Compliance Enforcement with Helane Morrison

Upholding business and ethical integrity is the ultimate goal of any rational business person. However, it takes unique abilities, determination, and self-discipline to achieve such goals. Helane Morrison is one of the few American business women with a strong ethical character and has achieved undisputed reputation in integrity and leadership. When an industry’s reputation is soiled, only a distinct person like Helane Morrison can thrive in it. Her success story requires no narration, her numerous achievements and accolades from exposing corruption as a journalist to her years as a lawyer speaks nothing but success. She’s a phenomenal woman, very influential and determined to make the world a better place.

Contributions in Compliance industry



One of the most infamous achievements by Morrison is bringing sanity, trust and integrity into compliance industry through Hall Partners Capital LLC. Hall Capital is one of the largest financial advisory institutions in San Frasisco. People had lost trust in the industry following the 2008 economic crush. They resulted in handling their own finances, which worsened the situation. Consequently, Hall Capital with Morrison’s able leadership came to the people’s rescue by enforcing compliance, accountability and integrity in every dealing.



She ensured that every investment a client made was ethical and transparent. Morrison, together with the Hall’s professionals insisted that every mutual fund advisor, financial advisor, and brokerage firm they chose went through investigations successfully before taking up any money from client. Any anomaly suspected the team took disciplinary action which went as far as pressing criminal charges in a court of law.



Legal Work



Prior to Hall Capital, Morrison’s work involved security enforcement, litigation and compliance regulation in five different Northwest States and Northern California, where she held position of the regional director. She represented the U.S Office of Exchange and Security Commission in San Frasisco for nine years since 1999. During her reign, she handled fraud cases from top executives from large companies such as HBO and Google. She also exposed false sale of deceptive securities to military personnel by the American Amicable Insurance Company.



Morrison completed her degree program in Media Studies and Journalism from Northwestern University, Illinois. She went to pursue law in the University of California Berkeley. She has practiced law in top law firms such as Canady, Howard and Rabkin & Falk. Additionally, she is a seasonal motivational speaker on legal and compliance matters pertaining investment advisories. She’s a member of the American Bar association and State Bar California.