Lace and Larkin Use Frontera Fund For Civil Liberties

Lacey and Larkin have co founded the Front Page Confidential and have made significant responses to Donald Trump. The president’s recent pardon of the sheriff Joe Arpaio is a controversial decision.

There were several ways that the Maricopa County Selective Enforcement team had contacted Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin . This was a contact made on the request of Sheriff Joe Arpaio at the Maricopa County.

Larkin has published multiple stories about the interrogation and unrightful investigation. They explained that the encounter was setup by Arpaio himself. There was coverage that led to more standards of exposure.

This story took place more than a decade ago and was revisited in an article by the Front Page Confidentials and the Phoenix New Times. It was just one example of the way that Arpaio has contributed to unsafe methods of police work or legal actions. There were horrific events that took place throughout his time appointed as sheriff. Some women who were expectant mothers were shackled to beds in ruthless jail cells. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:  and

Extralegal camps that operated outside the context of the law took place on numerous occasions. Numerous of those detained in these jails had died. The only reason for many of these incarceration was to provide ammunition in arguments or rivalries with other political figures.

One recap has explained the situation as well as the perceived actions of Arpaio in recent times. The political and integral nature of his actions have been overlooked due to a strong sense of endorsement for Donald Trump. As an early supporter of Donald Trump prior to him receiving the GOP nomination, it is clear that Donald Trump has borne a variety of benefits from the endorsement by Joe Arpaio.

It is unclear if the planned endorsement of Donald Trump was essential to Joe Arpaio’s inherent criminal background. Arpaio was a nationalist and has contributed at a point in time where it made a big impact on the way that Donald Trump was able to gain momentum in the election. There are variegated aspects of progress and development that Joe Arpaio contributed to over the years afterwards.

The Frontera Fund has stood up for the civil liberties of Mexican Americans and immigrants throughout the state of Arizona. Their efforts have made a big difference to the quality of life as well as legal proceedings that take place.

Lacey and Larkin have contributed a significant amount of funds to help others who had their rights violated. They donated what was received in response to their case against Arpaio to the Frontera Fund.

The decision for Donald Trump has given freedom to Joe Arpaio and creates an example of characteristics or behaviors that would be tolerated. The only reason for the pardon was due to Joe Arpaio endorsing Donald Trump early in the presidency.

By setting a precedence of the actions of Joe Arpaio warranting presidential pardon points to growing civil liberty violations at large. The Frontera Fund will continue to serve people who have suffered injustices similar to those caused by Joe Arpaio to begin with.

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