Doe Deere Talks About Dreams Coming True.

Rainbows, unicorns and hair color, they all go hand in hand with makeup and dreams. knowing how to make your dreams come true is half the battle in business and in life. Doe Deere’s brand, Lime Crime is a makeup company that really takes the unicorn by the horn. Doe founded her makeup company on a hundred dollars and a huge dream. She knows more than anyone that you can make your dreams come true if you dare to do the work and be who you are. It does not matter about your past or where you came from, or anything else. Doe Deere encourages people to live out their dreams and use personal expression to do it.

Doe herself was born in Russia and moved to the United States when she was seventeen. She spend time in New York City and Las Angeles. As you might be aware, both of these cities have always been hubs for fashion and beauty. Doe started as a musician and learned to market her self and her band. She had dreams of being a musician but, often you have more dreams and those dreams get bigger. This is what happened to Doe and she ended up in makeup. The band was not a failure by any means, that is actually how Doe met her husband.

Doe feels that people should just learn to follow their heart more. This is what she does with Lime Crime. Every person has a unique talent and Doe encourages people to use that special skill set to reach their true potential. Doe loves to use color as a form of personal freedom and expression, as a result, Lime Crime was perfect for her. Doe and the many talented people at Lime Crime agree that brightness and color are important. They know that as people, we are all connected to one another. When people started reaching out and asking for more color in makeup, Doe realized that she could help people to get the colors that she too desired and Lime Crime was born.

By using the colors and tones of Lime Crime’s makeup, people have the freedom to express themselves with no fear and no judgement. There is no need to fit it, it is more than okay to stand out and be the unique person that you are born to be. That’s what Lime Crime is all about.

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