Doe Deere’s Reality Check


Doe Deere is the self appointed unicorn queen and the founder of Lime Crime cosmetics. Deere is one successful woman that gave herself a quick reality check early on in life. She knew that people that believed in their dreams succeeded. She decided to forge ahead and follow her dream and never give up. The pastel haired beauties dream was to go to America and become a success with her own musical career. Later on, her thoughts turned to a makeup business. She started Lime Crime with a small amount of money and big dreams. Today, she is the founder and CEO of a very successful makeup company.

About Doe Deere
Doe Deere is certainly very unique. She does not follow the crowd. She achieved amazing success on her own terms. Her own terms included an unusual way of regarding makeup. Deere believed that makeup should demonstrate your uniqueness to the world. Makeup is an art-form or expression of your talent. One should never hide behind their makeup. Deere started Lime Crime cosmetics with this philosophy in mind. Her bold and imaginative line of makeup colors hit home for thousands of other girls too.

Lime Crime was launched back in 2008. Doe Deere founded one of the first makeup companies that was primarily based online. Her eCommerce model gained great success quickly. She started out small with a big dream and achieved major success on her own terms. Today, Deere is a great supporter of women in business. She advises them to never give up their dream. She relates, you must have confidence in your dream and you will surely succeed. Sometimes, it is better to achieve your dreams on your own terms. For example, her makeup line was unique. Instead, of following other companies that produced boring beige colored makeup, Deere added wild colors that were imaginative and creative.

Doe Deere is also very excited about the trend for new entrepreneurs to take their business to the Internet. Deere relates that the online world is a great starting place for the new entrepreneur. New entrepreneurs are able to play on a level playing field with large business owners. Today, eCommerce is really revolutionizing the way business operates. The online world also makes it extremely easy for the customer to interact with the company on a more personal level. Thus, providing the company with better insight on their customers, while providing the customer with a more satisfying experience.

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SKOUT Gives Back to the Community

SKOUT is the name of a cell phone platform, which has the ability to locate people either in your social circle or those who should be there. Think of FaceBook and the friend’s request function as a way of adding to your “friends”. SKOUT claims to be the largest global platform of its kind for meeting new people. The SKOUT community is everywhere. They are in 180 countries around the world and the platform is available in 16 different languages. The SKOUT mission statement is to provide a platform for the world to use to bring everyone closer together. The company was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in San Francisco. To learn more about SKOUT:

In a press release dated March 11, 2016, the executives at SKOUT announced an alliance to support 20,000 needy people in the San Francisco area. They are working with SF-Marin Food Bank for this charity effort. The idea is for subscribers to SKOUT to give friends, family, and colleagues virtual gifts of potato chips (a previous virtual gift was cheese sandwiches). For each virtual gift SKOUT will donate money to the SF-Marin Food Bank in order to fulfill the goal of feeding 20,000 needy people in the San Francisco area.

He went on to explain that gifting through the SKOUT app is becoming more popular and easier, and is a way for the SKOUT subscribers, themselves, to give back to the communities where they live and work.

The SF-Marin Food Bank is a nonprofit provider of food for residents in San Francisco and Marin counties. In this geographical area 25 percent of the residents are at risk of hunger. SF-Marin Food Bank has formed alliances with more than 450 other charitable organizations and businesses to provide 48 million pounds of food for those in need every year. This quantity of food is sufficient to provide for 100,000 meals a day. For more information about this worthwhile charity:

This charitable effort by SKOUT and the SF-Marin Food Bank is to be applauded, and SKOUT subscribers can easily make contributions to this very worthy cause, simply, by using the Skout application.