Honey Birdette’s International Success

It’s always interesting to see a company go international. Ordinarily, international companies follow the same path to success. So, it’s very interesting to see a company like Honey Birdette, Australia’s number one lingerie retail company, expanding across the globe. So far, they’ve made it to the United Kingdom, and now the United States.
Honey Birdette started in 2006; founded by Eloise Monaghan and Janelle Barboza. They set out to create a provocative, yet sensual, line of lingerie. They believed that the niche they’d discovered would only be popular in the Australian market. To their surprise, their retail company expanded beyond their belief.
After finding great success in Australia, the company began getting a lot of attention. BB Capital eventually became an investor in the company. Since then, the company’s grown exponentially. Currently, they have 55 stores in Australia, and they’ve seen fantastic growth in online sales in other countries.
Honey Birdette is quickly becoming one of the world’s top lingerie brands because of their beautifully designed lingerie and adult products. Even the retail stores are designed with the same mentally. Different from every other lingerie retail store, Honey Birdette boutiques encourage sensual exploration.
Part of Honey Birdette is Honeys. Honeys are the boutique sales staff that has a number of responsibilities. Their first objective is to empower every woman that comes into their store. They use several techniques of role-playing to encourage every woman to feel empowered by exploring their sexuality.
Honey Birdette has already expanded into the United Kingdom. They plan on opening 40 stores by the end of next year. They’re focusing on opening their first set of stores in the U.S. They saw a 374 percent rise in online sale to the U.S.

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