A Look Into George Soros: His Philosophy And Mindset

What comes to your mind when you think about the wealthy elite of the society? Of course, you will picture them as highly disciplined individuals who purpose-driven and intentional in all their moves. You may also imagine them moving from meeting to meeting or laying back as others make tons of money for them. While all this true, there is one more thing that all wealthy elites have in common – they all have a philosophy behind their way of doing things. There is something that drives lifestyle choices.

One of such individuals who live by philosophy is George Soros. George is one of the greatest billionaires in the world and is ranked among the top 30 wealthiest individuals across the globe. With a net worth of more than 25.2 billion dollars, this entrepreneur and investor is truly a force to be reckoned with in the business world. George Soros was born in Hungary where he survived the Nazi regime and rose to become one of the greatest investors in world, an author, and philanthropist.

A Brief History

It is with no doubt that Soros is a motivated individual. The rise from surviving one of the world’s most notable genocides to becoming a top billionaire is not an easy one. He invested in Uber, a startup that revolutionized the taxi industry since its inception, and is currently the builder of the Quantum Group of Funds. This is one of the most successful hedge funds in investment history and has only been recently overtaken by Bridgewater. Regardless, the hedge fund is still among the top and most successful in the world today. What motivates George Soros to venture into business and make billions?

George’s Philosophy

Given the success of Quantum and other business ventures that Soros has been involved in, it is only fair that people learn from his way of doing things. Soros lives by a few philosophies, and they include the following:

• The game will always be uncertain
• Risk is inevitable. You just need to manage it.
• The result is all that matters.

Soros understands the uncertainties that come with investments. Nothing is uncertain. He has failed a few times as a result, but that has not diminished his motivation. Instead, it has taught him to master the art of risk management when investing. Remember, the higher the risk, the more the returns, and if his current net worth is anything to go by, we can conclude that proper risk management has been a contributing factor to his success.

George Soros doesn’t care about rules; his focus is on the result which is profit making. He is always changing patterns and looks for ways to alter the rules of the game. That is why the nature of investments is unique. He will start something without a set strategy and see it to the end.

George’s Achievements

George is not only a successful business person. He is also a philanthropist. He donated 18 billion dollars to the Open Society Foundations which he founded in 1979. The foundation focuses on supporting democracies while managing issues to do with discrimination and injustices across the world. His donation made the organization one of the largest non-profits in the world.

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