How The Lung Institute Is Utilizing Stem Cells To Treat Major Pulmonary Conditions

The Lung Institute is a collection of clinics and physicians who are dedicated in progressing the research and treatments of pulmonary conditions and diseases. The Lung Institute has clinics in the following major cities: Nashville, Pittsburgh, Dallas, Scottsdale, and Tampa.

The Lung Institute opened it’s doors in 2013, since then the Lung Institute has treated over 3000 patients. One of the Lung Institutes most popular treatments is stem cell therapy. Stem cell therapy is used for both restrictive and obstructive lung diseases, which include: COPD, emphysema, and pulmonary fibrosis.

What Is Stem Cell Therapy

According to’s research, stem cells self-renew and can replicate to form any type of tissue in the body. Adult stem cells are undifferentiated cells, making them the best to use in regenerative medicine therapies. Undifferentiated cells can be took from one part of the body and used in different parts.

The Lung Institute uses stem cells from the patient’s own body. The stem cells are harvested by taking either a small blood or bone marrow sample. The stem cells are then separated and returned to the patient intravenously through an IV. The stem cells go directly to the right side of the heart when pushed through an IV. The heart then pumps the cells straight to the lungs allowing them to regenerate and heal the damaged lungs.

The Lung Institute’s stem cell therapy program has a success rate of over seventy percent, read story on It has given lung disease patients a better quality of life and hope for their future by allowing them to breathe easier.

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