The Controversy of George Soros’s Philanthropic Contributions

According to the Atlantic, George Soros has revealed that he has contributed $18 billion of his $25 billion net worth in October 2017. The money was given to his pro-democracy Open Society Foundations. This contribution has made his foundation second, behind Bill Gates’s foundation.

In the past, the Open Society Foundation’s has given away $14 billion towards causes that promote human rights, social-justice and democracy. The foundation is multinational and has places in over 100 countries. The first of his contributions funded black South African scholarships. Mr. Soros’s contributions towards liberalism, education, human rights and the protection of those who can’t protect themselves is a very important part of his contributions.

George Soros’s philanthropy has always been a subject of controversy and scrutiny. Him being figure of great importance is a result of attacks against him from individuals and groups, foreign and abroad. He has been blamed for funding many schemes that have happened since he began his philanthropy. Dictators disliked by their people, have used Soros as an excuse, claiming that he is responsible for the problems with their rule. This ploy has been used George’s birth country of Hungary. The ruling party of the Prime Minister has put out ads suggesting that Soros is the mastermind behind the efforts to liberalize immigration policies in the country. Many have used his name to further their agendas. These efforts are aimed to stop progressive policies and undermine pro-democracy organizations. The accusations are farfetched. George Soros’s foundation has each branch acting independently. This is different from most philanthropic organizations. Soros’s philosophy is to let the locals decide what is best for them. It’s not likely for George to be any “Puppet Master” of events. The control does exist though. If need be and George really disagrees with what they’re doing, he will step in and change things.

While Soros is not a great mastermind of schemes, his philanthropist power is still present. His wealth makes him powerful and his word carries a lot. George’s political approach to philanthropy has been emulated by many other philanthropists. The reality is that those of George’s wealth have the ability to use their wealth for their own agendas is a topic of discussion. The dangers of those with enormous wealth should make you wary.

George Soros was born on August 12, 1930 in Budapest, Hungary. With his Jewish heritage, he’s lucky to survive WWII. He moved to London in 1947 and studied at the London School of Economics. After he finished his education, he wrote to every merchant bank in London and was able to receive an entry level position at one of them. George moved to New York City and became an arbitrage trader and analyst. Later, George worked his way up to become a vice president and became a manager of investment fund. In 1973, George founded Soros Fund Management. Since then he has made many contributions to health, education, democracy, economic development, and humanitarian efforts worldwide.

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