Securus Technologies Expands its Portfolio with JPay Inc

Have you ever wished that a company had not just growth for the sake of growth but an innovative and leading edge approach to getting results? Well look no further than Securus Technologies which has just acquired JPay, a pioneering company in the space of providing electronic payments and other services in the correctional institutional environment. The company is already in over 30 state prison systems and are growing at a rapid pace.


The capability to handle electronic payments, handle email, and the downloading of apps and software for inmates is all now a reality thanks to this wonderful deal. This will now place Securus Technologies at the forefront of payment innovation and services offered at the most optimum price with respect to the current market. The company’s visionary leaders are committed to their vision which in part means making sure inmates once they are released, can return to becoming productive and helpful members of modern society today.


Jpay was based in Miramar, FL and Securus Technologies is based in Dallas,TX and it already provides protection, security, and communications data to over 2,600 institutions across North America. The deal is expected to go through sometime in the second or third quarter of 2015.