George Soros Terrifies the GOP

Every single person longs to use their God-given gifts to change this world to fit their ideal of what it should be. Those capable of doing this are called influencers. However, among these great influencers are people who can truly restructure society. These are what we call the movers and shakers. George Soros a fervent Democrat, is a mover and shaker in this world and he has become the bogeyman of the right.

George Soros has actively used his own nonprofit, the Open Society Foundations, to spread the ideals of the Democrat party throughout the United States of America and the entire world. It is the official mission of the Open Society Foundations to embolden and empower fledgling democracies so that they can rise to prominence in their area of the world.

Here at home in the USA, George Soros uses the Open Society Foundations to oppose his enemies in the Republican Party. In the 2004 election season, George Soros saw that George W. Bush was weak in his presidency and his approval ratings were low. It seemed like a proper time to topple his presidency. George Soros decided to fund the Democratic candidate John Kerry. Up until this time, the normal donation to a political office was a few million dollars. However, George Soros broke this record when he gave John Kerry’s campaign $27 million so that he could beat George W. Bush. To say that Soros was brokenhearted when John Kerry was unable to attain the White House would be an understatement.

In the year 2008, George Soros would give it another go. At first, he struggled between choosing his friend Hillary Clinton or the new emerging candidate Senator Barack Obama. In the end, George Soros chose Obama over Clinton. Ultimately, Soros believes that Obama had a better chance of establishing a liberal agenda here in the United States of America.

In 2016, Soros returned to the world of politics and gave substantial aid to Hillary Clinton in her campaign to defeat Donald Trump. This amount totaled over $25 million. In addition to that donation, he gave $2 million to several Democratic senators who are running in swing states. Unfortunately for George Soros, the Democratic Party suffered a historic defeat during that election cycle.

Though George Soros watch the Democratic Party lose the election, he vowed to himself that he would not let Trump when the war. George Soros is the man who put himself through the London school of economics by working as a waiter in a rail porter. George Soros was the man who built a multibillion-dollar management fund. He would use all of this power to take Trump down.

George Soros took the fight to Trump by funding several organizations that opposed Donald Trump’s conzervative policies. He gave to super PACs who supported immigration rights, a woman’s right to abortion, and fact-checking of all Republicans. His most notable donation was to the woman’s protest march occurring after Donald Trump’s inauguration.

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