Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Grabbing Amazon by the Tail

It is not too often that you hear about a fashion company that thinks they can take on Amazon and succeed, but that is exactly what Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is doing. While Amazon has been comfortable sitting on 20% of the market share in this space, Fabletics has been exploding their bottom line with the help of over $250 million in sales in the last three years. That is some accomplishment to say the least.


When Hudson was asked to talk about the success of her company, she simply says it is a unique combination of a membership platform combined with reverse-showrooming. This is something many women who shop in this space are not used to seeing, in fact, not only are they responding favorably, they are helping Kate Hudson’s Fabletics become a global name. Hudson says women are free to window-shop at her retail outlets with no pressure from her sales associates. What happens is these shoppers register for a free membership in the store and then follow-up by taking the Lifestyle Quiz.


The quiz is the key to unlocking even more benefits at Fabletics. Once you are a registered member, all those pieces of workout apparel you tried on in the store and now in your cart online. Go home that night and pick up where you left off by checking out or switching items for different styles knowing how they fit now. The convenience of shopping at home is unlike the Amazon experience because you tried on the items you are now considering ordering. Women can purchase Hudson’s high-quality workout gear or purchase her athleisure brand when they shop online with zero pressure.


Part of the appeal to Hudson’s Fabletics is as a member you get a personal shopper who will go over your purchases and preferences, and choose something they thing you will love and add it to your cart once a month for you consideration. Buy the item, delete it, or shop for something else, nothing will ever ship that your personal shopper has chosen for you unless you want it. This is a unique selling platform women are excited about, and sales numbers do not lie in this case.


If things continue to move along as they are, Hudson will be taking an even bigger bite out of the Amazon share of the fashion market and possibly dominating that space for many years to come.