Public Relations Management and Darius Fisher

With major corporations dealing with bad online reputations and the current rise of politicians being obsessed with their personal images, Kent Campbell has come to the aid of many public figures and institutions. Kent Campbell who is the chief strategist of Reputation X, is working towards coming up with ways to save these institutions and individuals. Businesses have taken steps to quash bad reviews and any negative information that are damaging to their reputation. The UC Davis outsourced the services of consultants to manage its bad reviews and ensure they are suppressed before going viral. Their decision was criticized by a couple of public relations firms and personalities.

According to Kass Perry, a strategic communications firm, Google is quite influential when people are making decisions. Online reputation is of paramount importance since internet users heavily rely on search engines to gather the information that they want. When UC Davis was in the process of repairing its online reputation, it received quite a lot of negative comments and perception. Barack Obama presidential campaign in 2008 was able to receive a lot of public views since its public relations department promoted his search engines. Darius Fisher maintains that every story has its positive and negative side. According to Ira S. Kalb, a marketing expert, trying to hide or suppress negative publicity may be counterproductive in the very end.

Darius Fisher is the President and co-founder of Status Labs with offices in Austin, New York and Sao Paulo. Darius Fisher has worked in the political world as a political consultant for various political parties and politicians. Prior to cofounding Status Labs, Darius worked as a copywriter. While at Status Labs, Darius has managed to establish long lasting and fulfilling partnerships.

Status Labs is an online reputation management, digital marketing and public relations firm spread in over 35 countries. Its clients are politicians, professional athletes, top company executives, Fortune 500 brands and other public figures. It is made up of experienced individuals who cater for over 1500 clients.

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