Doug Levitt Sees “The Greyhound Diaries” Grow Into A Decade Long Artistic Project

Doug Levitt has developed a reputation as one of the most impressive musical artists and writers after spending much of the 21st century living and working on a project he developed, commonly known as “The Greyhound Diaries”. Levitt had originally envisioned his artistic work to last a few weeks, but quickly saw it expand as the 2008 economic downturn took hold in America.

Doug Levitt himself has been compared to some of the great American artists from the first half and middle of the 20th century, which saw a joining together of music, writing, and reportage that hits its creative peak during The Great Depression. Levitt seems an unlikely artist after spending the majority of his career working as a news reporter for some of the top news outlets in the world.

A family tragedy saw the focus of Levitt shift towards his dreams of being a musician and artist during his time living and working as a correspondent in London. Coming from one of the most famous political family’s in Washington D.C. may not seem like the perfect grounding for an artistic career, but Levitt has decided to embark on his own path through life that eventually led him to the Greyhound Bus system.

Just prior to the 2008 economic collapse Doug Levitt decided he would tour the U.S. using the Greyhound Bus line to get a glimpse into the lives of everyday Americans; the former CNN reporter believes the majority of media outlets focus on major metropolitan cities and ignore the issues facing those living in the heart of the country. The musician has crafted a number of songs, taken more than 20,000 photos, and released a book based on his experiences; Levitt believes the effects of the downturn can still be seen in the heartland of the U.S. he continues to tour by bus.

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