Extremely Helpful Party Hacks

With so many things to take under consideration, parties can become overwhelming. Party hacks were made for a time like this. We will review some of the best mentioned in this article by Coolmompicks.com. But, an even better way to relieve the burden of the celebration’s host is to hire professionals. Twenty Three Layers is an event planning company in NYC offering a one-of-a-kind experience that is sure to meet all of your expectations.

Why not invite a friend or family member to co-host your next get together? Chores and responsibilities can be split down the middle. Also, if you rent a space for your event, the bill can be split as well. Digital checklists such as Wunderlist are helpful to keep track of what has been and needs to be accomplished.

Go digital with your party invitations, too! Hobnob is a free digital invitation app. It keeps track of RSVPs and operates via text message. Hobnob invitations display your image with beautiful text options. When guests receive the invite a link is displayed to take them to the full invite. RSVPs are easy with a simple yes or no response included in the text.

It’s the day of the party. How do you keep kids occupied? Assign age appropriate chores and check a few more things off your list. During the party be sure to have plenty of crafts available for the kids. One unique recommendation is to print off a giant coloring page. This is something all of the kids can participate in together. Check out Pirasta’s printable coloring pages.

Ready to take it all on? Read more party hacks here. Or you could bring in the professionals for a truly memorable experience. Twenty Three Layers event planners in NYC come highly recommended by companies such as Jaguar, Spotify and Soho House.

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Creating Online Content to Boost Your Reputation

There is no question that content is one of the key aspects to building a great customer base for a web presence. In a traditional store or brick and mortar service, people have the ability to exchange ideas face to face, to see marketing with their own eyes, and to have tactile and sensory experiences. With a web presence, many of those aspects are stripped away from the experience. It is important for anyone in the ecommerce business to create this face to face experience through other means to complete the process.

There are some key elements that really should go without saying when creating content for a web presence. In a blog or on a website, the content should include proper grammar, should be formatted correctly and should include proper SEO for purposes of visibility. These are the often repeated key aspects to creating great content, but many times web content stops there. In order to be successful, it must continue to the deeper aspect of developing a customer connection.

People are more likely to buy a product or service from a “lifestyle” brand, or will buy a product from a business that represents why this product or service is essential to their lifestyle. Take BrandYourself and their appearance on Shark Tank for example; they showed why their product is so important to the lives of individuals and almost walked away with a $2.5 million deal. Writing content that connects to the potential consumer is key to this idea. Create content that connects to the potential customer by writing articles about ideas that can be connected back to the product. This is the key to content success.

Qnet’s Efforts towards Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle

Qnet is a successful direct selling firm that was established by a young group of associates, who had an accordant dream for marketing to facilitate improved health. The company has been active for 16 years and is among the relatively new competitors in the direct selling and marketing sectors that are strongly dominated by considerably bigger rivals. As an online marketing firm, Qnet provides a broad variety of high-quality products and diverse brands that aim at improving the consumers’ lives and campaign for a healthy way of life across the globe. The firm’s selected and verified supplies vary from healthy, nutritional and skincare products to fantastic jewelry and Swiss-manufactured watches.

A thorough examination process in used by Qnet during the selection process of the new products that are to be added to the firm’s brand. The ethical values and agreements are among the exceptional features that the company considers when carrying out evaluations of the new products. Their way of looking at the business from a commercial point of view is unique. Qnet is very committed to observing a thorough and vegetarian viewpoint, whereby, meals that are offered at all company events are strictly vegetarian. The firm also deeply advocates for vegetarianism as a way of having a healthy lifestyle decision and a superb welfare. All sections of Qnet’s business policies and products reflect high standards and non-vegetarian ingredients are not allowed in any products that are consumed by either clients or staff. Testing of goods is also done safely to protect animals, and therefore, animals are not used in the testing process. Qnet has made significant efforts to create awareness against the massive rising rates of heart diseases, obesity, diabetes and lifestyle diseases across the world. This is by minimizing the amounts of sugar, non-natural sweeteners and destructive chemicals that are used in the product are marketed online.

Qnet’s philosophy is to improve yourself to develop those around you, which is an inspirational perspective from a prominent direct selling firm in Asia. Corporate social responsibility is a priority for the company since it gives back to the community by actively taking part in philanthropic activities across the planet. Local and international communities benefit from this prosperous young company that actively works to serve them through elementary society curriculums. The company has been recognized as an active participant in the supporting of Rashid Centers’ programs to help children with special needs.

2 Things That Make QNET A Direct Selling Company That Stands Out In The Crowd

Though Qnet has been around for 16 years, in the direct selling industry they are still looked at as a relatively new company. This is because most large direct selling companies have been around for 30 years or more.

Qnet was started by a group of friends who all had the desire to help people live happy healthy lives. The company promotes wellness and healthy living through a variety of different products that all encourage living a healthy lifestyle.

Here are 2 things that make Qnet stand out in the very crowded direct selling industry:

#1 – They Rigorously Test All Products

Qnet takes the quality of the products they promote very seriously. That’s why all products go through a very rigorous testing process. When testing products they look for aspects that are in line with the core values of the company. They won’t promote anything they don’t believe in 100%.

#2 – They Follow A Strict Vegetarian Philosophy

As a company Qnet is serious about sticking with a philosophy that is in line with vegetarianism as they believe it is a great way to promote healthy living. When they have company events, all meals served are vegetarian. That’s how dedicated they are to this lifestyle.

This high standard shows in all areas of the business. None of their products, be they edible or consumable, contain non-vegetarian ingredients. All products are also tested without doing harm to animals. Animals are never used during the testing process.

To help bring awareness to, and help fight the growing epidemic of obesity all over the world, Qnet has reduced the amount of sugar, artificial sweeteners and harmful chemicals in the products they currently sell online.

Qnet is all about helping you better yourself so you can help better those around you. They take social responsibility seriously and are always looking for ways to give back. Though the company is young in industry terms, they are thriving and continuing to grow every single year.

They are dedicated to being involved in philanthropic work all over the world. Over the years they have set up community programs both locally and internationally.

To learn more about Qnet and the products they offer, visit their website at www.QNET.net. You can also follow them on social media to keep up with any new products they are releasing and any community activities they will be involved in in the future.