Eric Pulier: A Friend Of Bill Clinton’s And IT Specialist Who Founded ServiceMesh

Sometimes when we see the work of a public figure or the President of the United States, we don’t always know the people who are working behind the scenes using their business acumen and resources to develop big things. Such is the case with former President Bill Clinton’s friend, Eric Pulier, a technology businessman who’s built many companies and started philanthropic organizations. Pulier has done work for the Clinton Global Initiative, offering his innovative thoughts and consulting experience there, and has headed up other healthcare initiatives as well. Currently he’s on a board at Xprize, a foundation that encourages young people to use technology to design products of the future, with a prize for a successful patent.

Prior to heading up his charity groups and time with the Clintons, Pulier studied both computer sciences at MIT, and American Literature at Harvard where he was a writer for the Harvard Crimson. He decided on Computer Sciences for his career, and he founded his first company out in Los Angeles called Digital Evolution. This was an interactive media company that specialized in business management solutions, a field that would become the core of Pulier’s developments. He founded cloud computing platforms such as Desktone, which is now a part of VMware’s services, and ServiceMesh, a solution now owned by the Computer Sciences Corporation.

Pulier’s friendship with former President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore led him to get involved in their re-election campaign of 1996. To celebrate the victory, Pulier was chosen to run Bridge To The 21st Century, part of the 1997 Presidential Technology Exhibition. He demonstrated to a television audience in this exhibit, how new technological patents were going to reshape American life. While still in the exhibit, Pulier delivered a live stream coming down from the space shuttle that had launched not long before.

His charity work has included Starbright World, and the Painted Turtle summer camp. Starbright World occurred back in 1998, an event done in partnerships between various children’s hospitals to bring an interactive 3D world for sick children to see how their bodies fight against diseases. The Painted Turtle brings sick or disabled children to a summer camp where they can get out and enjoy a week of fun.

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