusted and proven. You can visit their website and get more details on how to accomplish your dream hair care results today.
Wen hair is a great product that shows your hair how to get the leading results in an industry that is offering numerous of products. They offer an all natural hair care solution that is unmatched by other products in the industry. It can be shipped conveniently to your door with free shipping for first time customers and members. Wen by Chaz is a optimal hair care solution that provides a genie in a bottle, says a QVC commercial. One young lady decided to use it for the first time, purchase it with her own money, and post the results on Bustle for their readers.

She discovered that using Wen by Chaz was easy because they had each dosage clearly listed on their products. You won’t use too much or too little. They believe in helping their customers save money even when they are using their products. The young lady was using their strengthening conditioner on her fine hair and wasn’t sure if it was a good idea. She used it and promises that she will never go back to her former hair care shampoo and conditioner. She now recommends their superior hair care products by Wen by Chaz to the Bustle readers.

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Is WEN by Chaz Dean Effective on Very Fine Hair?

Wen by Chaz Dean is a product that everyone has undoubtedly seen on television lately. WEN products have been around for quite awhile now, but never have they been more visible than they have been recently thanks to the infomercials. For anyone who hasnt’ heard of these popular products, they are basically all-in-one hair care regimens that combine three products, namely a styling treatment with shampoo and conditioner. WEN products are advertised on YouTube as something that works well no matter what the user’s hair type may be.

Many consumers, however, have said that they’ve been wondering if this alleged miracle all-in-one product could possibly work on their very fine hair. One consumer decided to try the fig version, which promised great shine, bounce, and moisture. Her WEN experience is chronicled in a full-length article on Bustle


In a nutshell, upon using the Amazon sold product for the first time, the writer found that not only did she notice less hair falling out during the showering and shampooing process than usual, but she actually felt like her hair was even a little bit thicker. After blow-drying her hair, she also noticed how bouncy and shiny it was. One night later in the week, the writer had drinks with friends who told her how shiny her hair was looking, giving her a much-needed confidence booster after a long day at work. All in all, the writer found WEN[http://www.wenhaircare.com/] by Chaz Dean to be her go-to product for daily hair care for imparting superior bounce and shine.

Adding WEN Unique Cleansing Conditioners to Hair Care Routine is a Smart Idea

We’ve all had bad hair days, at least once in a while, but there is one hair care system that is different from the rest. Wen hair‘s amazing cleansing conditioners clean the hair better than those drugstore lather shampoos and deliver fab shine and strength back to every strand.
No matter what your hair type and hair condition happen to be, WEN comes to the rescue. Popular west coast stylist Chaz Dean is the genius behind the WEN hair system, and his holistic approach to healthy hair has captured hearts around the world. Fans have made the switch, tossing out their sulfate laden shampoos and conditioners for the WEN 1-bottle method.

Bustle.com writer Emily McClure decided to take a walk on the WEN side, because she was frustrated with her normally limp, fine, do-nothing hair.

Emily chose the Sephora FIG cleansing conditioner and decided to test out the product for seven days with a hair log and hair selfies to chart her progress. She decided on a daily WEN wash in the shower and was delighted to see how full and soft the cleansing conditioner made her tresses. Then she blow-dried and styled her hair.

Wow. Emily’s selfies are all the proof you need. She looked gorgeous, and even her close friends immediately picked up on the shiny, bouncy difference.

Emily felt that WEN hair’s directions to use a lot of product in the shower were too excessive, so she cut back by large amount. Still, her locks looked lovely when she followed the AM routine. When she skipped a WEN wash or used the product at night instead, her hair fell flat and seemed to get greasy early on.

Emily concluded that WEN works wonders when you adapt your hair to a steady AM routine. She admits she got a bit lazy.

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