OSI Group: Meat Markets Lead Provider

OSI group is a food production company that is privately owned and headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. The founder of OSI Group, Otto Kolschowsky, is an immigrant from Germany. The group is a multi-billion-dollar corporation that commenced as being a meat market during the early nineteen hundreds and is one of the well-known holding agencies of meat processors.

OSI group was among the 18 firms that were awarded the Globe of Honors that year and is one of the largest privately owned companies in America. The organization is among the top 100 food businesses in America due to its huge client base. OSI group is a food processing corporation, that produces and then sell nutrient filled goods and other food products to retail store brand names.

OSI group is capable not only of producing food products but also is a lead provider in its quality of goods. The company has over 60 regional offices across 16 nations and is looking forward to enhancing how it operates by improving the communication and value to its loyal customers. OSI Group is one of the Food and Beverage sector’s most profitable enterprises and has obtained two of Europe’s best food providers.

Food source companies play a vital role in society and building a strong food safety culture is every company’s priority. With OSI Group, we can always trust that their food will be a top notch product for their clientele for centuries to come.