Creating Online Content to Boost Your Reputation

There is no question that content is one of the key aspects to building a great customer base for a web presence. In a traditional store or brick and mortar service, people have the ability to exchange ideas face to face, to see marketing with their own eyes, and to have tactile and sensory experiences. With a web presence, many of those aspects are stripped away from the experience. It is important for anyone in the ecommerce business to create this face to face experience through other means to complete the process.

There are some key elements that really should go without saying when creating content for a web presence. In a blog or on a website, the content should include proper grammar, should be formatted correctly and should include proper SEO for purposes of visibility. These are the often repeated key aspects to creating great content, but many times web content stops there. In order to be successful, it must continue to the deeper aspect of developing a customer connection.

People are more likely to buy a product or service from a “lifestyle” brand, or will buy a product from a business that represents why this product or service is essential to their lifestyle. Take BrandYourself and their appearance on Shark Tank for example; they showed why their product is so important to the lives of individuals and almost walked away with a $2.5 million deal. Writing content that connects to the potential consumer is key to this idea. Create content that connects to the potential customer by writing articles about ideas that can be connected back to the product. This is the key to content success.