David Osio Is An Example to Follow

If everyone who did business thought about the communities that were involved and how important the arts are in our lives and cities, the world would be a different place. One example of how using your money for good and for bettering the world around him is financial expert David Osio.


What David Osio has done is remarkable. As the CEO of Davos Financial Group he is a successful as a financial professional, but also proves to be a passionate and creative individual while financially supporting programs and organizations such as the MISO (Miami Symphony Orchestra. He has been an important part of seeing the arts flourish in Miami, also lending a helping hand to artists who participated in exhibitions in the Saludarte Foundation of Art. http://www.ktvn.com/story/32593570/financial-advisor-david-j-osio-increases-philanthropic-support-on-a-global-scale


While much of his support is centered on the arts, he has also greatly benefited The Children’s Orthopedic Foundation by making annual regular contributions towards EPK activities.


Born and raised in Venezuela with his financial group based out of the South American country, he has proven to be successfully globally as well with offices in Miami, Switzerland, New York, and Panama.


Where does his success come from? David himself puts much of the praise on his education and training. David Osio studied in Andres Bello (Catholic University) and went on to get his degree in banking law from IESA. He also trained in the American Banking Association, as well as the Swiss Bank Corporation.


David Osio has proven himself a wise and experienced player in the financial world with much of his efforts placed on providing clients with specialized and tailored financial services. While his financial expertise is certainly at the top of the lists for reasons why he is admired and respected, without a doubt his passion for contributing to the arts and cultures of the communities that surround him and his financial projects is what truly sets him on a pedestal.


David Osio recently received awards for his support of several foundations. One such award is the Medal of Honor from the United States Congress, which is definitely a high honor to have achieved.

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