IAP assimilates two DRS companies in bid to improve service delivery

IAP Worldwide, which was previously known Pam Am world services, has announced that they will be assimilating two companies from DRS services. The company, which was established in 1953 and has been offering business solutions to the US armed forces on kayescholer.com among other clients, stated that the two acquisitions were to help the company manage their service delivery better. Currently, in addition to the services they were offering, the company is branching out to offer the management of ports, engineering contracting and management of construction projects.

IAP Worldwide, which has overseen the making of notable projects such as the Florida Space complex, a massive success that has seen the launch of more than 2000 space shuttles, is looking for mergers and business associations that will improve their services. The two new companies, DRS and TCNS will be merged and will be known as the aviation and engineering technologies branch of the overall company. The aim is to improve the delivery of services and maintain the quality and standard of the services they offer.

The leadership at IAP Worldwide revealed that there were a lot of consultations before the acquisitions were done. A team was mandated to think of a strategy that would help the company increase satisfaction of their clients and improve operational effectiveness in the company.

The fact that the company has been in business for over six decades means that they fully understand what it takes to stay relevant. In the past, they have been the reliable partner for the military whenever they wished to deliver emergency services to mitigate disasters. One of such projects of IAP that they were part of is the operation desert storm in Saudi Arabia. They offer rescue services to stranded servicemen as well.

Their cumulative gains from the projects given by the government have reached $370million. They always try their best to synchronize their goals with that of their clients in order to achieve solutions on thestreet.com that make the client happy and are feasible for them. The company also has a philosophy if believing that speed and creativity are some of the best tools to utilize when resolving the problems of their clients. The company has never deliberately left a project that they started unfinished. They believe it is their role to carry out all their commitments to completion. Because they have been following these core values for years, the company has been moving from one success to the other in the world of service delivery. Sources: http://www.hoovers.com/company-information/cs/company-profile.iap_worldwide_services_inc.68d266a50b1a02b6.html