The Incredible Career Life Of James Dondero

As one of the initial co-founders of the renowned Highland Capital Management, James Dondero is a man of immense knowledge and experience as an analyst. His career as an analyst spans over three decades. Over these thirty years, James Dondero has had the chance to acquire vast expertise in various areas such as credit markets as well as equity market.

James Dondero’s area of specialization as an exceptional analyst has been focused primarily on distressed investing and investment that result in high yield. Through his hard work and dedication, James has been able to lead Highland Capital Management to realize great fit of success and profitability. He was able to achieve all these through seating at the helm of the company as its President, a seat that enabled him to steer the firm into developing a market known as CLO or collateralized loan obligation. Visit his website at

In addition to this, the company also pioneered the advancing of credit-oriented resolutions majorly for institutions and retail investors all around the globe. Highland Capital Mangement prides itself on the unique and quality products they provide that includes CLOs, mutual funds, hedge funds, equity funds, REITs, separate accounts for companies, and ETFs.

Mr. Dondero is known for his many charitable initiatives geared towards helping members of the society. These efforts are focused on critical issues in the community such as education, public policies, and veterans’ affairs. He does this by actively engaging himself with causes that lead to tackling such issues and eventually bringing a change to the society.


Before James Dondero financed and co-established Highland Management Capital establishment in the year 1993, he had taken part in the creation of GIC which is the subsidiary company to Protective Life. There he was the Chief Investment Officer or the CIO where he helped the firm grow its profits to $ 2 billion. This significant achievement only happened in 1989 to 1993.

In the 80’s, specifically from 1985 to 1989, James Dondero analyzed corporate bonds. He had had the opportunity of becoming a portfolio manager, this was at the American Express. The onset of his career as an analyst began at a training program that was conducted by JP Morgan in the year 1984. Read more about James Dondero on