The Business Guru with a Heart for the World

For a wealthy businessman like David Osio, it’s easy to assume that he spends his past time cruising on yachts or flying private jets. Instead, a lot of what he makes gets channeled to charitable courses he has a deep heart for. And now he wants to spread his philanthropic deeds to the whole world.

Mr. Osio is known to be an avid contributor in the fields of art, medical research, music and of course the community. His philanthropic journey started when he was part of the board that governed the activities of the Miami Symphony Orchestra. David contributed in every way possible and has continued to offer his support financially to ensure the Miami Symphony Orchestra remains functional.

When he is not heading his company, Davos Financial Group, he is well sending some donations to international organizations. He has partnered with several nonprofit organizations globally, one of them being the Children Orthopedic Foundation. Mr. Davos has contributed to this organization every year as he believes in the betterment of health and quality of life for every child. In his own words, David recognizes how crucial medical research for children is and he has a dream of seeing more people joining the philanthropic course to ensure children all over the world get the medical attention they deserve regardless of background.

About David

David J. Osio is a financial counsel expert who started and heads the Davos Financial Group. He started the business in 1993 and opened his first shop in Venezuela where he provided financial counsel to specific business clients. In his time as the CEO, Mr. Osio has crafted a strong leadership circle that has seen the company grow in terms of profits and even the improvement of his employees.

Mr. Osio owes his strong leadership expertise to the years he served as an employee of the Swiss Bank Corporation. Later on, he joined the American Banking Association where he further honed his skills in tailored financial services to both companies and individuals. With his brilliance and experience, he went on to start a company that has proven to be one of the most successful firms in the field of finance. Davos Financial Group has invested in many fields including real estate and technology.

As David continues to grow his company globally, he doesn’t forget the social responsibility of helping those who are least fortunate in the areas he creates new business.

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