Desire Perez and Roc Nation Land Jay Z an Enchanting Record Deal

Jay Z’s landmark record deal with Live Nation is ending. Being a talented wrapper in the industry, Jay is focused on partnering with other high ranking wrappers in the industry. He is focused on working with Roc Nation. Having signed a ten-year record label with Live Nation worth $150 million in 2008, Jay is ready to focus on establishing other record deals after Live Nation. The 360 deal is said to be able to trigger a business deal between him and Roc Nation. Even though Jay is leaving the company, Live Nation is said to continue with its lucrative business.  More to read on

Music Deal

According to a music insider, Jay Z’s record deal called 360 with Live Nation has not been extended. This is because the record label had purchased the rights of Jay Z when recording the music. They are also not willing to prolong the relationship because the company does not believe in buying already recorded music. The record deal with Roc Nation included Meek Mill, Shakira, Jay Z, Rihanna and finally, Fat Joe. A different source of Live Nation stated that Jay Z has a long-standing relationship with Live Nation. Following the relationship, Jay Z is better placed to continue enjoying the productive relationship even out of business.  For an update of Dez recent timeline activities, click

Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez, Jay Z’s manager at Roc Nation, was in a business meeting with Lucian Grainge. The agenda of the meeting was the purchasing of some shares from Roc Nation. Fondly known as Des Perez, Desiree is a personal record deal manager for Jay Z. The duo has had a close, healthy relationship for twenty years. Desiree is proven to have a successful track record when it comes to landing business deals. She is described as tougher than Cookie Lion of Empire. For more of Dez, check this.  As a fierce negotiator, she sets the pace for discussing music record deals. For her latest tweets, follow her at twitter@desireeperez01.

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