Dr. Mark McKenna on setting goals and visualization

Serial entrepreneur Dr. Mark McKenna is a multi-talented individual. He is an accomplished doctor, real estate investor, philanthropist, and caring father to his daughter Milana Elle. His Twitter page is full of pictures of his daughter. Clearly she is the apple of his eye. The MD and MBA is the founder and CEO of OVME in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Mark McKenna graduated from Tulane University Medical School. It is located in New Orleans, Louisiana where Mark is from originally. He also owns three real estate companies called Uptown Title, Inc., Universal Mortgage Lending, and McKenna Venture Investments which he owns with his father.

Dr. Mark McKenna is a very focused individual who uses meditation, visualization, and sets goals to bring his dreams to fruition. Everyday starts bright and early at 6:30am. He starts work at 8am and works hard until 6pm. Mark loves doing JiuJitsu so he trains after work until 9pm. After a very full and successful day at work and JiuJitsu training Dr. Mark McKenna goes to bed. In his free time he loves to read, a lot. A great book for entrepreneurs to help them visualize their goals and dreams is called “Think and Grow Rich.” It is written by Napoleon Hill, a brilliant writer. Dr. Mark McKenna recommends this good read to everyone. He truly believes to grow as a person you have to surround yourself with people smarter than yourself. He admires people such as Michael Bloomberg, Elon Musk, and Barack Obama.

The doctor has had a long and successful career in the medical industry. Mark can honestly say that he has never had a bad job. McKenna has only been his own boss. The only regret in life is that he did not take his time and was in a hurry to rush through life. Dr. McKenna wishes he would of found his passion in life sooner. He also says that if you don’t have a direction or end goal then rushing through life is pointless. Goind forward Dr. McKenna hopes to continue helping people on their journey of health and wellness.