Lifeline Screening is Scheduling Appointments Now

A comprehensive Lifeline Screening can uncover many health-related medical conditions. People often do not have symptoms of serious ailments until it is too late. Individuals sometimes only learn that they have heart disease after a heart attack. The same can be said of stroke victims who were unaware that they were at grave risk for a stroke. Many diseases, like diabetes, stay silent until irreparable damage is done. Lifeline Screening now offers people a chance to get ahead of any underlying disease. Knowledge of their personal health conditions and risks, enables people to alter their future. A man or woman, who is aware of his/her disease, can then get treatment to avoid a medical catastrophe.

Getting a Lifeline Screening helps people to remain in charge of their bodies. Lifestyle changes made before disaster strikes can ward off further progression and complications known to arise from many medical conditions. People of all ages are encouraged to schedule a visit. It is essential that older individuals undergo screening. Anyone 55 years old or older, carries a greater risk of having an untreated underlying health abnormality. A fast blood test can uncover a laundry list of scary health problems. Armed with the results, individuals can seek the proper care, and learn how to decrease their risk of having a major medical event.

Some people are reluctant to get a medical screening because they do not want to be taxed, uncomfortable or stressed. There is nothing to worry about regarding a Lifeline Screening. All tests will be noninvasive, and there will be no pain involved. This screening allows people to eat and behave normally up to four hours prior. At that time, the individual to be tested is asked to eat a meal that doesn’t include fatty foods. A light breakfast or lunch is advised. It is alright to drink water as long as it is in moderation. A half-cup of coffee or tea is also allowed.

That is the extent of any preparation, save for wearing short-sleeved clothes that are not tight, ensuring comfort. Don’t delay any longer. Call for an appointment.

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