How Billy McFarland’s Magnises Targets the Millennials and Tech Enthusiasts

Billy McFarland is an American technology enthusiast and entrepreneur who founded Magnises and Spling. His Magnises startup was meant to revolutionize the way millennials use their credit cards for financial purposes. He founded Magnises when he was 23 years old. He currently runs Spling as the chief executive officer.

Professional and Academic Background

McFarland was enthusiastic about technology as he grew up in Short Hills NJ. He thought about an idea for his first company while attending middle school. McFarland successfully launched his first tech company that was hosted online. The company assisted fashion enthusiasts to find their favorite designers. He decided to advance his computer skills by enrolling in the University of Lewisburg for a degree program in computer engineering.

McFarland founded an online advertising company known as Spling during his first year at the University of Lewisburg. McFarland decided to quit school and focus on the company. As the CEO, McFarland oversees the strategic plans of the company. Spling, on the other hand, is driven by a web app that converts HTTP URLs into media. The company excels in serving renowned companies like Universal and Discovery.


According to Forbes, throughout his early life, Billy McFarland was always keen on emerging technologies. He came up with the idea for Magnises after analyzing that millennials need a reliable cashing card besides their credit cards. He officially launched the black card for public use in 2014. The card targets people who are enthusiastic about the technological changes occurring in the credit card industry.

As a Magnises user, you are supposed to pay a yearly non-refundable fee of $250. The card is also applicable to residents of New York and Washington DC. Billy McFarland and his professional team are enhancing the card’s usability to residents of London, Chicago, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. Since Magnises was launched, over ten thousand people have signed up for membership.

The main advantage of being a Magnises user is that you can use the black card when entertaining yourself in clubs such as La Esquina and Goldbar based in New York. You can also pay for helicopter rides at discounted prices. Hip-hop fans can gain access to private concerts by Rick Ross and Ja Rule.