Malcolm CasSelle, The Journey Of WAX From Game Skins to Tokenizing Virtual Assets and Crypto Currency

The world of virtual games comes packed with various assets such as cryptocurrency and others, that are designed to work as means to exchange and secure the transfer of tokens along with the production of extra units while verifying the exchange of such virtual property online with ease. WAX is one of the few companies that is responsible for creating an efficient system that follows the multi-layered ruled approach to develop regulatory oversight directly by the token holders.

Worldwide Asset eXchange was founded as a localized platform to empower marketplace participants in sectors such as virtual game assets and demonstrating the un-tapped power of tokenizing in the virtual reality. Malcolm CasSelle, the CEO of WAX, believes that the obstacles faced by tokenizing virtual assets include monitoring to make sure that the tokens on blockchains do not get de-associated with their assets.

Exchanging virtual tokens can be done through transfer agents and subsequently guilds; however, in the situation where transfer agents do not diligently complete their duties it eventually results in token holders being unable to reflect transfer agents to govern the game. Situations like these are where companies like WAX step in to make sure that WAX tokens are not disconnected to their virtual assets.

According to Malcolm CasSelle, through the means of technology, we have stepped into a time where it is possible to own a percentage of original merchandise that were used in movies, worn by athletes and other celebrities. With limitless avenues to fractionalizing physical assets to benefit those fans who are avid merchandise collectors, the time is right to improve the exchange platforms and allow a smooth exchange of physical tokens.

WAX along with the consistent efforts of Malcolm CasSelle are responsible for creating a stable platform to facilitate the exchange of virtual assets and Malcolm CasSelle is now working on creating and improving the technology of ensuring that WAX tokens that exist on the blockchain remain firmly associated with their corresponding physical items at all times.

Malcolm CasSelle also has prior experience in the Big Data and Machine Learning Sector; he believes that the future of WAX is in keeping abreast with technology and working towards tokenizing physical assets in the virtual world.