Thor Halvorssen’s Journey To New York City

The journey to New York City for Thor Halvorssen was one of deep conviction. His time in South America as the multi-racial son of immigrants informed his belief system, and a chance encounter with government corruption changed his life. This article is a story of how Thor became the face of social justice around the world in broken times. His work with the Human Rights Foundation traces back to his earliest experiences as a young man. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | LinkedIn

#1: Venezuela’s Government Fallout

Venezuela’s government was wrapped in corruption when Thor worked in high levels of the administration. He found much corruption in his work, and he brought it all to light as part of his duty to the people. He soon realized that he could not remain in the government as it was constructed, and he began his sojourn to New York City.

#2: Thor’s Mission In New York

New York is an excellent place to meet like-minded people, raise money and mingle among those who are willing to help. The Human Rights Foundation was created under the auspices of Thor’s social justice mission, and he began running the foundation as a place where the oppressed may come for assistance. His beliefs guide the foundation, and he does what he must to get the message out to the people.

#3: The Human Rights Foundation Touches Every Nation On Earth

There are quite a few countries where the Human Rights Foundation has taken interest in politics. Thor has spoken to the people of the world through new shows and interviews, and he often communicates with world leaders who are embroiled in situations he believes are most frightening. A human rights warrior may volunteer with the HRF at any time, and they will find several ways to help those who are voiceless.

According to Reddit, Thor Halvorssen has seen the worst of government in the world today, and he wishes to fight against that sort of governance with all he has. His purpose on Earth is to ensure the freedom of everyone he serves, and doing so in New York City aids his nonprofit’s mission among the people.

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