Securus Technologies Helps Inmates Stay in Touch With Their Families

Securus Technologies now offers a new way for inmates of correctional facilities to stay in touch with their families. Its new video visitation service has provided inmates to talk to their families and see them on screen. With this new service, both inmates and their families have had the opportunity to have a more satisfying experience when it comes to communicating. They will no longer have to just talk on the phone or arrange for a brief visit. Therefore, the use of this service has enabled inmates and their families to interact in a more convenient way. Since many inmates are eager to talk to their families and see them during the holidays, this provides them with a great option to use since they are unable to see them in person.


The use of video visitation is very simple. An inmate will make a call to a family member and then be able to see them on a screen. This is quite similar to Skype in which an inmate will be able to talk while seeing the family member in their home environment. During a given conversation, the inmate will have the opportunity to get a look at how their family member is doing. They will also get the opportunity to see things that the family member has received such as awards and gifts. The use of this option has enabled both family members and inmates a great opportunity to catch up on each others lives.


Correctional facilities have benefited from Securus Technologies for a number of years. The company specializes in providing telecommunications solutions to help these facilities more efficiently make and manage contacts. Securus Technologies has led the way in providing a number of services to correctional facilities and inmates. It offers voicemail services, email services, phone service and also video visitation. Along with offering a number of services, Securus Technologies provides the latest technology and equipment to help correctional facilities possess the most efficient systems of communication available.


Along with offering video visitation services, Securus Technology offers security management. It will monitor and evaluate calls made and received at the correctional facility. This will enable each facility to screen calls and also keep track of the time spent on each call. With this service, correctional facilities will have the means to properly manage the use of their telecommunications resources. Securus Technologies also offer the standard services of making and receiving calls, email services and also voicemail.


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