The Fabletics Sweet Brand

Kate Hudson is the co-founder of a well received line of clothing. A recent interview appeared in Elite Daily, featuring the actress and fashion entrepreneur. She related that her company, Fabletics, was releasing a brand new line of swim-wear and summer dresses.

The clothing line is very affordable, comfortable, stylish, and on trend. Certainly, the new additions will fit in with the other wonderful styles that are already a part of the Fabletics clothing line. Hudson also related that her design team worked long hours to design the new swim-wear line. Of course, they were working hard to create a stylish, trendy, and comfortable line of swim-wear for Fabletics fans to wear on the beach this summer.

The Fabletics Brand

Fabletics has only been around since 2013. However, the clothing line filled an important niche for women. It allowed them to shop online for trendy clothing that was affordable. The quality of their leisure clothing compares with other companies that probably charge more. The big difference is that the online shop allows the customers to subscribe to their service. Their membership provides them with several advantages. For example, the first outfit is available for only $25. Afterwards, clothes are billed to the member on a monthly basis for less than $50.

About Fabletics

Kate Hudson founded Fabletics back in 2013 with two partners. Her idea was to design a high quality line of leisure wear clothing that was made with exceptionally high quality, while also very comfortable to wear. The entire clothing line is designed and approved by Kate Hudson –

The clothes are thoughtfully designed to keep people active. This might mean running around town to events with the kids or participating in a marathon. The clothing in the Fabletics line is designed to keep the wearer comfortable all through the day. Fabletics is always on the move and staying on trend. Each month they reveal a new line of fashions to consider. The good news is that all of the new outfits are available for only $25 to new members. Fabletics is destined to stay on top and change the way that people buy their leisure clothing.


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