Chicken Is The Always The Main Ingredient For Beneful’s Grain Free Recipe

Pet foods have always been something of a difficult area for pet parents to consider as the use of corn and other grains often makes it difficult to make a decision about which food to purchase. The Beneful Puppy Food brand has always been at the forefront of the latest developments in natural and healthy pet foods and recently launched its own grain free option to cater for pet parents concerned about the possible problems caused by dog foods using grains as their main ingredient.Beneful believes only the most natural ingredients should make their way into the foods being produced by the brand, this has always been the mantra of the company since its inception in 2001.

The grain free option continues this tradition of using real ingredients and sees the main part of the recipe used by Beneful become farm raised chicken, which the Purina owned brand believes is a healthier and more responsible approach to dog food production than is offered by many of their rivals in the industry.The removal of corn based products from the food produced by the Beneful brand has a second major benefit for all pet parents who hope to provide the healthiest possible life for their dog, this benefit is the removal of gluten from Beneful’s grain free recipe. As always Beneful has ensured its foods are created with 100 percent nutritional value for adult dogs and have the best taste available for all dogs to enjoy.