Hire White Shark Media, But Not Without A Free Evaluation First

If you are looking to improve Google AdWords performance for your business, almost nobody does it better than White Shark Media. Clients from all business sectors and industries have been helped by White Shark Media, and they have ranged from clients who have used AdWords for years, to new AdWords users who are trying to learn the ropes.

White Shark Media’s mission is to build better AdWords campaigns than the ones their clients currently have, and they’ve grown from being only a small boutique marketing outsource company, to one of only 29 companies recognized on Google’s SMB Partner network. If you’re a business owner who uses Google AdWords but you’re not convinced White Shark Media Review is the right fit for you, you can sign up for their completely free AdWords evaluation.

Signing up for the free evaluation is not part of any trial package, and does not require giving White Shark Media any billing information or obligation of any kind to hire them. Learn more about White Shark Media Review: http://www.whitesharkmedia.com/testimonials/

What they’ll do is schedule a time at GoToMeeting for you to meet one of their AdWords specialists, and you’ll share screens with them so that they can go over your existing campaigns, and then inform you of what they’d do to change them, but they will not make any actual changes to the campaigns.

After the evaluation session is complete, you can decide whether you want to hire White Shark Media, or just simply move on while taking any knowledge you gained from the evaluation for your own use.

If you do decide to hire White Shark Media to manage your AdWords but still have concerns about them, White Shark Media is happy to answer your questions. They’ve dealt with a number of client concerns over the 5 years they’ve existed and actively found new solutions.

One common complaint from clients was that they were losing track of their AdWords campaigns and needed better oversight on them. White Shark Media has implemented both proprietary software and procedures so that clients can see exactly what’s going on with AdWords campaigns, and White Shark Media hosts monthly review meetings to discuss progress and client input.

They also have senior consultants who track clients through signup to specialist teams so that all active campaign managers are in tune with client needs and can answer any questions a client might have.

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