EOS Lip Balm Gives Small Startups a Reason to Smile

EOS lip balm became a major force in the lip balm market by re-thinking what the lip balm experience is. The original big names treat lip balm as a one size fits all unisex product. Sanjiv Mehra, Jonathan Telller and Craig Dubitsky used their experiences with long standing companies combined with startup know how to present a new and unique item.

The company took into account that the majority of lip balm sales were to female consumers and decided to aim their product at the millennial buyer. The goal they set was to fundamentally change the packaging so the act of applying lip balm would bring a small bit of delight. To achieve this they designed EOS lip balm to engage all five senses. Round packaging, unique tastes and flavors, the color of the orb and the satisfying click when you closed the lid.

Satisfied that the new lip balm was ready the next step was getting it into the stores. Most male buyers for the big stores had trouble understanding the draw of the new design. Luckily a female buyer for Walgreens loved what they had created and from there Well, Walmart and Target were not far behind. https://www.amazon.com/Organic-Smooth-Strawberry-Passion-Honeydew/dp/B009QTDYYA

The company also decided that they would invest in their own production equipment and facilities so they would not have to rely on others to get their product out in larger quantities once they achieved a larger share of the market. They attended trade shows and listened to experts in the field so the production facility they built was almost entirely automated. They also used Facebook and other social media platforms to advertise their products. This insured that every new account they got was filled on time.

Understanding what the millennial consumer is looking for and delivering a physical product and brand image tailored to them allowed a small startup to turn a century old oral care product into something fresh and exciting.